Attention Baldwin County Legal Eagle fans that follow the Family Court issues in Baldwin County. There are multiple complains filed against a particular Judge that are pending as well as pending complaints against certain attorneys. We are refraining from details until we have responses to those complaints. We do wish to advise you that it is an active issue that we are addressing and it is not on a back burner.

The Ripp Report wishes to congratulate John Lake on his persistence in counting and verifying the ballots in Daphne. The re-count did not change the outcome; however it did preserve the integrity of the election. Better to be sure than have lingering questions about the voting process. Daphne is a smaller town than Fairhope; however Fairhope had over 2000 more citizens’ vote, which resulted in the election of a new Mayor, Karen Wilson.

250 to 0  Just say NO

Fairhope’s Planning and Zoning Board held its 5th meeting involving the Fly Creek Pud., on Sept. 6th. Each meeting has had 250 plus concerned Fairhope citizens in attendance. The meeting was held in City Council chambers forcing over 100 people to stand in cramped conditions with faulty microphones. This last meeting the audience was asked how many people attending were for the apartments. Not one individual was in favor of the project. For two hours the board did everything possible to avoid a vote and put themselves on the record. Opponents voiced concerns about everything from sewage to the violations of the first phase of the project. The original promise by the land owner not to build apartments is being totally ignored. Our talking head attorney offered no relief to any of the issues raised. Citizens were told that a pending lawsuit had no effect on the status of the application, even though the lawsuit addresses P&Z issues relative to the applicant. The most bizarre aspect of the meeting was the board insisting that they could not vote NO. A no vote would result in the applicant having to wait six months to reapply. It should be noted board member Hollie MacKellar has voted no from the beginning.

Please remember that this is a Tim Kant appointed board and they are all going to be replaced by our New Mayor soon after she takes office. With the exception of Hollie only one other person came forward to represent the community and the overwhelming opposition to the project, our Mayor elect Karen Wilson. Her presence and participation in this controversy proves we elected the right Mayor.

On October 3, 2016 we will have another meeting, our 6th, where all the same issues will be addressed again; it is very important that you attend. Let’s hope “PLANNING” can plan on using the civic center and that they have the microphones working.

If 100% of the people attending are in opposition then the vote should be NO, a yes vote identifies those individuals as good ole boys and good ole employees and they should be replaced. Listen to the VOTERS.