Sorry folks about being late for Wonderful Wednesday, which is now FREAKY FRIDAY but I have been in Facebook Jail for three days. The Ripp Report pushed someone’s button and they complained to Facebook who took us offline for three days to investigate the complaint. Catalyst has no sense of humor.

The Ripp Report would like thank those who made recent donations to our cause.


Notice to all citizens traveling on Highway 98 through Fairhope that cross the Parker Road intersection: LOOK FOR DELAYS, FOR YEARS.

The Fly Creek Apartments are preparing site work for 230 apartments to be built along Fly Creek, behind the Publix. They are clear cutting every living thing off the site, just as they did with the Publix site.

Despite public outcry, Fly Creek apartments win approval – Lagniappe Mobile

Despite public outcry, Fly Creek apartments win approval – Lagniappe Mobile

For nearly three hours on Monday and for the second time in nearly two months, Fairhope residents railed against a proposed apartment development behind the Publix on U.S. Highway 98 at Parker Road. But unlike a similar meeting in early December, this time the Fairhope Planning Commission voted to recommend its approval to the Fairhope …


This project is a classic example of what you can expect from a Catalyst candidate or supporter.

Fairhope’s former Mayor Tim Kant and his former subordinates and entitled developer, Angelo Corte are to thank for a development no one wanted, except those who would profit. Catalyst supported the developer not the community. The City Council aided and abetted Mayor Kant and the developer while ignoring the overwhelming public outcry against the project.



Catalyst is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. Catalyst was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into Catalyst when…


Mayor Kant bent over for the developer’s every request and each time taxpayers paid.

The Fire Station on Parker Road, a dead end, was constructed on Corte property, and adjacent to the proposed apartments, not a coincidence.

Updated: Ground Breaking Set For New Fire Station

Updated: Ground Breaking Set For New Fire Station

Fairhope, Alabama: newspaper, information, government, events, arts, music, entertainment, travel, arts and crafts,


Mayor Kant then authorized the sewer lift station be built, slightly off highway 98, above Fly Creek on the north side. This lift station has enough capacity to tie the apartments directly to it. The irony is that Fairhope has a sewer infrastructure problem, however due to the location and an excellent lift station, the apartments will be serviced before a majority of the community.

Fly Creek has become the drainage ditch for development.



The Fly Creek Apartments was the subject of a six day trial in Bay Minette. I spent 6 days observing the trial, listening to evidence and legal arguments. It went to trial because our city council let…


The entire Publix property drains into the wetlands next to fly creek. The Last City Council meeting of Tim Kant’s administration, which he did not attend, had a surprise for unsuspecting citizens. The last item on the agenda was a gift of land, wetlands, to be donated by the owner, Angelo Corte, to the City of Fairhope. He gave Fairhope the land that is the recipient of all the water that drains from the Publix property, he developed, into Fly Creek. Councilmen Burrell and Boone voted to accept the “Gift.” Now the taxpayers are responsible for the developers drainage? This “Gift” is going to cost us all.



ATTENTION FAIRHOPE TAXPAYERS FW: Fly Creek PUD Amendment & the Deed to the City of the Most Sensitive 4 Acres Mitsy, “email to all council members and Mayor Wilson would greatly benefit the City.


Taxpayers paid for a Fire Station, a sewer lift station and accepted the “GIFT” of liability of the wetlands, all for the developer. Taxpayers paid for the infrastructure for the developer while Mayor Kant ignored the infrastructure of Fairhope.

State to fine Shoppes at Fairhope Village/Publix developer $11,000

State to fine Shoppes at Fairhope Village/Publix developer $11,000

State environmental regulators have issued a proposed $11,000 fine against the developer of the Shoppes at Fairhope Village, a shopping center along U.S. 98 where the Eastern Shore’s first Publix Super Market opened this month, for alleged muddy runoff violations.


The Publix project damaged Fly Creek and filled it with mud and debris, now taxpayers along Fly Creek have been asked to help with the dredging of the Creek, not the developer.

This single project is going to radically effect Traffic, Quality of life, Schools, Fly Creek the Environment and your Property Values. That’s right your Property Values.

The Apartments are going to create havoc on traffic but do not worry the developer is going to fix that with connectivity, through your neighborhood. Get ready Sandy Ford and Rock Creek your neighborhoods are going to be short cuts for the traffic congestion created by the Apartments. The Woodlands and the Pines subdivisions will find it difficult to enter 98 due to traffic and their quite subdivisions will be listening to noise from the bulldozers first and then from the apartment complex.


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  1. Melanie Molton | April 20, 2018 at 7:13 am |

    Wow. The goobs are powerful.

  2. Baldwin County is Finding out about Catalyst.

    • The hard way. Unfortunately. 235 apartments. 500 cars easy. Damn. Commute times are going up yall ya heard??

      • 750 cars. Low rent folks six to an apartment.

        • Its gonna be projects.Govt. Subsidies eith folk from all walks if life. Very nice to know that were gonna offer lower income people a wonderful place to live.

    • Who in the world is or are Catalyst?
      I keep hearing that word, but no explanation of what it is.

  3. Rock Creeker | April 20, 2018 at 8:48 am |

    Wait, what? This was a project that was voted down like three times. WTF?

    • The Catalyst gangsters twisted arms. Don’t you see what Ripp is harping on? They get their way. As soon as you turn your back, Catalyst sneaks in and gets their way
      Go ask your council members why they let it go through. They will tell you crap about lawsuits. Catalyst gave the council members cover so the council members can say “We can’t do anything but we tried.”
      Don’t underestimate these people. They have been doing this for years and are very connected. Do you think one single council meeting with a bunch of protestors is going to stop this when they have been doing this for so long?

    • Olde Towne Daphne | April 20, 2018 at 12:41 pm |

      And you thought that just because you lived in Rock Creek you would be protected? Ha! We who live in Olde Towne Daphne are fighting the Haygood strain of Catalystoma when he wants to open up the malignancy from Olde Towne to 98. Haygood is a founder of Catalyst.
      Like a cancer Catalystoma spreads and destroys anything that it can. The Woodlands is next. You really must tell your neighbors down there what is in store for them. I can just watch it coming for you folks from up here.
      Wake up

  4. Thes catlelist folks must be like gangsters. It can’t be just one person. I don’t think Kevin’s boy has the sense to do all this. Some others must be helping him
    I am not putting down my name because I don’t want these guys come after me

    • Criminal enterprise.
      Sad for the good people of Fairhope.
      Done in by the fake Christians once again. Burrell and catalyst and scott boone will pay!

  5. Old Fairhope | April 20, 2018 at 2:11 pm |

    done deal goes back to the deal made with 2 devils at the crossroads at midnight a long long tme ago…nix aka squire of fairhope and saint corte..nothing anyone could have done no matter the outrage, most haven’t a clue as to our shameful political history…taxpayers are footing bill on new entrance and coming soon, expansion of parker road to hwy 13…excuse will be emergency vehicle ingress and egress on 98 too congested…truth, it opens a taxpayer funded road thru corte family property for more development, same reason hwy 13 was expanded and opened to daphne, also courtesy of taxpayers and part of original crossroads at midnight deal…

  6. This pisses me off! I went there three times and spoke against it. Damn.

    • Olde Towne Daphne | April 20, 2018 at 5:10 pm |

      Just speaking up at a council meeting does nothing. You have to spread the word and base what you say on facts. You have to vote against Catalyst. Kant in Dairhope was a general and he was taken out by the people. It can be done but these guys bet that the masses don’t know or don’t care. Their bets have been all correct in the past but as people find out they are realizing what is happening.
      We in Daphne have to stay on guard because the vote on destroying Olde Town can come back up anytime by Scott on the council here

      • Ron Scott is on the council and he withdrew the vote to destroy Olde Towne st the last minute so he could sneak it in anytime in the future. We live here and have to stay on guard to keep the catulists from stealing our town

    • As I remember we had a surprising 3-2 vote on Fly Creek. Burrell switched his initial vote from yes and voted nay, Boone stayed a yes, but the new members voted 2-1 in favor. I had expected Brown to vote yes and Conyers no and I thought Robinson would also be a no but he got concerned about a potential lawsuit. ????( He definitely would have been a nay in 2016.)
      I heard that might have been a Corte bluff . Even then I hoped the Planning people would make Corte scale back some but he apparently is clear cutting the entire tract. I don’t know the regulations but it sounds like he is pushing this to the limit. Our only defense I can see is to fine them every time that they they break the slightest rule but all that will do is slow them up for next time.
      Looking ahead the best defense is to watch whom you vote for and for the City to raise impact fees and rules to the limit. Also we need to be careful when we try to annex land. The developers love big empty tracts where they can clear land and tap into the Fairhope water/sewer systems.

      • Georgia Orwell | April 21, 2018 at 8:39 pm |

        Horrible to have those hideous apartments here. They will become run-down and Section 8/RentSupplement within 10 years. The saddest thing of all is that there is no market for them. The Colonnade Apartments a few miles north in Daphne are not full……I drove through that hideous cookie cutter apartment on Section last weekend……they appear to be about 2% occupied (which is understandable b/c they are the ugliest housing units I have ever seen. I can’t believe that the city allowed them to build this monstrosity with no landscaping!

        • Of course you can believe it when they work for the corrupt Good Ole Boys. Keep voting them in and you will see more

  7. Environmental lawsuit.
    It’s in the pipeline.

    • Doesn’t matter – the apartments are going in. An $11,000.00 fine is nothing to them. They buy politicians for half that amount. Any lawsuit will be dragged on until the apartments are finished. Now go ask your council member who bought them…

  8. This was the most disturbing update in a while. Thanks to the local news for zero coverage for fairhope politricks.

    • There is no local news. The tv stations are too busy covering shootings in Mobile and puff pieces. Mobile Register is in a hospice, Gulf Coast News is a Catalyst sell out. We have the Lagniappe. The Lagniappe was originally a music venue paper and it covers Baldwin County better than all of the former. Of course we have Ripp who cuts straight through the BS

  9. We need to find people to run in two years. Karin needs help yall. Fairhope is swinging in the balance. What will it be?

    Good or evil?

    Which Wolf(e) will you feed?

  10. I would be sooo angry if I lived in Rock Creek or the Woodlands… really anywhere in Fairhope, but especially those places. How can it NOT hurt property values? This can’t be stopped now, but make sure it doesn’t happen again in Fairhope!

    • Georgia Orwell | April 21, 2018 at 8:41 pm |

      Sadly, our coin operated council and planning commissioners don’t give a flip about existing property owners. We are the joke of the decade to them!

  11. The Ripp Report | April 21, 2018 at 8:38 am |

    The Mayor of Fairhope, Mayor Wilson, has been against this since day one, prior to being elected.
    It’ Ain’t the Mayor. The City Council had no balls and Kant and Corte’s legacy will be tied to the apartments, forever.

  12. KantClub4Men | April 21, 2018 at 10:51 am |

    Hillbillies runnin’ wild in Fairhope! Listen close: you can hear them dueling banjos boys!

  13. What happened to this new Mayor we elected to stop that project. What a dissapointment. Now she has the whole city in an uproar. Terrible over paid inefficient supervisors. All she did was hire a bunch of inexperienced bullies that has the city running very efficient.

    So so sad.

    I know my votes gonna change in a couple years and I hope all the misinformed voters from last election change there’s

    • Clementine Fields | April 21, 2018 at 2:55 pm |

      Crooked judge not the mayor. Corruption ingrained.

    • Georgia Orwell | April 21, 2018 at 8:43 pm |

      Mayor Wilson fought the good fight against the Apartments…… one can stop our corrupt City Council. They lied to get elected and they will lie to be elected again. Don’t blame Wilson for any of this disastrous development. Blame all of us who voted in Boone, Burrell and Brown (I voted for the latter 2……never again)!

    • Have you been to the city council meetings? or watched the videos? Burrell was nothing but a bully from day to Karin. Even a member of his own church said who went to meeting said she never knew he was that way, and wished she could change her vote.

  14. You go MR. Corte cut down everything that is rightfully yours and continue with that class act drvelopement.

    • The land may be his until he trashed it, sells it to another, and leaving the apartments as a burden to us, BUT FLY CREEK BELONGS TO US! It isn’t his right to do that and we will fight him to keep our right.

  15. Phil H. Guthrie | April 21, 2018 at 12:39 pm |

    Admits to facebook

  16. Fairhope was once a nice town.

  17. Should be noted that the mayor before tim allegedly murdered his secretary-lover and no one in town said a thing. This is the place that voted 80 percent for a child molester, roy moore. Sick people in Fairhope.

    • Fedora Upton or "Fed Up" | April 24, 2018 at 8:50 am |

      We know Jim Nix was mayor before Tim Kant. Are you saying Jim Nix’s secretary, Betty Rivenbark, was murdered? Maybe the reason no one said anything in Fairhope was because we did not know that this occurred.

  18. Parker Road is where the many residents will go in and out.

    Traffic quagmire.

    • All thanks to your city council paid for by Corte. Wait until he opens up his “farmland” on County Road 13 to subdivisions. Do you think he gave that stretch of land to the county out of his heart? No he just increased the real estate value of all that land.

  19. Goldstarsoldier | April 24, 2018 at 5:50 am |

    Mr. Burrell must be removed from the Fairhope City Council. It will be easy if someone signs up against him.

    • Send him back to Mississippi. He looted the town enough.

    • The whole council must go. Burrell and Brown are the cancer. Heard Boone not running. Conyers and Robinson sit by and do nothing so why keep them?

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