Mayor Kant, after receiving the official news that he lost his re-election bid, promised a smooth transition from his administration to the new administration, which takes over Nov. 7th. The Mayor, like much of the community, is slowly coming out of shock; and he’s still taking orders from his good ole boy club and a remora-like gaggle of entitled attorneys.

The Mayor’s first transition move was his announcement of a Performing Arts Center:

“The City is seeking an enthusiastic and creative consultant qualified to produce a strategic plan outlining a step-by-step road map tailored to achieving our specific goals for funding, phasing, implementing and sustaining a performing arts center in Fairhope."

The cost of $35,000 may not be enough, so the Mayor is saying we should be prepared for the price to increase.  Go ahead and remove your taxpayer wallet from your pocket. Once this is completed the Mayor will form a handpicked committee to follow his every order.

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The Mayor does not know anything of a Performing Arts Center. Ironically, Mayor Kant is the reason that a performing arts center was never built. His futile efforts now, in the 11th hour of his 16 year reign, are to establish a legacy by naming the Performing Arts Center the “Timothy Kant Performing Arts Center.” We do hope the Mayor uses removable lettering when he writes his name.

Mayor Kant’s second “transition” move is to use the planning and zoning board’s last two meetings to shove through good ole boy building projects—those for his major campaign contributors.  This is the last payback.  The first meeting of the Planning Commission, September 6, 2016, has listed two items:

A. SD 16.14 Public hearing to consider the request of Dewberry / Preble-Rish, LLC for Multiple Occupancy Project approval of the Retreat at Fairhope Village, a 240-unit project. The property is located at the east end of Fly Creek Avenue, behind Publix in The Shoppes at Fairhope Village. Parcel #: 05-46-03-08-0-000-002.000 05-46-03-08-0-000-002.001.

B. SD 16.16 Public hearing to consider the request of Hutchinson, Moore, & Rauch, LLC for Multiple Occupancy Project approval of Old Battles Place, a 110-unit project. The property is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Section Street and County Road 34 (a.k.a. Old Battles Road). Parcel #: 05-46-09-29-0-000-061.000

Never mind the fact that our infrastructure is maxed out; and that each project will cost taxpayers millions. It will negatively impact your quality of life.  School enrollment will balloon.  Residents will experience lengthy commute times, snarled traffic and subsequent road rage.  These efforts disregard the outcome of the election. Also, the Mayor is putting a few city employees in the precarious position of possibly losing their jobs. The question is: “Will the employees become lemmings and follow him off the cliff?”

Please attend the next planning and zoning meeting, Sept.6th. and witness for yourself the Mayor’s idea of “transition.”

The Mayors third “transition” move is to support efforts by Mr. Angelo Corte to go back to court on September 6, 2016, the same day as the p&z meeting.  In this second attempt they will try to convince a judge to reverse his denial of a summary judgment involving Fly Creek Apartments. The firm of Hand Arendall, of course, once again, will suck as much tax dollars out of Fairhope as possible, with Tim Kant’s full blessing. Let’s hope the Judge stands on his original ruling. This is what the Mayor calls a smooth “transition.”

The Mayor’s fourth move is to establish a city budget without any attempt to involve the newly elected Mayor or her “transition” team. The Ripp Report prays that the new administration flushes the Hand-Arendall law firm down the toilet, without paper.

Be prepared Fairhope voters.  The Mayor’s “transition” is going to cost us big-time.

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