It is election time and CATALYST is at work stroking FAUX candidates that are willing to fall on the sword for CATALYST.

Faux candidates are those “selected” by CATALYST to act as if they are not CATALYST. These FAUX candidates may even be strategically positioned to oust CATALYST players presently in office. So far the https://rippreport.com has identified three political races where FAUX candidates may appear.

Mayor Haygood of Daphne has fallen from grace and CATALYST now plans to run opposition to remove Haygood who was one of the original members of Stacy, Haygood and Elliott, now known as CATALYST. CATALYST will eat their own. Daphne definitely needs a new Mayor, that is not a developer, but the last thing they need is a CATALYST puppet.

Jack Burrell also may have a CATALYST opponent. This is not surprising Hard Hat Jack has burned more bridges that General Sherman. Mr. Burrell is absolutely the worst council person to serve as a councilman in Fairhope’s history. The list of his despicable acts runs from bid rigging to bulling women. Lying is second nature to Jack and those who vote for him are not voting in their best interest.


Fairhope is a buzz with who will run for Mayor. CATALYST has only damage goods to offer and all the same old players are beginning to think twice before entering the race. A pact formed by former Mayor Can’t, Sherry Sullivan and Jack Burrell consisted of a promise, between the three, that only one of them would run for Mayor.

Rumor has it Sherry Sullivan is going to stay at the very lucrative job she has and bypass being led into CATALYST martyrdom, smart decision. Tim Can’t sees it impossible to defend his administrations corruption and lack of any municipal infrastructure repairs, during his administration. The Fly Creek Apartments, BP scandal and triangle lawsuit are also listed as Cant’s dubious good ole boy deals. Hard Hat Jack says he is 5% thinking about running for Mayor. 5% is Jack learning capacity. I predict, as before, Jack has not got the balls to run for Mayor, if he lost he would be out of Fairhope politics, plus Jack likes to control the weak knee council.

Rumors will soon be fact and it is up to the citizens to ferret out the CATALYST Faux candidates from those wishing to serve as public servants.

People read this blog and sometime cannot believe the corruption outlined. Baldwin County has a history of rigging elections and corruption throughout the judiciary. Don’t believe me, then just go get the popcorn and watch this:

In 10 years the only thing that has changed in Alabama is the calendar. Think about it nothing has changed, the same corrupt goat hill, and Baldwin County has maintained a level of corruption that is costing taxpayer millions.


The Strawman series in Lagniappe outlines how businessmen, a county commissioner, lawyers and Judges, orchestrated a scheme to cheat innocent citizens out of their property. Has anyone been held accountable? Hell no, this how CATALYST rolls in Baldwin County.


Last but not least is CATALYST attempt to place their candidate, Bill “Lowtower” in congress. The last thing we need in the First Congressional District is a CATALYST swamp creature. CATALYST in Washington is as close to pig farm as you can get. “lowtower” is being supported by Washington insiders who see Alabama ripe for the pick en, they want the congressional seat and do not give a damn for Alabama.


Send CATALYST a message July 14th, congressional runoff election, and vote for JERRY CARL.