Backstory Podcast No 54 Trump Positive

34,353,000 SARS-COV-2 cases globally with 1,023,000 deaths. The USA has the highest rate of infection of any country on earth and last night we learned via Twitter that President Donald Trump and the First Lady are among the 7,282,000 cases reported to date with 207,800 Americans having lost their lives to the resulting disease of Covid-19.

We discuss the 25th Amendment and when the VP may take control if the President is incapacitated, it has happened a-plenty and in the past very few Presidents have been transparent when it comes to their health.

Alabama has 156,000 Cases with only 2,500 deaths and Governor Ivey has decided the Safer at Home Order and the Mask Requirement are going to be around for at least another 5 weeks. Hurricane Sally caused catastrophic damage to some homes and business here on the Gulf Coast while leaving others unscathed. Mr. Ripp was not so luck in that he lost many of his trees but none on the house.

Gulf Shores was ground zero and while the beaches opened today, the public access points are still not ready for visitors as damage to the infrastructure at attractions such as Gulf Place are widespread. And while we need all the help we can get, The TAXMAN Sen. Chris Elliott picks a schoolyard fight with a 88 year old woman, our Governor.

Explicative Taxman!, you are being critical of the Governor during a crisis when we need her help! ….on behalf of fellow (Catalyst) local elected officials who asked for your help?, my Explicative! And coal ash.