Not only is Council Burrell a bald faced liar, he thinks a hard hat works better than a face mask. This is what you get with CATALYST. Jack Burrell was Council President under Mayor Cant for 4 years and did not do one damn thing about infrastructure repairs. He did approve sewer repairs to the main sewer plant, however allowed no money for transmission lines. That is like having a healthy heart but no arms or legs.


Catalyst is fully supporting Tucker Dorsey for Baldwin County commission and also is hoping Chris Elliott fills the State Senate Race. These Catalyst dogs need to be kicked to the curb, they need to go. If we want our commissioners to listen to the people of Baldwin County and expect the State Senator to represent us, then we must get rid of the dogs. A vote for Tucker Dorsey is a vote for Clarence Burke and Baldwin County Sewer and the many LLC’s Tucker is affiliated with.


The Fairhope Jester supports the Kant-Corte Apartments on Fly Creek, at the same time he is building his own home on Fly Creek. Surely you jest! The Jester supports the developer, who is responsible for the damage to the creek from the Publix project. The same developer is now building 230 apartments next to the creek. Jester neighbors are not going to be laughing. It has been reported to The Ripp Report that the Jester is also spinning the Ethics Complaint against him.


County Commission place three has three candidates trying to run over the skunk of the County Commission, Tucker Dorsey. Democrat Heather Brown and Republicans Will McDaniel and Billy Joe Underwood. Tucker Dorsey showed his stripes before even taking office. He, Bob James and Frank Burt had meetings before being sworn in. As soon as they had been sworn in the three had an alliance and fired over 10 people from the county employment, department heads, lawyers, county manager and the EMA director.


Congratulations Fairhope citizens your 2276 signatures on a petition convinced the Fairhope Single Tax to back off the proposed Tuberville subdivision. Your participation has helped put a light on the serious sewer infrastructure problem in Fairhope. Mayor Wilson addressed this problem shortly after being elected, since that time the city superintendents have been evaluating studies, that the Mayor proposed, which identifies sewer and infrastructure problems. The council has done nothing despite being informed of the problems.


Grinder pumps exist all over Baldwin County and a large percentage of them are installed unnecessarily. Developers love them because it saves them money in construction and the poor consumer, most often, does not even know what a grinder pump is. What the developer/builder does not tell you is that the pump may only last 5 years and the cost of replacement is all yours. They also do not inform the consumer that power is necessary for the pump to operate.


The Ripp Report recently changed it’s business status from a tax deductible non profit to a corporation. It is still a non profit, without any federal tax deductibility. This also allows the Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle to become more engaged in the election process by sponsoring or contributing to specific candidates. One thing you can say about the Alabama Ethics Commission is that they are shamelessly predictable. To dismiss a complaint and not answer any questions nor offer any explanation as to the allegations, is a whitewash of facts.


It seems as if the public has gotten the attention of elected officials and environmental groups about the sewer systems of Fairhope, Daphne and Spanish Fort. It is hard to believe in 2017 that we still have regular sewer spills and that we still dump sewage into the bay. Mobile Baykeeper awarded $87,000 grant from NOAA to expand Watershed Education and Monitoring Program (Mobile, Ala.) - Mobile Baykeeper has been awarded a federal grant in the amount of $87,294 from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to expand its Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP) into Baldwin County at Fairhope High School.


For years I have witnessed authorities and non-profit environmental groups ignore obvious environmental issues while publicly professing their concerns for the protection of the environment. For example: Mobile Baykeeper Awarded $87,000 Grant to Expand Watershed Program into Fairhope Mobile Baykeeper awarded $87,000 grant from NOAA to expand Watershed Education and Monitoring Program Source: The Ripp Report applauds the efforts of Mobile Baykeeper and their desire to educate our youth on the importance of natural watersheds and water quality.


Two area’s lacking in leadership in Fairhope are the City Council and Planning and Zoning. The City Council President for the last 5 years has been Jack Burrell. All the previous councils rotated the position of City Council President every 6 months or after a short term in order to give other council members a chance of leadership. In fact, and it is a fact, this council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor at every opportunity.