Fairhope City Council is as dysfunctional as a square bowling ball. Led by Council President Jack Burrell who has been president for going on 7 years. The council has achieved little in the last year other than obstruct the Mayor’s office. It was more of the same at the last council meeting when it came to light that not one of the council has discussed any issues related to the budget in the last two weeks, with the Mayor, as they said they would.


Two area’s lacking in leadership in Fairhope are the City Council and Planning and Zoning. The City Council President for the last 5 years has been Jack Burrell. All the previous councils rotated the position of City Council President every 6 months or after a short term in order to give other council members a chance of leadership. In fact, and it is a fact, this council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor at every opportunity.


The Fairhope City Council should be recognized for it’s political spin. City council members, Burrell, Boone and Brown, the busy bees, scurried to Bone and Barrel restaurant immediately after the council meeting Monday night. They know that they should not be meeting, as per open meetings rules, with a quorum of the council, but hell they had to get their stories straight over a drink. This is proof that council members are meeting in a quorum, discussing what?


JOKE llp. Have you noticed that no one on the Fairhope City Council wants to address any questions about the soccer fields! In addition to all the other issues that Fairhope faces, the soccer fields have yet to become an issue. I am sure that the council will not take action to investigate anything themselves. What is needed is a citizens committee, independent of the council, to thoroughly investigate the soccer field complex from purchase to present.


QUESTIONS FOR MAYOR KANT 1. Planning and Zoning The number one financial drain in Fairhope is the Planning and Zoning Board. They are appointed by the Mayor and are responsible for dozens of lawsuits since their appointment. They are also responsible for MILLIONS of dollars in lawsuit representation and settlements. Mayor Kant uses the planning and zoning board as a vehicle for good ole boy deals and in doing so he violates our ordinances and our comprehensive plan.


US are the taxpayers and honest citizens; THEM are the good ole boys. In the last Fairhope election, only 5500 people voted in the city elections, of those Mayor Kant “questionably” received 3026 votes. Only 30% to 35% of the registered voters voted, leaving 65 to 70% not voting at all. These are the voters who can stop the mayor’s corruption and end an era of good ole boys who are fleecing taxpayers right and left.


The Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle POLITICAL INTIMIDATION Fairhope is the core of corruption in Baldwin County and Mayor Kant is the spokesman. Mayor Kant has raised over 50,000 dollars for a mayor’s election in a community of 16,000 people. That’s the first red flag. Over 50% of the mayor’s donations come from donors living outside Fairhope and unidentified PACs. That should alarm every citizen in Fairhope. The mayor is suspected of rigging the last two elections and he has now put in motion his FIX for the upcoming election.