The last session of the Alabama Legislature took tiny steps when it comes to accomplishing any real serious issues plaguing the state. Prisons, health care’ medicaid” and the gambling bill all wound up in the trash can. A plus was a bill that allowed alcohol to be delivered to your home, that was a top priority. Medical Marijuana gained some traction. It should be noted that Mexico and Canada have legalized recreation use.

Backstory Podcast No 54 Trump Positive

34,353,000 SARS-COV-2 cases globally with 1,023,000 deaths. The USA has the highest rate of infection of any country on earth and last night we learned via Twitter that President Donald Trump and the First Lady are among the 7,282,000 cases reported to date with 207,800 Americans having lost their lives to the resulting disease of Covid-19. We discuss the 25th Amendment and when the VP may take control if the President is incapacitated, it has happened a-plenty and in the past very few Presidents have been transparent when it comes to their health.


It is election time and CATALYST is at work stroking FAUX candidates that are willing to fall on the sword for CATALYST. Faux candidates are those “selected” by CATALYST to act as if they are not CATALYST. These FAUX candidates may even be strategically positioned to oust CATALYST players presently in office. So far the has identified three political races where FAUX candidates may appear. Mayor Haygood of Daphne has fallen from grace and CATALYST now plans to run opposition to remove Haygood who was one of the original members of Stacy, Haygood and Elliott, now known as CATALYST.


Everyone in Baldwin County should be aware of CATALYST. They are a powerful, mostly secret, political group that represent the Status Quo, the good ole boys. Good ole boys exist in many places however in Baldwin County they have been bold enough to adopt the title of CATALYST. In 2018, mid-term elections, CATALYST almost pulled off the perfect political coup. CATALYST ran candidates for almost every Baldwin County race. If it had not been for several social media sources and Lagniappe informing the public what was going on, CATALYST would have had control of Baldwin County Government.


Mid-Term elections are less than 60 days away. Is Baldwin County going to elect the Catalyst good ole boy, who is bought and paid for, just because he is republican? That is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome, that’s insanity. ELLIOTT STACY HAYGOOD = CATALYST – WHO IS IN THE PICTURE? ELLIOTT STACY HAYGOOD = CATALYST – WHO IS IN THE PICTURE? | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE This telling photo is the core group of Elliott Stacy and Haygood, from a few years ago, a political group that represents the “machine”, they are the mules.


This telling photo is the core group of Elliott Stacy and Haygood, from a few years ago, a political group that represents the “machine”, they are the mules. Mr. Elliott was appointed to the County Commission and Dane Haygood was elected as Mayor of Daphne, Mr Stacy retired. The group then morphed into CATALYST and Haygood and Elliott tried to stay in the shadows while maintaining status in Catalyst. The major goal of Catalyst is to maintain three positions in Baldwin County, Mayor of Fairhope, control of the County Commission and State Senate Seat 32.


The plot thickens as runoffs approach - Lagniappe Mobile The plot thickens as runoffs approach - Lagniappe Mobile BaCo senate One race where the mudslinging is firmly out in the open is in Baldwin County’s State Senate District 32, where Baldwin Commissioner Chris Elliott is in a runoff with dentist David Northcutt. Elliott has run ads accusing Northcutt of dispensing narcotics without a license and getting into trouble for fraudulent advertising.


Make no mistake Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are committed to unbridled development. Chris Elliott and Tucker Dorsey, Fully support maximum development without regards to infrastructure. They mask the “bridges” as infrastructure, when in fact it will only facilitate further congestion and more development. Mayor’s Craft and Kennon have the City Council’s in lockstep with their every decision and NO is a word not allowed when speaking of development.


The Ripp Report is a non profit consumer protection organization, self funded by private donations. The donations are not tax deductible, all donations, 100% are used for advertising on Social Media. The Ripp Report is supporting three candidates in the run off July 17th. Billie Joe Underwood, District three, County Commission David Northcutt State Senate Seat 32 Christy Olinger Edwards Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place 1


All you Roy Moore fans take notice: DUI, Chris Elliott sucking up to Doug Jones, you know the Democrat. Elliott has sold his soul and is in panic mode, he will do anything to advance his personal and political ambitions. Elliott is starting out to be worse than Pittman, please spare us the grief vote David Northcutt July 17th run off. Chris Elliott is in full blown attack mode against his opponent David Northcutt.