The Ripp Report has written about CATALYST for years. We have filed numerous complaints with the Attorney General involving political corruption and have received no reply. It seems that political corruption is not as important as the sewer violations. It is also interesting that all the complaints about Fly Creek and Publix were ignored by ADEM, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, aka Alabama Department of Environmental Maniacs, years ago. State files suit against city of Fairhope for sewage deficiencies - Lagniappe Mobile State files suit against city of Fairhope for sewage deficiencies - Lagniappe Mobile The Alabama Department of Environmental Management and Attorney General Steve Marshall filed suit against the city of Fairhope Friday, alleging it violated several permit requirements for reporting and discharging pollutants from its wastewater treatment plant for a five-year period between April 2015 and April 2020.


The Ripp Report has called on the Baldwin county Legal Eagle to dispatch the Eagle for a bird’s eye view of what developers do not want you to see. The Kant Corte Apartments on Fly Creek are busy clearing the property for the Apartments and their entrance and exit. Highway 98 and Parker Road, is the most dangerous intersection in Fairhope, and has claimed 7 lives. This intersection is going to be impacted by an additional 400 to 600 vehicles when the apartments are complete.


Sorry folks about being late for Wonderful Wednesday, which is now FREAKY FRIDAY but I have been in Facebook Jail for three days. The Ripp Report pushed someone’s button and they complained to Facebook who took us offline for three days to investigate the complaint. Catalyst has no sense of humor. The Ripp Report would like thank those who made recent donations to our cause. CATALYST DOES FAIRHOPE Notice to all citizens traveling on Highway 98 through Fairhope that cross the Parker Road intersection: LOOK FOR DELAYS, FOR YEARS.


Fairhope City Council has decided to pay fired employees rather than going to court, so we the public never know the whole truth surrounding the firing in the first place. Remember it was the council who came to the defense of the those fired, they then assisted them in their efforts to sue the city. Ultimately, in executive session the same council votes to pay up. It’s only insurance money, but we pay the insurance.


It seems as if the public has gotten the attention of elected officials and environmental groups about the sewer systems of Fairhope, Daphne and Spanish Fort. It is hard to believe in 2017 that we still have regular sewer spills and that we still dump sewage into the bay. Mobile Baykeeper awarded $87,000 grant from NOAA to expand Watershed Education and Monitoring Program (Mobile, Ala.) - Mobile Baykeeper has been awarded a federal grant in the amount of $87,294 from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to expand its Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP) into Baldwin County at Fairhope High School.


Two area’s lacking in leadership in Fairhope are the City Council and Planning and Zoning. The City Council President for the last 5 years has been Jack Burrell. All the previous councils rotated the position of City Council President every 6 months or after a short term in order to give other council members a chance of leadership. In fact, and it is a fact, this council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor at every opportunity.


The Fly Creek Apartments was the subject of a six day trial in Bay Minette. I spent 6 days observing the trial, listening to evidence and legal arguments. It went to trial because our city council let us down and ignored their campaign promises. Mr Adam Milam, the plaintiff’s attorney, Friends of Fly Creek, put it best: “Whether you want apartments or not in the Fairhope area is not the issue.


On Wonderful Wednesday we posted a story about Daphmont Neighborhood in Daphne. MISERY LOVES COMPANY Daphne and Fairhope have a lot more in common than some think. One thing is that, if you allow the developers full rein, they will develop every square inch of land. Fairhope has Fly Creek Apartments… Source: I attended the Daphne Planning and Zoning Board meeting, along with over 100 other people, all concerned about a request to change the zoning on a parcel that is located at the entrance to Daphmont Subdivision.


Fairhope has a fascination for holes. They approved digging a hole for a strip center to accommodate a Publix. That venture has been controversial ever since and spawned several lawsuits. The developers now want to locate apartments over the already damaged Fly Creek over the objections of the vast majority of Fairhope citizens. Fairhope soccer fields required months of grading and an estimated 1.5 million dollars to fill in one end of the property to seek a level grade.


ATTENTION FAIRHOPE TAXPAYERS FW: Fly Creek PUD Amendment & the Deed to the City of the Most Sensitive 4 Acres Mitsy, “email to all council members and Mayor Wilson would greatly benefit the City. It concerns the importance and impact of the Deed of Gift from Corte to the City of the lowest 4 acres between the retention pond outfall pipe and Fly Creek." “At the Council meeting there was confusion over the discovery that in Fall 2016 - while the developer was attempting to gain Site Plan Approval for a one-point drainage system through the out-fall pipe of the current detention in violation of the PUD Amendment 1572 requiring a non-point discharge system diffusing the water across the entire south side boundary - the Developer was also deeding to the City the entire 4 acre parcel, including wetlands, that the outfall pipe spills directly onto and is immediately adjacent and between the proposed project and Fly Creek.