Baldwin County politics has always been a good ole boys club and Catalyst hopes to swell those ranks with a slate of candidates that are like minded. Catalyst is a Fairhope based operation that has done it’s best to destabilize Fairhope’s Government by attacking the Mayor, often using the Gulf Coast Courier, editor Chuckee Cheeze, to spread the rumor of the day. Mr Kevin Boone is a councilman in Fairhope and farther to Scott “baby” Boone who is the “brains” of Catalyst. “Baby” Boone wants everyone to believe his father has nothing to do with Catalyst. I guess that means that all those documents and information leaked to Chuckee about Fairhope just fell out of the sky, because he did not get them by formal Freedom of Information requests.

Catalyst wants you to believe they are a Consultant/Public Relations firm and the candidates they support have no connection to any other Catalyst Candidate. Bull-hit they are the driving force of a slate of candidates, that if elected could hijack the County Commission, Probate Judge, State Senate seat as well as District Judge.Political Intimidation of candidates, running against any Catalyst candidate, is supported by all Catalyst candidates. Political signs disappear from non-catalyst candidates where as the Catalyst candidates are not missing any signs. This is Baldwin County politics in the pig pen. Catalyst wants to own the pig pen.

Catalyst and Chuckee have done a good job of beating up on the Mayor of Fairhope and now their sights are set on any opposing Catalyst candidates. Like most bullies that use intimidation, Catalyst has no sense of humor when they are the target and they have their pants pulled down in public.

The last post of the Ripp Report upset “baby” Boone so bad he needed to change diapers. He called the Ripp Report and said he had been reading all my articles and Catalyst was going to sue me. Well I was elated to know he was such an avid fan of the Ripp Report and read every article. “Baby” Boone has been to court before and Catalyst has it’s favorite Judges. Maybe “baby” Boone plans to use “their” judges to exact punishment on the Ripp Report. I did ask “baby” Boone if he could hold off filing a lawsuit until The Ripp Report and Jack Burrell’s Freedom Of Speech lawsuit was concluded.

The Ripp Report hopes this post will convince Catalyst that Freedom of the Press, Expression and Speech are Constitutional freedoms and threats against those rights will be met with our own legal defense.