Two areaโ€™s lacking in leadership in Fairhope are the City Council and Planning and Zoning. The City Council President for the last 5 years has been Jack Burrell. All the previous councils rotated the position of City Council President every 6 months or after a short term in order to give other council members a chance of leadership. In fact, and it is a fact, this council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor at every opportunity. Mr. Burrell has not shown any leadership skills, he claimed that the council was the mediator for issues involving the city. The council has not mediated any issues with the Mayor and continues itโ€™s game of obstruction at taxpayers expense.

Mr Burrell is responsible for the obstruction of the Mayor and he is responsible for the Airport debacle. He is responsible for leaking information that may assist disgruntled employees in their attempt to sue the city. His โ€œleadershipโ€ has been to influence other council members to carry his water. Mr. Burrell has been involved in some of the worst decisions the city of Fairhope has made, triangle lawsuit, soccer fields, sewer plant, the gift of wetlands from Corte, and letโ€™s not forget the Airport. Yet Mr. Burrell huffs and puffs and the council follows him down the rat hole. They sit in silence while he denies citizens the right to free speech or he publicly bullies the Mayor.


Fairhope is at a crossroads and if the community allows Council President Jack Burrell to ban people from speaking during the city council meetings, at public participation, then we have chosen theโ€ฆ

Source: rippreport.com/2017/08/30/now-you-know-jack/

Mr. Burrell should be removed from the Fairhope Airport Authority and his position of President of the Council.

The other area lacking in leadership is the Planning and Zoning Board. Note I said leadership, because the new Planning and Zoning members, for the most part are all new, and a big improvement from the past.

Lee Turner is the head of Planning and Zoning and Single Tax. Mr Turner has held these positions for years, dismissing any concerns of any conflict of interest. It defies logic that these duel positions should be held by the same individual. Mr. Turner should relinquish one of the positions.

Tatumville Gully

Tatumville Gully is a valley within Alabama and is nearby to Magnolia Beach and Loyola Villa. Tatumville Gully, Alabama from Mapcarta, the interactive map.

Source: mapcarta.com/20531758

7. Ordinance – An Ordinance to declare that certain real property (one acre of land subject to the approval of the Tatumville Project) of the City of Fairhope is not needed for public or municipal purposes in response to Fairhope Single Tax Corporation requesting the acre for the Tatumville Subdivision for retention pond.

This item appeared on the last council agenda, however was pulled in the work session without any explanation. This is the forth time this project has come before council or a work session. Mr Turner was the salesman for the project, the promoter for the development. He used his position and that of his good buddy Burrell to circumvent normal procedure, even jumping ahead of Planning and Zoning.

This is just like Fly Creek Apartments the developers come back again and again despite public concerns or regulations. The difference here is Mr Turner is front and center with his promotion and sneaky tricks to pass something no one is aware of.

Itโ€™s money, greed, and a select few, who we do not know yet, that are manipulating the system and Mr. Turner is their sales agent. He is head of Single Tax yet this project is the exact opposite of what Single Tax is about. He is head of Planning and Zoning and this project has not been approved. How many hats can he and Jack wear?

The citizens who live in this area and those in Magnolia Beach Condoโ€™s had better be paying attention. This project will add 20 to 30% more water in the watershed that already has serious problems.
Get ready Burrell and Turner are not done yet.

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  1. They can use it to relocate geese

  2. Jack wants to be king.More fit 4 Jester. The creek is a mess. Crap everywhere!!

  3. It appears to me that all of our politicians do not actually care anything about the well being of the citizens that they represent. It’s become more and more apparent that the majority of the citizens have only had a handful of people each year to stand up for all the decent people and now we are also slowly fading away in numbers. This has allowed for terrible choices of candidates and even worse outcomes of elections. I’m not really sure what to do. I’m one of the ones who quit caring out loud. I’m not proud for doing that. I hope that we all take a minute to think about the way we are being treated by all the career politicians in office. Yes, even the ones who you think might to be “one of the good ones” they too are lying to our faces and playing politics with words instead of being honest and forthright. I’m pledging and hoping that all the good people who have given up like myself (it’s a fact, just look at the percentages of voter turnouts) to get up and do something before we regret it even more. Let’s make our community great again. But let’s do it with decency and with democracy. It is way past time!

    • Georgia Orwell | September 30, 2017 at 9:09 pm |

      I agree. It appears that most people in federal, state or local politics are increasingly ‘feathering their own nests’. We never actually see the payoffs that these people receive, but we all know that ‘something really nice came their way’ as a result of throwing their constituents beneath the bus.

      This was a great week in DC due to Tom Price (‘Come Fly With Me, Junior’……he has to take a back seat to Burrell) was kicked to the curb by Trump and the American public who were so disgusted with this. It may be a turning point in ethics and we in Alabama are in the spotlight now. Stay on it and Burrell will end up flying with Price!

  4. No doubt about the corruption in Fairhope and Alabama. When will anyone care enough to do something like you Mr. Ripp?

  5. We should all pray for the Las Vegas victims and their families. I would hope that Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey will not interfere and allow all Baldwin County American Flags be flown at half mast!

  6. Aunt Pittypat | October 4, 2017 at 9:14 am |

    OF COURSE MR. TURNER HAS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!! We all just sit back and let life go on and not speak up. Do we just assume this type situation (situations) are going to occur and say nothing because it will do no good? Mr. Turner I think has his eyes on the Mayors job.

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