Yes we have had so many hurricanes this season that we ran out of names and are using the Greek alphabet, this storm will be known as Hurricane Delta 2020. Have a good thought for the people of LA and MISS who will be directly impacted.

Meanwhile there are 36,669,238 SARS-COV-2 cases worldwide with a total of 1,063,869 deaths. The USA has 7,620,052 cases with 213,016 deaths. Alabama tops the scales at 163,465 cases and 2,653 deaths. There is a surge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of concern. Governor Ivey lifted her Evacuation Order for Alabama related to non-residents in anticipation of Delta last night; just in time for the special Red Snapper season coinciding with the Tropical Storm warning.

We talk Covid-19 response, the history of non-disclosure related to the health of POTUS, the VP Debate(1.Fear the Fly or 2. It’s the Pandemic, Stupid), President Donald Trump returns to the Whitehouse after a stay in the hospital this past weekend. The FBI thwarted a plot by a militia group to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, she took the opportunity to blame the President (which we agree was disingenuous).

We discuss the core axioms of Conservatism, Progressivism, and Libertarianism and how each has a good point and a proper place in our political landscape. Municipal Elections: Robin LeJiuen wins Daphne and Spanish Fort re-elected accused woman slapper Mike McMillan as Mayor, Sean Connery approves.

Speaking of the inexplicable, Spain has detained international menace John McAfee, as you will recall Mr. Ripp participated in a film about his exploits in Belize, we encourage you to watch the Showtime Documentary. The bodies of two white males were discovered just after daylight on the side of County Road 95 in Baldwin County, South of Elberta near Pirates Cove and Barber’s Marina; the Baldwin County Major Crimes Unit is on the scene so unless they had a wallet on them or a missing persons report was filed, identification is doubtful. See Less