January 6th will go down in history for several reasons: Georgia elects two Democrats as Senators and the balance of power in Washington shifts from red to blue. The President gets all the credit for their success in being elected. Covid numbers hit historic highs in the number of cases and number of deaths in the United States. These horrible numbers gained very little press. A rally was held by President Trump, contesting the Presidential election.


Fairhope’s CATALYST group is licking their wounds after the election of Jerry Carl. What is important is the major shift in voting away from CATALYST candidates. Carl’s opponent “Lowtower” made a major mistake by hooking up with CATALYST, aka Scott Boone Consultant. A statistical analysis of the, district, First Congressional Seat, Jerry Carl, shows as much as a 2500 votes being shifted from CATALYST Lowtower to Carl. That is from the primary to the runoff.


Please vote today. JERRY CARL. Mr. Carl’s opposition is CATALYST and CATALYST home base is Fairhope. JERRY CARL for the First Congressional District. The Fairhope three B’s are rooting for the CATALYST candidate “Lowtower” Don’t get stung Baldwin County. Fairhope municipal election qualifications has 7 days left, July 21. Two very important seats have yet to be challenged, Jack Burrell and Robert Brown. There are people that are considering running against them, however, they have not committed as yet.


This is a very important election and the sparks are flying but when the dust settles it is clear that one major distinction stands out in the race CATALYST. CARL IS NOT CATALYST, HIS OPPONENT, “Lowtower” IS CATALYST, “The status quo, good ole boys that use politics for personal gain. Baldwin County needs to rid itself of CATALYST, not send it to Washington. “The AL-1 race has evolved into a battle between the activist and business wings of the Republican Party.

Bradley Byrne endorses Jerry Carl in GOP runoff for his District 1 seat PLEASE support Mr CARL his opponent is CATALYST. A vote for CATALYST is a vote against your best interest. Baldwin County needs to pull together and vote out all CATALYST “Players” VOTE JULY 14th FIRST CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT JERRY CARL


It is election time and CATALYST is at work stroking FAUX candidates that are willing to fall on the sword for CATALYST. Faux candidates are those “selected” by CATALYST to act as if they are not CATALYST. These FAUX candidates may even be strategically positioned to oust CATALYST players presently in office. So far the has identified three political races where FAUX candidates may appear. Mayor Haygood of Daphne has fallen from grace and CATALYST now plans to run opposition to remove Haygood who was one of the original members of Stacy, Haygood and Elliott, now known as CATALYST.


Baldwin County, you want an example how CATALYST works? All you have to do is pay attention to the Fairhope Municipal Election Aug. 25. Qualification is July 7-21st. CATALYST is lining up their candidates for Mayor and City Council and they all have excess baggage The current Fairhope Council are all CATALYST and represent the worst city council Fairhope has experienced in 25 years. Jack Burrell, the council president has held on to that position for two terms, 8 years.