Two area’s lacking in leadership in Fairhope are the City Council and Planning and Zoning. The City Council President for the last 5 years has been Jack Burrell. All the previous councils rotated the position of City Council President every 6 months or after a short term in order to give other council members a chance of leadership. In fact, and it is a fact, this council has accomplished absolutely nothing, except to obstruct the Mayor at every opportunity.


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The City of Fairhope has three days before it swears in a new Mayor and begins another chapter in its history. It is past due time to turn the page. In the recent City Sketches, the centerfold article “if they build it they will come” is a glowing tribute to Mayor Kant’s accomplishments. This city magazine has been a propaganda tool of the Mayor, paid for with tax dollars, and supported by a disingenuous editorial staff of one person.

Living it Up at The Hotel California

CORRECTION Mayor Kant was not in California until Wednesday, he and Jennifer just skipped the planning and zoning meeting Monday night for no legitimate reason. Several employees have called the Eagle and informed us that the dynamic duo was in hiding. WOW what leadership. An America in Bloom vanity award in sunny Southern California was the reason Mayor Kant and Public Works Director Jennifer Fidler were conspicuously absent at this week’s planning commission meeting entertaining the controversial Fly Creek Apartment deal for the sixth time.


Jimmy Conyers steamed rolled incumbent Diana Brewer for a Fairhope City Council seat with 66% of the vote. Diana now joins Tim Kant, as the second person to lose their job because they refused to listen to their constituents, they will soon have company. People elected to office pledge one thing over and over in their election bids, “I will listen to you.” Then after being voted into office they soon realize that they are smarter than everyone else.


Attention Baldwin County Legal Eagle fans that follow the Family Court issues in Baldwin County. There are multiple complains filed against a particular Judge that are pending as well as pending complaints against certain attorneys. We are refraining from details until we have responses to those complaints. We do wish to advise you that it is an active issue that we are addressing and it is not on a back burner.


Mayor Kant, after receiving the official news that he lost his re-election bid, promised a smooth transition from his administration to the new administration, which takes over Nov. 7th. The Mayor, like much of the community, is slowly coming out of shock; and he’s still taking orders from his good ole boy club and a remora-like gaggle of entitled attorneys. The Mayor’s first transition move was his announcement of a Performing Arts Center:


QUESTIONS FOR MAYOR KANT 1. Planning and Zoning The number one financial drain in Fairhope is the Planning and Zoning Board. They are appointed by the Mayor and are responsible for dozens of lawsuits since their appointment. They are also responsible for MILLIONS of dollars in lawsuit representation and settlements. Mayor Kant uses the planning and zoning board as a vehicle for good ole boy deals and in doing so he violates our ordinances and our comprehensive plan.


A LEGAL WIN FOR FAIRHOPE CITIZENS WHO OPPOSE FLY CREEK APARTMENTS ON FLY CREEK. In June of this year, the Planning and Zoning Board expressed their frustration with citizens of Fairhope who defend themselves by legal means. Friends of Fly Creek, Plaintiffs — and certainly friends of the public, brought a lawsuit against the City of Fairhope, Fairhope Planning and Zoning, Fairhope City Council, and Leaf River group LLC, Defendants. The Defendants in turn moved to dismiss the lawsuit all together.