US are the taxpayers and honest citizens; THEM are the good ole boys. In the last Fairhope election, only 5500 people voted in the city elections, of those Mayor Kant “questionably” received 3026 votes. Only 30% to 35% of the registered voters voted, leaving 65 to 70% not voting at all. These are the voters who can stop the mayor’s corruption and end an era of good ole boys who are fleecing taxpayers right and left. The mayor’s base has shrunk and public confidence in the mayor is virtually nonexistent. Several mayoral candidates are planning to run against the mayor; however, they believe it to be prudent to announce their candidacy closer to the qualification date. Look closely at the statistics. They favor US. A neighborhood like Rock Creek can swing the election. If Sandy Ford, Plantation Pines and the Woodlands jump on board, a new Fairhope will be born.

Remember Fly Creek Apartments and the blatant corruption many of you witnessed. Talk to your neighbors in other parts of town and encourage them to take back Fairhope from the control of the good ole boys. The community as a whole has no idea of the issues facing the city and how the finances are handled.

The mayor is also the Utilities Director and draws a salary for the position. With no finance committee to answer to, the mayor can simply take millions out of the utility fund to pay for lawsuit settlements, such as the triangle lawsuit. Other issues are the golf course, a money pit and financial black hole. The golf course sucks up millions for a select group of former employees, good ole boys, and a few taxpaying citizens. The amount of money poured into Quail Creek Golf Course in the last 10 years could fund an independent school system.

The mayor masks the problem of city infrastructure problems and various department needs, continuing to kick the can down the road. Fairhope has a sewer system that just got a 10 million dollar “band aid” upgrade, it is expected to last a couple of years before needing additional upgrades. The mayor refused to move the sewer system inland which would eliminate dumping in the bay and also would have qualified for a “legitimate” BP grant.

The mayor has over 50,000 dollars donated to him for his upcoming election; over 50% are from people who do not live in Fairhope.  They play a part in controlling Fairhope — not us. That has to change. Many more issues need to be listed; however, lets not forget the mayor is still under a cloud of investigations involving his participation in BP Grant fraud.

The cost of the soccer fields, which no one knows the total, dwarfs any money we spend on education.

The mayor recently took a trip to Washington to see his daughter receive an award; however, he claimed it was for a “horticulturalist vanity award”. The mayor had no previous authorization of the council for the trip? Nor was there any announcement of any award the city recently won? Jennifer Fiddler and Sherry Sullivan, mayor in training, accompanied the mayor, as they have on previous trips. Why Sherry Sullivan is accompanying the mayor is unknown or her title while on the trip? Stay tuned, we know more than they think. Let’s see how the mayor explains tax dollars for unauthorized trips at taxpayers’ expense.

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The Orlando terrorist attack was a human tragedy and loss of life of innocent people minding their own business. The American flag was lowered in front of the White House as a sign of respect and American unity. It has always been the accepted that, when lowered in front of the White House, everyone else wishing to show the same respect also lowers the flag. Not in Baldwin County. Not in Alabama. Alabama is reeling from; Mike Hubbard, former Speaker of the House’s conviction, Bentley’s wandering hands, and Judge Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court facing ethics charges for NOT following the law.

We now can thank “deer in the headlights” County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey.  Who, with support of County Commissioner Elliot, made Baldwin County famous for refusing to fly the flag at half mast.

I have always said Baldwin County was the most corrupt county in Alabama. Now we are internationally famous for being insensitive and ignorant! Thanks guys.

As a constituent of Mr. Dorsey, I would like to share my observations of his career as a commissioner.

First of all, I remember shortly after you were elected, you and Bob James fired many county employees who just happen to be the whistle-blowers of the Pittman Kant BP fraud. The EMA Director, county manager, attorneys and others were fired — just as a political favor. The county is in far worse shape now than then.

Then there is the mega-site. 30 million+ dollars for the connected landowners and good ole boys. The county employees did not get a raise for three years in order to finance the deal and the LOST opportunity exceeds 40 million. Dorsey is on the Mobile Boy Scout Board, and as yet has done nothing to stop the financial crises they face. A Boy Scout or Eagle Scout would never refuse to lower the flag.

The point is, you and Mr. Elliot do not have the right to determine how the American flag is flown. I am a veteran and am ashamed of how you have portrayed all veterans; keep your damn hands off our flag.

Speaking of Commissioner Elliot did you see his spat with the District Attorney?

How smart is that? He gets a DUI, goes to jail, and refuses a blood test and blow test. This is the same thing Phony Baloney Maloney did, and he got his DUI charges dropped. Maybe the District Attorney should speed up Mr. Elliot’s DUI trial and hold him accountable, before he pulls off Baloney trick.

The way to change things is to VOTE. The good ole boys can be beat and the corruption stopped but you must VOTE.