The one thing that the good ole boys, GOB, of Baldwin have down pat is walking the line of legal and illegal. They do not care if it is a conflict of interest, unethical or smells to high heaven, just as long as it is barely legal. It does not even matter if you change political parties, all they care about is that they get their rubber stamp candidate, Andrea Lindsey, elected.

This was submitted to the Ripp Report by a concerned citizen:

smells bad but is not illegal.

Andrea Lindsey, incumbent Daphne school board member seeking reelection, received a $1000 campaign donation (verified by State campaign finance reports) from Superintendent Tyler’s wife on Jan 17. On Jan 18 at the school board meeting (video available to verify) Ms Lindsey seconded the motion to give Mrs Tyler a promotion and then voted for the motion. Additionally and I don’t have documentation on this, the required credentials for this position were changed a few months earlier so Mrs Tyler could qualify."

Andrea Lindsey is Catalyst, a typical GOB candidate. Her first action as a candidate was to switch from the Democrat party to Republican party, 15 minutes before qualification. Why? Because she was TOLD to switch parties, she could not win as a Democrat. She is the Eddie Tyler and John Gray rubber stamp, that should be apparent. Her donations came from a School board attorney, Eddie Tyler’s wife, who happened to get a school system promotion the day after her donation, and developers.


CARRIE HOSIER, Is not Catalyst. She represents the parents and will answer parents’ concerns. She is the candidate that has no baggage. She is not the rubber stamp vote School Superintendent Tyler wants. CARRIE is the polar opposite of her opponent, she did not switch parties in order to run. She has not sold her soul for donations that come with “conditions”. CARRIE represents transparency and parents.

Carrie is the underdog in this race because she is NOT and will NOT be a rubber stamp vote.