Fairhope has a fascination for holes. They approved digging a hole for a strip center to accommodate a Publix. That venture has been controversial ever since and spawned several lawsuits. The developers now want to locate apartments over the already damaged Fly Creek over the objections of the vast majority of Fairhope citizens.

Fairhope soccer fields required months of grading and an estimated 1.5 million dollars to fill in one end of the property to seek a level grade. The total price tag for the complex is still not really known, somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars.

Currently, the Fairhope City Council is digging a hole that affects all of Fairhope. They are obstructing the mayor from doing her job while accomplishing nothing themselves, other than being obstructionist. The council has the city in a hole they dug with shovels provided by Burrell and Boone.

The council has not discussed any of the past deeds of the last administration and passes the buck to the ethics commission or other authorities to investigate city business, conflicts of interest, and corruption or blames the mayor for bringing it up.

Councilmen Brown ran for office because he was upset about the soccer fields and how they were developed. However, no-one has yet looked closely as to who the contractors and sub contractors were.

The purchase of the property was suspicious at the time of purchase. No audit, no questions, no memory! If the mayor brings it up, you can be sure they will look the other way and blame her.

Everyone of the present council has stated that the mayor is trying to go to fast. That she is too aggressive to implement change. The council has done nothing and five men cannot keep up with one woman mayor who wants to do her job. The council has taken on the defense of fired and disgruntled employees, all of which are obstructing city business, while they criticize the woman the mayor hired.

How damn stupid does all this sound? Well, I will tell ya one more thing that is even more stupid. The GOB strategy, supported and implemented by Burrell and Boone, is to take down the mayor, remove her from office, and reinstate any employees who have been fired or replaced by Mayor Wilson. They think the only way for them to get out of trouble is to get rid of the mayor.

This Beavis and Butthead plan could only be dreamed up by GUILTY people and this city council has yet to accomplish anything, except dig another hole in Fairhope.

Next election they will be in the hole, looking up.