Jimmy Conyers steamed rolled incumbent Diana Brewer for a Fairhope City Council seat with 66% of the vote. Diana now joins Tim Kant, as the second person to lose their job because they refused to listen to their constituents, they will soon have company.

People elected to office pledge one thing over and over in their election bids, “I will listen to you.”

Then after being voted into office they soon realize that they are smarter than everyone else.

Diana Brewer lost her bid for reelection because she was smarter than the people who put her in office. The Fly Creek Apartments were opposed by over 98% of the people who attended 6 meetings addressing the issue. Diana ignored the opposition and even doubled down to support the project. Her relentless effort to form an independent school system cost the city 100,000 plus, taxpayer dollars, and never garnered any more than a 35% support. Her insistence that the triangle was purchased as a park and not as the result of a lawsuit settlement is disingenuous and false.

Mr. Conyers is the least experienced and the junior member of the council. He certainly will have a learning curve in understanding all the issues that will come before the council. Let’s hope he understands that he is working as a public servant and his first priority is to listen to the very people who elected him. Secondly he needs to recognize that he is part of a grass root effort that has voted out of office the Mayor and two council members due to decisions of the planning and zoning board. The P&Z has cost us millions in lawsuits and with the exception of Hollie McKellar should all be replaced, as well as the city attorneys.

We wish him all the luck in the world and congratulate him as well as Diana in a hard fought run off. … CAN YA HEAR ME NOW?