Baldwin County is a cesspool of political and judicial corruption. In the last 10 years the citizens of Baldwin County, especially Fairhope, have been slapped in the face with blatant corruption. Complaints to the Attorney General do not even generate a response. The Judiciary, Bar and Ethics Commission have a repeated record of one paragraph responses dismissing any and all documented evidence.

!0 years ago this week State Senator Tripp “Boom Boom” Pittman and Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant, using Fairhope Staff, Greg Mims, Sherry Sullivan and Jennifer Fidler, to name a few, secured a bid for $636,000.00, from Fairhope to Senator Pittman for BP Boom work. All those employed by Fairhope, at the time of BP theft have been fired, quit or voted out of office.

Pittman and Kant were told by the County Commission, May 8th 2010, not to proceed with the bid. Pittman and Kant agreed, then Pittman supplied a second proposal under the name Oil Recovery.

On June 4th 2010 the Fairhope City Council calls a special council meeting where they awarded the contract to Pittman tractor, not Oil Recovery. Six days later Pittman gets a check from Fairhope for $372.165.90, for “COMPLETED” boom work, payable to Pittman Tractor.

That’s right Pittman had been working through May without a contract, without a general contractors license, without marine insurance, without county approval or any Ethics approval.


Pittman resurfaced the road of corruption in Baldwin County for the next 10 years. Politicians felt emboldened by Pittman’s success of garnering a total close to, 750,000.00 of BP money under the noses of the Public. Judges, Attorneys, District Attorney and Sheriff said nothing. Pittman, with the help of Mayor Kant and Jack Burrell maintained a debris contract with the City of Fairhope for over 8 years. The contracts only ended when Fairhope elected Karin Wilson. Pittman as a Senator legislatively passed the qualifications for Sheriff in Baldwin County, which are different than any other county in Alabama. Those qualifications enabled the Baldwin County Sheriff to be re elected twice with no opposition.


In Baldwin County you can run for office unopposed yet you are still asked to donate to the only candidate running. A donation for a political race with opposing candidates is a donation. A donation to a candidate with no opposition is a bribe.

In the last 10 years corruption has flourished, Judges and Attorneys are involved in insulating those accused and condemning the victims. Speculation and allegations are abound about Judges accepting bribes to influence cases. Conflicts of Interests between Judges Attorneys and clients are dismissed without the least bit of moral consciousness.


Hear are just a few of the issues, in the last 10 years, glossed over by politicians and the courts for the benefit of a few, mostly CATALYST.

The Mega Site is Mega theft, The Strawman case involves dirty Attorneys and Judges. The Fairhope Airport bid rigging by Council President Burrell. CATALYST politicians bent on political control of the county, at the expense of the citizens. The Chris Elliott DUI, The McSharry case, Spanish Fort Mayor slapping an employee. Fairhope Councilman Boone and his LLC’s, Councilman Brown and his inside dealing Art Center contracts and soccer fields. Fairhope recreation land for 2.65 million and lets not forget the Fairhope CATALYST council trying to give away the triangle property, 11.2 million, under the guise of Conservation easement. The Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance and Mega site. Trust me I could go on with this list for a few more pages.

The common denominator in all these issues are CATALYST. Voting is the only way to rid our communities of CATALYST. Voting for a CATALYST candidate is voting against your own best interest.

In 10 years not one politician, attorney or judge has been held accountable, arrested or indicted for a crime.