Sally kicked Baldwin County’s ass, however we missed the Delta bullet. Poor Lake Charles is getting what some of us expected last Monday, round two of a direct hit by a hurricane. In Lake Charles they have picked up 1.5 million cubic yards of debris, so far, and they are now facing the possibility of doing it all over again. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/hurricane-delta-live-updates/ Count your lucky stars Baldwin County and do not complain about debris pickup.


I have been Missing In Action from social media since September 15th and it feels like a year. Right before the storm, I received news of my best friend’s grandson was killed on a motorcycle. Needless to say his daughter was as devastated as he was. While sitting there trying to comprehend the loss, I got a call from the father of a gentleman I was advocating for in a property dispute.


It is election time and CATALYST is at work stroking FAUX candidates that are willing to fall on the sword for CATALYST. Faux candidates are those “selected” by CATALYST to act as if they are not CATALYST. These FAUX candidates may even be strategically positioned to oust CATALYST players presently in office. So far the https://rippreport.com has identified three political races where FAUX candidates may appear. Mayor Haygood of Daphne has fallen from grace and CATALYST now plans to run opposition to remove Haygood who was one of the original members of Stacy, Haygood and Elliott, now known as CATALYST.


I do not want the Ripp Report readers thinking I am getting soft for complimenting some of the Baldwin County Mayors, but they deserve it. Fairhope definitely is on the right track and may be debt free by 2020. STATE OF THE CITY – 2019 STATE OF THE CITY – 2019 | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Congratulations to the Mayor, Department heads, employees and the production staff who produced the 2019 State of the City booklet.


On Wonderful Wednesday we posted a story about Daphmont Neighborhood in Daphne. MISERY LOVES COMPANY Daphne and Fairhope have a lot more in common than some think. One thing is that, if you allow the developers full rein, they will develop every square inch of land. Fairhope has Fly Creek Apartments… Source: rippreport.com/2017/06/21/misery-loves-company/ I attended the Daphne Planning and Zoning Board meeting, along with over 100 other people, all concerned about a request to change the zoning on a parcel that is located at the entrance to Daphmont Subdivision.


Daphne and Fairhope have a lot more in common than some think. One thing is that, if you allow the developers full rein, they will develop every square inch of land. Fairhope has Fly Creek Apartments and Daphne has the Daphmont neighborhood at Johnson road and highway 98. The intersection has already been impacted by the recent construction of apartments. Daphne planning board OKs 19-building apartment complex Mobile-based Big Sandy LLC is developing the 20-acre site, southeast of the intersection of Johnson Road and the state highway, as Colonnade at Eastern Shore.


The BP oil spill was an accident that claimed eleven lives and adversely affected millions. BP has had to pay BILLIONS of dollars in damages spread among four states Alabama Louisiana, Texas and Florida. Three of the states used their funds to correct environmental damage done by the spill and to invest in future projects related to environmental issues. Alabama choose to rob and plunder their money on pet projects of Mayors Councils and even the Governor.

Challengers emerge in Daphne mayoral race

By: ERIC MANN Lagniappemobile.com As qualifying for municipal election candidates comes to a close this week, three candidates have emerged to challenge incumbent mayor Dane Haygood in Daphne in the Aug. 23 city election. Longtime City Councilman John Lake, businessman Tim Swanson and newspaper publisher Ben Cruitt are challenging Haygood for the job of leading one of the fastest growing cities in Baldwin County for the next four years. Lake has represented District 3 on the council for 24 years and has considered running for mayor several times before, but never felt he could do a better job than the other candidates.