The Ripp Report has called on the Baldwin county Legal Eagle to dispatch the Eagle for a bird’s eye view of what developers do not want you to see. The Kant Corte Apartments on Fly Creek are busy clearing the property for the Apartments and their entrance and exit.

Highway 98 and Parker Road, is the most dangerous intersection in Fairhope, and has claimed 7 lives.

This intersection is going to be impacted by an additional 400 to 600 vehicles when the apartments are complete.

So let’s go fly


This is what the developer does not want you to see. The Kant-Corte Apartments are the responsibility of the last council, Mr Burrell and Mr Boone played a very important part in the success of the apartments.

This little deal smells more than a sewer spill or 1000 geese. Boone and Burrell facilitated this deal in the last meeting of the Fairhope City Council, it was the last agenda item under Mayor Kant. The “Gift” was approved by the last council because they had no balls. They refused to legally defend the citizens and instead succumbed to the developers threat to sue the city. They bent over for the developer Angelo Corte, and Tim Kant did not even attend the last meeting, leaving Boone and Burrell to carry his water.

Fairhope has a new Mayor, Mayor Wilson who won her position due to her opposition of the apartments. The City Council however make’s the decisions at council meetings, not the Mayor. Boone and Burrell have bullied the Mayor since her election and tried to distract from their “Gift” to the city.

This new council and Mayor now have to handle the sins of the past councils, except for Boone and Burrell who caved to the developers threats and now have the citizens of Fairhope holding the bag.

Catalyst, Kant and Corte threaten people with lawsuits, it’s time Fairhope stops backing up and stands up, to the obvious corruption.

Catalyst is a threat to the stability of Baldwin County government, a vote for a Catalyst candidate is a vote for developments like the Kant-Corte Apartments

Kant and Corte’s legacy will be their apartment project, they will be infamous.

Boone and Burrell’s gift, is going to cost the taxpayers of Fairhope, FOR YEARS