Backstory Podcast No 65 Happy New Year Goodbye 2020

83,718,625 SARS-COV-2 cases worldwide with 1,822,467 deaths. The USA has topped 30 Million cases and suffered 350,000 deaths. AstraZeneca vaccine was approved for use in the UK. The US Senate just voted to override Trump’s veto of the National Defense Appropriation Bill, which will limit his powers to withdraw troops in certain circumstances and renames all bases named for the losers in the War of Northern Aggression (that’s a joke).

Backstory Podcast No 64 - 300,000 Dead

75,179,000 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed Worldwide with 1,667,000 deaths. The USA this week marks the grim milestone of 300,000 dead and more than 17,256,000 confirmed cases. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey extended the mask order for 6 more weeks. Huge hack this week that Trump has said mum about, more than likely Russia. Some Lagniappe stories to warm your soul. A lynching memorial to be added at the Baldwin County Courthouse. Columbia, Alabama corruption, illegal wine at the Sewer Plant, and much more.


The Media Companies/News Outlets are confident and have called the 2020 Presidential Election for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. We discuss what is still going on at the State level where the counts continue until certified. We discuss the politics of transition and the mechanics of the bureaucracy that must be served. No pardons on the table as of tonight.

Backstory Podcast No 56 The Lincoln Project

39.068,667 SARS-COV-2 cases worldwide with a total of 1,100,364 deaths. The USA has 7,997,969 cases with 217,987 deaths. Alabama tops the scales at 170,374 cases and 2,786 deaths. University of Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban and several of his staff have tested positive (Trump better hope he lives until the election). Ronald Greene’s Family was told that he died as a result of his injuries when his car was involved in a collision as he ran from police; all evidence to the contrary (new audio leaked) indicates he was beaten to death by Louisiana State Troopers.


I have been Missing In Action from social media since September 15th and it feels like a year. Right before the storm, I received news of my best friend’s grandson was killed on a motorcycle. Needless to say his daughter was as devastated as he was. While sitting there trying to comprehend the loss, I got a call from the father of a gentleman I was advocating for in a property dispute.

Backstory Podcast No 54 Trump Positive

34,353,000 SARS-COV-2 cases globally with 1,023,000 deaths. The USA has the highest rate of infection of any country on earth and last night we learned via Twitter that President Donald Trump and the First Lady are among the 7,282,000 cases reported to date with 207,800 Americans having lost their lives to the resulting disease of Covid-19. We discuss the 25th Amendment and when the VP may take control if the President is incapacitated, it has happened a-plenty and in the past very few Presidents have been transparent when it comes to their health.