Sally kicked Baldwin County’s ass, however we missed the Delta bullet. Poor Lake Charles is getting what some of us expected last Monday, round two of a direct hit by a hurricane. In Lake Charles they have picked up 1.5 million cubic yards of debris, so far, and they are now facing the possibility of doing it all over again.


Count your lucky stars Baldwin County and do not complain about debris pickup. The county as a whole lost thousands of trees and cleanup will take months, if not a year. Fairhope is doing a good job at 11,000 cu yards a day, now divide that into 1.5 million cubic yards and guess how many truck loads it will take to clean the county?


The only figure I have heard, for Baldwin County is around 100 million for debris removal alone. That is not an official figure. Municipalities are going to be covered for 85 to 90% from the government, however some of the rebates will take years to filter back into municipal coffers. Municipalities are going to take a financial hit regardless of rebates.

Congratulations to Robin LeJeune who was elected to be the new Mayor of Daphne. LeJeune ran his runoff election during a pandemic, hurricanes and negativity from his opponent. LeJeune ran a positive race and won by over a 1000 votes, defeating the Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting candidate, and the favorite candidate of developers. Daphne has chosen to slow development and pay more attention to infrastructure.


Fairhope is now the home base of Catalyst and they are “embracing growth” and “affordable housing”. Pay close attention to Fairhope in the coming years and the unbridled growth Catalyst will bring.

Be patient folks the debris removal is going to take time and say a prayer for the folks in Lake Charles and Louisiana.

We missed the Delta bullet.