POISON WATER - Alabama Senate Special Election

The primary for the race is Aug.15, 2017 and the special election is Dec. 12, 2017. This election replaces Jeff Sessions, who has become the US Attorney General. However Sessions, who has been saying NO to everything for 8 years, now works for a President that only wants YES for an answer.

In fact Mr. Sessions has considered resigning as Attorney General after assuming the post less than 3 months ago. They better have this election soon or Mr. Sessions may come back to Alabama for fear of drowning in the swamp.

11 Republicans and 8 Democrats have qualified for the primary,

Alabama Senate race updated list: 11 Republicans, 8 Democrats qualify

Today is the deadline for candidates hoping to be elected Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.

Source: www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/05/deadline_today_for_us_senate_r.html

Everyone should read the bio’s of all the candidates then compare them with other articles and see how the bio’s compare. Some candidates stand out for their infamous reputations or political ambitions that drive them into becoming professional long term politicians.

Summer brings hot political races - Lagniappe Mobile

It’s hot. In Mobile, Alabama, in June. Big surprise! But if you think June is hot, just wait until we get to August. We will be sweating by 9 a.m AND we have two political races guaranteed to make things even steamier around here. Time to get our ACs as well as our BS detectors …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/summer-brings-hot-political-races/

Luther Strange, Roy Moore, and BP beneficiary Tripp Pittman, should be crossed off the list intermediately. “Big Luther” sold out to Bentley to get Session’s seat, temporary, by turning a blind eye to Bentley’s investigation. Big Luther also ignored the evidence against Sen. Tripp Pittman and his $750,000 money grab of BP funds, while he was the “trustee” of BP funds. Another reason to reject BL is because the “Washington” Republican party is demanding you vote for BL or else! That’s BS. They know BL, once in, will vote as told.

Roy Moore has failed on two occasions to seek the governor’s office and has been thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court twice, not to many people have that on their resume, certainly no senator.

Tripp Pittman is such a lousy candidate it would take all the paper from a California redwood to list the reasons why he just needs to go away. Mr. Pittman announced his candidacy immediately after Del Marsh, speaker pro tem of Alabama Senate, said he was not going to run. Pittman claims God told him to run and he will need God to win.

That gives you 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats to choose from, with about 90 days until the primary.

Mr. Mo Brooks, first elected to Congress in 2011, is leading in popularity and will definitely throw a monkey wrench into the race.