The Ripp Report made a complaint against Steven Patrick Johnson to the Alabama State Bar, CSP NO. 2016-296. On March 17, 2016 they responded “Two attorneys in the Office of the General Council of the Alabama State Bar have reviewed your complaint and the attorney’s response to the complaint. In view of the nature and content of the complaint and the response of the attorney, we will take no further action in this matter.” Of course we are not privileged to the response of the attorney.

I followed up with the Alabama State Bar and asked how this was possible. The complaint was that Mr. Johnson, under oath in his own words during his divorce, admitted to purchasing, transporting and selling marijuana, the sale was to another attorney. I was informed that a duplicate complaint had been filed and it was similar and filed prior to the Ripp Report. I asked how was I suppose to find out what disciplinary action was taken and why would their letter indicate, “No further action would be taken”? The response was that I would have to submit a request of The Disciplinary Commission of the Alabama State Bar.

On July 20, 2016 the Disciplinary Commission responded that no action has been recorded. On Aug.30, 2016 I contacted the Bar again, and again I got the run around and no comment. I asked what it would take more than the attorney’s own words to administer any discipline. The conversation came to an end with the Bar explaining they would not discuss the matter with me any further, even though I was the complainant.

Mr. Johnson has an infamous reputation of accusing others involved in family court cases of drug abuse. It made no difference to him that there was no evidence, history or arrests of the individual of any drug abuse. In many cases this was another expense and unnecessary burden put on the individual that often affected the children involved as well as custody or visitation.

The Alabama Bar is doing an excellent job of protecting unethical attorneys while turning its back on those attorneys who are honest and ethical. They are encouraging bad behavior among some attorneys while ignoring the public, they have sworn to protect.

So what is the answer?

The Court of Public Opinion is the answer.

As consumers you have the strength to use every method possible to spread the word not to employ this type of attorney.

Boycott Attorney Steven Patrick Johnson and his firm Brackin McGriff and Johnson