January 6th will go down in history for several reasons:

Georgia elects two Democrats as Senators and the balance of power in Washington shifts from red to blue. The President gets all the credit for their success in being elected.

Covid numbers hit historic highs in the number of cases and number of deaths in the United States. These horrible numbers gained very little press.

A rally was held by President Trump, contesting the Presidential election. The President and his son told the crowd to “Take it to the State House”, Rudy Giuliani, encouraged “Trial by Combat”, To the over 250,000 people that showed up. Alabama’s, ice age, Mo Brooks was first to stir up and encouraged the crowd to “kick Ass”.

The Electoral College confirmed the Biden/Harris win. This was delayed by the assault on the capital by the very people the President and his cohorts incited into chaos.

Alabama got played again. Politicians in Alabama cannot think more than a few hours ahead in time. Alabama is the prime target for finding political tools that will stand up and make fools of themselves for the benefit of other politicians, on camera, for politicians, that do not even know their names and could care less about Alabama.

Congressmen, Barry Moore, Mike Rogers, Jerry Carl, Robert Aderholt and Gary Palmer all raised their hand to contest the Electoral College. They were joined by Alabama’s newly elected Senator Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville and Carl have just been sworn into office and their first days in Washington they decide to etch their names in infamy by blindly following the leader.

Tuberville will be ostracized by the sitting Senate for the next 6 years. He did not listen to Senator Richard Shelby’s warning, nor did he listen to the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell. Tuberville’s grand standing is going to cost Alabama big time, in money, jobs, and embarrassment.

He sealed his legacy and will be forever known for his infamous ignorance.

But what about Alabama? What have our congressman and Senator done to the State’s chance of getting anything done for their constituents and our state?

The Congressman involved, some newly elected to a two year term, are dead in the water and stand a slim chance of being re-elected. They have put Alabama on the map, for all the wrong reasons. Do ya really think that they will get a seat at any table in Washington?

Alabama again makes a political nose dive into the swamp and secures our position as a laughing stock of the United States. Our elected officials, that decided they like the camera’s and lights, have committed, Suicide, Alabama style.

If you are a citizen of the United States and cannot understand the gravity of the assault on our Capital and Democracy, stop reading. If you are defending, in any way shape or form the actions of those who entered the Capitol Building, stop reading. It was insurrection, a violent uprising against an authority or government. YOUR Government, encouraged by OUR President.

Like I said earlier, Alabama Politicians do not think ahead. In the coming weeks and months many details are going to come out that expose the damage done on Jan.6th. Alabama politicians will deflect their participation by blaming others.

The irony is Alabama is the most politically corrupt state in the United States. Alabama has no transparency or accountability. Our Judiciary, Ethics Commission, Bar Association, Lower Courts, Supreme Court and Attorney General aid and abet the corruption by turning a blind eye to any complaints.

So before you go off on a tangent defending the actions of a mob, that dared to hold American Flags, while they stormed the Capital, and attacked OUR democracy, how about cleaning OUR own house first. How about holding OUR elected officials responsible and stop drinking their cool-aid of deceit while they hold a Bible.