The Fairhope City Council should be recognized for it’s political spin. City council members, Burrell, Boone and Brown, the busy bees, scurried to Bone and Barrel restaurant immediately after the council meeting Monday night. They know that they should not be meeting, as per open meetings rules, with a quorum of the council, but hell they had to get their stories straight over a drink. This is proof that council members are meeting in a quorum, discussing what? Read line 4, page 2, number 1. DELIBERATION

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The busy bees, along with Jester 666 and Gulf Coast News Courier have been working overtime to obstruct the mayor any way possible. For years I complained to the Alabama Sec. Of State about what I believed to be election fraud. The response was always the same, wait until the next election and vote the candidate out. We took that advise and had oversight by the Sec. of State at the last election, Fairhope’s first, fair election. The busy bees do not want to wait. They want Mayor Wilson out and Jack Burrell in, NOW. They are fearful of investigations involving them and the last administration. Bees have small brains and they have convinced themselves if they can get rid of the mayor and replace her with a king, that their problems will go away and they can build the Good ole Boy hive back.

The latest brain storm to come from the bees and pollinated by the Courier is that the mayor needs to be investigated relative to some city invoices. No other than the king bee, come fly with me Burrell, is demanding a full investigation. Soldier bee Brown, aka the Jester, firmly supports the king as well as LLC bee, Boone.

We are talking about a few thousand dollars that has the bees so outraged that they are stinging themselves. The Courier has been provided all the invoices. How did they obtain city documents without a foia request? Did it come from a worker bee who is leaving the hive?

Why don’t the bees investigate:

1. The sewer contract that grew from 10 million to 13 million without addressing the sewer infrastructure.

2. The triangle lawsuit, 11.25 million, 3 million in attorney fees. This lawsuit was settled by the last council, with no public participation, King bee and LLC bee both were on the council.

3. Soccer fields, 5 to 6 million, investigate that! And be sure to audit all funds given by single tax and the city to fund bathrooms. Investigate the contractors and sub contractor. I bet some busy bees got some honey from those fields.

4. Investigate the “gift” from a developer who LLC bee and solider bee have business dealings with but continue to favor with their vote.

5. Investigate GCN and the Courier and see who is leaking city documents to the press, covered in honey.

6. Investigate the airport. King bee has several ethics complains against him related to the airport. The council is holding its nose and hoping that the matter is whitewashed away. That is not going to happen. The airport, like the soccer fields, were corrupt from purchase to present.


The Ripp Report closes out 2016 with congratulations to John Sharp Sparks fly in Fairhope: New mayor, council president dispute airport finances, personnel changes Mayor Karin Wilson and…


The airport gets millions of dollars and education gets thousands while the airport produces not one dime for the city. The city pays all the bills and the airport authority hold the title to the land. Insanity.


I have followed four Fairhope city councils and one thing I can tell you is with each new council several things became abundantly clear. The new members of the council are usually influenced by…


Listed are only 6 items that represent over 50 million dollars and the busy bees want to look at a trumped up bias claim, that they think will deflect attention away from the bees.

Look on the bright side bees do not live long and these busy bees will end up stinging themselves.