The BP oil spill was an accident that claimed eleven lives and adversely affected millions. BP has had to pay BILLIONS of dollars in damages spread among four states Alabama Louisiana, Texas and Florida. Three of the states used their funds to correct environmental damage done by the spill and to invest in future projects related to environmental issues. Alabama choose to rob and plunder their money on pet projects of Mayors Councils and even the Governor.

Alabama has wasted the chance to protect the very environment that provides us so much in tourist dollars.

Breaking Down the BP Settlement Numbers in Baldwin County

In 2010 the BP oil spill spelled disaster for the economy of Baldwin County. Since then there have been claims and lawsuits over clean up and recovery. With the announcement earlier this week of a …

Source: wkrg.com/2016/06/30/breaking-down-the-bp-settlement-numbers-in-baldwin-county

The first money available to Baldwin County from BP went to the appointed trustee, Sen. Trip Pittman.

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The Senator and Mayor Kant added insult to injury when they left hundreds of boom anchors in the bay. Not one environmental agency or non-profit said a word.

Fairhope used BP money for a park, the Mayor and Council even had a plaque made complementing themselves while failing to mention on the same plaque that BP money was used.

Fairhope Invests in Community Park

Information for the upcoming renovations to the Fairhope, AL park.

Source: www.condoinvestment.com/blog/fairhope-invests-in-community-park.html

Daphne was sold on its Mayor pet development project.

Daphne board unveils plans for 30-acre technology park near high school

The Daphne City Council has begun reviewing a proposal to back a city-seeded, 30-acre technology park that would offer 461,000 square feet of high-end office space on the Eastern Shore.

Source: http://www.al.com/news/mobile/index.ssf/2015/04/daphne_board_unveils_plans_for.html

Instead of sewer plant infrastructure.

Alabama Governor Bentley went so far as to use BP money for a renovation of a beach mansion, aka poody pad.

Alabama renovates abandoned governor’s mansion with BP money

BP grant money left over from the 2010 Gulf oil spill is being used to repair and renovate a beachfront governor’s mansion

Source: www.cbsnews.com/news/alabama-renovates-abandoned-governors-mansion-with-bp-money/

The Governor, with the help of former Congressmen Bonner skimmed off money for a State Park.

Lawsuit challenges funding for Alabama’s new Gulf State Park lodge


Former state Conservation Commissioner Charles Grimsley filed a lawsuit today challenging a source of funding for the new lodge and conference center being built at Gulf State Park.


Then Alabama used millions to correct Medicaid, reducing any funds that should have gone to the affected coastline.

Senators strip coastal roads from BP bill, add funds for Medicaid

Alabama legislators debated today how to use a $1 billion oil spill settlement with BP, seeking common ground on how much should go to coastal counties and how much should go to paying off state debts and to Medicaid.


Please read the letter to the editor, going postal, in lagniappe Oct.26 edition, Have we learned nothing? By Myrt Jones.

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He explains how an 11 million dollar BP restoration project of Marsh Island, at the mouth of Fowl River has contributed to the demise of oyster reefs instead of building them. Violations of the clean water act, mismanagement and little oversight has taken 11 million and buried it in the mud.

Is this not a catastrophe of our own making while using BP funds? Where is our accountability? ALABAMA DISGRACE