I have been Missing In Action from social media since September 15th and it feels like a year. Right before the storm, I received news of my best friend’s grandson was killed on a motorcycle. Needless to say his daughter was as devastated as he was. While sitting there trying to comprehend the loss, I got a call from the father of a gentleman I was advocating for in a property dispute. He informed me his son had become stressed out over the issue, and he had committed suicide.

My head is now reeling, when I get the third call, another friend, that my family considers family, had just lost his daughter to heart problems. This all happened in the span of 30 minutes.

To tell ya the truth I was not paying attention to Sally, at all, and was not prepared in the least. Like many other property owners, a lot of trees fell in our area. I moved to Fairhope from Belize in 93 and have seen many a hurricane and sustained various damage through the years. Sally kicked my ass. Luckily there was no structure damage however it will take 6 months to clean up the property. My personal loss was an oak tree I planted 27 years ago. To see that majestic tree on it’s side was truly sad.

To complicate things I had several appointments with VA, which required me to be Birmingham for several days. Going to VA has always helped me out of any self pity or downer mood. It only takes a few minutes in the Birmingham VA to realize what ever problem you may have, it is nothing compared to some other patients.

I volunteered to help many people after the storm, sometimes working 12 to 15 hours in a day. Some people had been flooded out of their apartments, many lost their cars as well. Trees were on the top of houses while other were leaning dangerously over electric wires. Some experience no power, for 10 days. Baldwin County was nowhere prepared for a rapid response.

The lineman and tree crews did an excellent job. The politicians played politics, warning the general public of unscrupulous contractors. The same politicians that use their office for personal gain, stealing from the same unsuspecting citizens.

The Ripp Report will be on track for FREAKY FRIDAY this week. Wonderful Wednesday will be optional and the Backstory Podcast will go on as scheduled. Sorry for the void in correspondence and information.

That being said, a new hurricane, Delta, may be headed in our direction. Delta needs to be watched very closely, it is coming through open, and very warm water, off the coast of Mexico. It will impact the Gulf Coast, where is the question.

Fairhope is going into the dark ages, by that I mean you will not get the council, city attorney or future Mayor to address any complaints brought before the council. Two meetings ago the council refused to comment on the loss of the Breland lawsuit that holds the city responsible for law fees.

MIN:34:15 to MIN: 38:15

The council and the city attorney remained mute, not even passing gas, when asked about when the McSharry assault charges would be filed.


Last week at council meeting, during public participation, Johnathan Lucia complained about the Fly Creek Apartments being flooded, something that was predicted years ago. If you live in Fairhope then you are aware of how controversial the apartments have been. Council President Burrell blew Mr Lucia better than Sally. Burrell played dumb, which was easy, and passed the buck to the City Attorney and current Mayor. It has been reported that Burrell has been boasting that he will remain Council President, as he has for 8 years, and that he will be the next Mayor in 2024. Here we go again.


OCTOBER 6th Spanish Fort and Daphne have runoff elections for Mayor. Spanish Fort has Rebecca Cornelius running for Mayor against “Slappin” McMillian. In this election you have a choice to vote for a “man”?, that assaults women or a women to replace him. Use your head.

In Daphne you have Scott Boone Consulting, aka Catalyst, supporting Steve Carey. Carey is the developers dream and they have money on it. Fairhope is 100% Catalyst and headed for the swamp. Daphne use your heads and vote for Robin LeJune or you will join Fairhope in the swamp.

PS The President of the United States has Covid-19, that is not fake news and neither is Covid-19. Wear a mask and social distance.