The Attorney General, Ethics Commission and the Alabama Bar all wear the same dirty underwear. They protect one another, and politicians, from pesky political complaints and play a legal shuffle that results in whitewashing their culpability. It is perfectly clear that the Attorney General will always side with the Bar or Ethics. The Bar and […] Read More


The citizens of Fairhope need to realize that all the infrastructure problems and electrical and water shortages are the result of neglect during the, Tim Kant, Canโ€™t administration, 2000 to 2016. The second thing is that the same council as today with the exception of Cory Martin were on the council under Kant. Sherry Sullivan […] Read More


Baldwin County citizens are the winners. The election of Matt McKenzie, County Commission District 2, is one of the best decisions Baldwin voters have made in a long time. Matt and his family fought hard and covered the county, getting his message out. Thanks for the social media support for Matt, especially, BALDWIN COUNTY CITIZENS […] Read More

Primary Election May 24th

Sit back and enjoy our primary preview of the Republican sample ballot. If you are sick and tired of the status quo….endlessly recycled Democrats in Republican clothing, vote the former Democrat and Don Siegleman appointee,…

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