The Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle


Fairhope is the core of corruption in Baldwin County and Mayor Kant is the spokesman. Mayor Kant has raised over 50,000 dollars for a mayor’s election in a community of 16,000 people. That’s the first red flag. Over 50% of the mayor’s donations come from donors living outside Fairhope and unidentified PACs. That should alarm every citizen in Fairhope. The mayor is suspected of rigging the last two elections and he has now put in motion his FIX for the upcoming election. First we will see puppet candidates solicited by the mayor to run for Council seats. Former Mayor Jim Nix’s son is going to run for Councilmen Ford’s position. This is one good ole boy for another and most people in Fairhope don’t know that Jim Nix is a major player in the good ole boy club and management of Kant. Fairhope is a hand-me-down government. Nix handed it to Kant and Kant will pick his successor, NOT the citizens of Fairhope. It is rumored that Sherry Sullivan, a companion on many of Kant’s out of town trips, and Lee Turner are two of Kant’s choices for his replacement. Mr. Kant says this is his last term. But remember, if his lips are moving, he is lying. Mr. Jay Robinson is running for Mr. Mueller’s seat. I suspect Mueller will not run for re-election but will wait until the last minute to announce it. Mr. Robinson voted for the apartments at Fly Creek and against the wishes of the community, a sign that he too may be in Kant’s pocket.

Mayor Kant is going to pull every political dirty trick to stay in office. Intimidation is his favorite. Seven times I have had to hire attorneys to defend myself against various forms of intimidation. Three times the City Council and Planning Board refused to allow me to speak at public participation. Each time the city had to back down. Once the city demanded I remove a gate on my property. Problem was, it was not my property. How dumb can you get? Twice I sued the city. Both times the case involved planning and both times I prevailed. The mayor had metal detectors installed at city hall due to my repeated complaints, referred to as rants, to the City Council in an attempt to get me to shut up. It didn’t work. I have had to sue Fairhope Times for libel for statements that were untrue. The conclusion of that case is attached and it is unclear who motivated the Times. The point I am making is that I will not back down from exposing the corruption in Fairhope. Intimidation only inspires me. If Mike Hubbard is guilty then Tim Kant and Senator Pittman are also guilty. They are guilty of BP fraud and subject of dual complaints. One investigated by the FBI and referred to the Attorney General and another to the BP fraud division. Read the complaint for yourself, especially the introduction letters. Both have lied to their constituents and continue to lie. If Mayor Kant’s lips are moving, he is lying.

Pittman James Ethics Complaint by MaxShelby

Mr. Pittman has now doubled down after Hubbard’s conviction and said he is going to introduce legislation that clears up what kind of contracts elected officials can accept outside their political position. Pittman is a sociopath; he has “maintained” municipal contracts with Fairhope and then makes statements as if he is not doing the very thing he is guilty of. Senator Pittman was the trustee of BP funds for Baldwin County; with Mayor Kant’s help, he personally was paid 636,000 dollars of the same money? If Pittman introduces legislation, you can bet it will be to cover his and Kant’s past deeds.

Fly Creek Apartments and the connectivity they will bring can be overturned by replacing the mayor. The intention of the city and the developer is to implement connectivity in the area of the Publix. All under the guise of creating a village. The village concept is a Kant and developer plan promoted by attorneys and engineers. It is not a village plan. It is a development plan. The completed connectivity includes roads trails and bridges into the Woodlands, Plantation Pines, Rock Creek, and Sandy Ford and onto Highway 13. These neighborhoods will become thoroughfares and short cuts to relieve traffic. If Mayor Kant remains mayor, Highway 98 is going to look like Airport Boulevard in a few years. Property values, quality of life, traffic and further damage to the creek will all be impacted. The mayor and Aurthor Corte should be investigated for the in your face corruption surrounding the apartment project.

Fairhope has infrastructure problems including the sewer system; however, the mayor has been kicking the can down the road for years without addressing the issue.

Lawsuits are costing us millions and no information about pending lawsuits or costs is ever shared with the public.

Fairhope built a soccer complex for millions without infrastructure? Then went to Single Tax Corporation for a donation to build bathrooms? When asked about anticipated costs to maintain the fields, the mayor said he was “working on it”? The land deal to purchase the property years ago stunk to high heaven. The city paid close to one million for the property in a down economy. And one and a half million to level it????? It is a good ole boy honey hole.

Fairhope‘s main problem is the corruption and entitled good ole boys. Mayor Kant is the head of the snake. And until we cut the head off the snake, corruption will flourish and the citizens will have little to do with governing their community.