I have been Missing In Action from social media since September 15th and it feels like a year. Right before the storm, I received news of my best friend’s grandson was killed on a motorcycle. Needless to say his daughter was as devastated as he was. While sitting there trying to comprehend the loss, I got a call from the father of a gentleman I was advocating for in a property dispute.


Last night Spanish Fort played Fairhope in football. The stands were full, social distancing was all but impossible. When one of the High School Principals was asked why most of those in attendance did not have masks? He explained that they tried to enforce the use of a mask, however once the people got seated they removed their masks. Another event across town was underway, the Fairhope political forum hosted by the Common Sense Campaign.


Baldwin County is a cesspool of political and judicial corruption. In the last 10 years the citizens of Baldwin County, especially Fairhope, have been slapped in the face with blatant corruption. Complaints to the Attorney General do not even generate a response. The Judiciary, Bar and Ethics Commission have a repeated record of one paragraph responses dismissing any and all documented evidence. !0 years ago this week State Senator Tripp “Boom Boom” Pittman and Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant, using Fairhope Staff, Greg Mims, Sherry Sullivan and Jennifer Fidler, to name a few, secured a bid for $636,000.