Fairhope is at a crossroads and if the community allows Council President Jack Burrell to ban people from speaking during the city council meetings, at public participation, then we have chosen the wrong road.

Mr Burrell has orchestrated a campaign of obstructing the office of the Mayor from day one. He is complicit with leaking documents and fueling the Courier’s continued assault on the Mayor. He has convince the rest of the council to be in lockstep with his every move. His personal attacks on the Mayor are well documented and his rampage and revenge stem from an Ethics complaint the Mayor was required by law to file.

Mr. Burrell was certain that Mayor Kant was going to win reelection and that his mentor was going to crown him the next Mayor. The disappointment of their clever plan failing just fueled Mr Burrell’s assault on the Mayor and some female staff, he never complains about any men.


I have followed four Fairhope city councils and one thing I can tell you is with each new council several things became abundantly clear. The new members of the council are usually influenced by…


The elected council has accomplished nothing in 10 months except to obstruct the Mayor and her efforts to do her job. Not one major issue has been addressed since being elected. They have hitched their wagon with Mr. Burrell who has become a clone of Mayor Kant and worked against the best interests of it’s citizens.


FAIRHOPE “CITIZENS CITIZENS CITIZENS” WAKE UP! Mayor Wilson told Jack Burrell, Council President, Airport Authority Board member and liaison to the city, and who also sits on the committee to select…


This is about FREE SPEECH and the rule of law. If Mr Burrell is allowed to use his elected office as a weapon to silence others and deny them their constitutional rights, then we are not living in a democracy.

The City of Fairhope denied me the ability to speak at a public meeting three times, many years ago, and each time they had to recant their actions.

Mr Burrell is scared to death of any thing I may say on the record, particularly the Airport issues. The Mayor felt the City should hold title to the land since the Airport is subsidized by the city. Mr Burrell, the city’s liaison to the Airport Authority disagreed and fought hard to keep control of the title in the Authorities name, turning his back on the citizens best interest.


The Ripp Report closes out 2016 with congratulations to John Sharp Sparks fly in Fairhope: New mayor, council president dispute airport finances, personnel changes Mayor Karin Wilson and…





Fairhope City Council President, Fairhope Authority board member and Fairhope Authority Board Member who is on two man committee to review bids at the airport, Jack Burrell is double down. He insists…



Fairhope Airport Authority – FLYING WITHOUT A COMPASS


These are two articles that were covered by The Fairhope Times one year ago. These were not written by the Ripp Report. They are important because they show, prior to today’s airport controversy…


The Mayor has held her ground and has never wavered in support of the citizens, be it the Airport or Fly Creek or the sewer issues.

I am a combat veteran of Vietnam and a citizen of the United States and the Constitution affords me the right of Free Speech and some Jack Ass is not going to deny me that right.



Well folks, as they often say, “You can’t make this stuff up!” Monday night’s city council meeting showed the true colors of council president “come fly with me” “Jack” Burrell. It was a tough night…


I have filed a Verified Notice Of Claim To The City Of Fairhope:

Mr. Burrell approved Airport funds to hire an attorney to investigate The Ripp Report. He however led the charge to deny the Mayor the same right to legal consul.



The Airport Authority has a great idea! They are going to use your tax dollars to hire “ the top ethics attorney in Alabama” to investigate me and The Ripp Report, and attempt to “head off” any…


So NOW you know the real Jack

Read the latest 🎉 Terrific Tuesday 🎉!

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  1. “For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him”. Karl Marx

  2. In an effort to minimize lengthy posts, I will reduce my comment to: WAY TO GO!!

  3. I’m so confused. This claim was filed yesterday, but for some reason Cliff McCollum’s mole has not asked him to publish it. What in the world? 🙂

  4. Wow….. City Council Meetings surely are contentious.
    That Burrell fellow seems kinda stupid. But he did state his threat correctly “speaking is a right not a privilege “. Uh uh I mean you know the other way around. Duh

    This should motivate the citizens to come see for themselves the way these pompous “public servants” treat the people they serve.

    If he has a problem with the gentleman who approached the public microphone that shouldn’t deny him his opportunity to speak. He is suppose to represent all the people

    …I’d say he proved he is afraid and angry

    • Tonto Goldstein | August 30, 2017 at 3:20 pm |

      Ripp should sue for say $100k…the same money Burrell wants to give the disgruntled former employees. I heard Burrell eats yellow snow.

    • Most public comments are concerns or complaints. Jack’s going to shut everyone out!? Rest of council sit on high horse too. They support anything Jack does or says.

    • Jack is very stupid!!

      Citizens. Citizens. Citizens.

      Fairhope is soooooooo


  5. The Open Public Meetings Act does not require that citizens be allowed to participate and speak at council meetings (other than public hearings). That Act merely specifies that the public has a right to attend council meetings, except for executive sessions. It is up to the council to determine in their rules of procedure if and for how long citizens will be allowed to speak at council meetings.

    Of course, most city councils do have a portion of the meeting set aside for citizen discussion and comment. However, even in that portion of the meeting, the citizens may be limited in the topics they are allowed to discuss and also limited as to how long they are allowed to talk. Remember the purpose of the council meeting is to conduct the city’s business, it is not a public forum. Limiting public comment time in the meeting is not a violation of the first amendment.

    • I disagree with what you wrote. I think the issue is more about discriminating against one person only. I feel confident the law does not allow the person preceding over the meeting to let some people say what they want while refusing to do the same for others.

      And yes, there are rules about how long someone can speak. Three minutes. This though is purely at Jack’s discretion. If he likes you, you can talk on and on and on. If he doesn’t, it’s as though he’s flipped over a three-minute hourglass and he’ll cut you off.

      And since there clearly is PUBLIC PARTICIPATION, that means the public can participate. Not just a few members of the public, but ALL of the public.

      The fact that Mr. Ripp was told he could not comment, during the part of the meeting that was open for comments, and in fact wasn’t able to utter one word to indicate to Jack whether what he had to say had to do with city business or not, is clearly, well…not kosher.

      (Not an attorney, I just have common sense.)

      • Jack is scared. The Ethics Commission is all over his bidrigging rump.

      • We agree on some things but I am not an attorney. I just talked to one of the 5 gulf state’s AGs and it was explain to me after they watch the video and they of course know all the history of this crap. THAT at the time Jack Burrell opened the floor for “anyone” to speak and know ii knew Ripp had been sitting there. He did so break the law. With no support from why one else if I would have been Ripp. I would have let them arrest me and deal with Burrell and he police Cheif later. That would have been an case I would have done for free on Ripp’s behalf. Might have even broken the law if he would have said “I now open the floor to anyone who has a comment other than Ripp. But to do that in a sorry ass way while representing the City of Fairhope is just not how we the good honest people of Fairhope want to be represented. Now, you and other people that do not want to see Ripp or anybody else speak or even attend any of the meetings. I would suggest that you and Jackass go out and get a petition sighed for such reasons and let the citizens or the city councilmen vote. Then there would be no disagreeing on what you thought was right. But indeed complete wrong, unethical, terrible example of a human being to out high school kids who read these blogs as adults and future leaders. I myself will not tolerate such actions and behavior from Jack Burrell for very much longer as there is no doubt the FBI, the ethics commission and other business people who all are watching Jack Burrell make a mockery of what he himself thinks how Fairhope should be represented in out city, at our churches, our fundraisers, etc etc. Make it your goal to keep Ripp from speaking and letting Jack go on like a creapy, little, coward of a man represent Fairhope and it’s true wonderful people who really care. I guess I really don’t give a crap that you disagree with me. If you are for Jack. I’m glad you disagree because when I post something. It’s a fact. One person is not going to try and keep this city from crashing. It will end soon and the city and its citizens will be much better of. Other councilmen. You are to scared to back Jack up and that is showing you are just as guilty as he is. Y’all duke it out.

    • You are wrong. Council allows public participation in the beginning on agenda items and at the end. 3 min limit (unless you’re a friend of Jack’s and you have unlimited time)
      Council would have to remove citizen participation for all to pull what happened Monday. Can’t discriminate.

    • Fedora Upton or \"Fed Up\" | August 30, 2017 at 7:49 pm |

      Hi Jester!

    • It is discriminatory to invite all the people at the meeting to speak and then say …oh no not you !!!
      And all the other Council Members don’t even look up much less say a word. They are all scared shitless of that Bully.
      This episode Takes the Cake

    • We get it Anonymous about the Open Public Meeting Act, Dude. Know just as much about it as you will ever know. The offer was given verbally by Jack himself to allow ANYONE to speak with a 3 minute time limit. This is against the law. Denying it without proper actions instead of a drunken and very confusing slur by Jack claiming this and that with NOT a single councils member even breathing. They are all pussy cats. It can however be brought up in a council meeting and if approved by the majority of the council, I’m sure that Jack would then have a right to not even let him He was denied and since Jack has committed other possible crimes he went on a slur, check his alcohol level next time, about this and that. It’s called bullshit and I’m scare to let you talk because I haven’t told the little boys sitting with him something he did and wants to say it to them first. He was indeed scared to death “and so is the rest of the councilmen I can assure “you” that Ripp would say something that the citizens would be shocked (but exactly the Truth, everytime) and after some of the people who visited Jack Burrell last week, I’m sure Jack didn’t tell all his knee padders about some of the facts that he has not shared with the councilmen. So if you are trying to tell us all how a public meeting should be run or how it’s done differently in other places and that After Jack Burrell told Ripp to sit down with an escort is against the law. Put in the next agenda and let’s vote on it so Jack Burrell can slow down in his drinking and quit making Fairhope look like a bunch of freaks, barefooted and running all over the place. Why don’t YOU yourself get some signatures and open a motion yourself to have Ripp banned from the meeting or even speaking at them. Do that or just shut the hell up and know that Burrell would have already done that if he thought he could get away with it. It can be done leagally. So go do it!

    • First fact based correct rational post I have seen. Well done.

  6. Burrell appears to be completely losing his composure lately; what is he so afraid of? There must be dark secrets that he is terrified of becoming public; otherwise, why is he acting like such a mental case in Council meetings? And why is the rest of the Council so cowed as to be afraid to make a sound that might set him off? I can see where Boone may have some legal issues to fear but Robinson and Conyers appear to be honest and fairly elected. They need to grow some courage and stand up for Fairhope residents/voters.

    • The rest of council follow Jack. Just because a few are more cordial in their approach doesn’t mean they’re innocent. We elected individuals leaders not followers.

    • Maybe he is mad the mayor attempted to get Elias to hack his personal emails? I would be pissed if I saw that.

  7. I guess we’ll find out if someone can be threatened with arrest for speaking “one word”. I am not a lawyer but I think he went too far. I am somewhat shocked at how thin skinned all the politicians on both sides are. Grow up! Learn how to keep your composure. How embarrassing.

    • The only thing you had wrong in your post was “I think he “Jack” went too far. You were right. You should have said you know he went too far. Trust me everyone. Everyone should not be surprised by the way Jack represents the city of Fairhope. Drunk and Stupid. No intelligent person or sober person would act that way with cameras and in front of all those people including the Cheif of Police. I’d like to see if the Cheif would actually arrest Ripp if Burrell told him to? I bet you 5 grand. If it were just for a action like last night the police Cheif would put on the report. Jack Burrell made the Cheif him arrest Ripp. Who the hell does Burrell think he is. “NODINE” LOL. It’s coming everyone. Burrell better not be keeping a deputy badge or special police badge. The way he gets drunk and acts out in public, someone will straighten out that coward. Now I hear that Jack thinks he’s the police Cheif too. Hell, he actually Demoted the Cheif of police of Fairhope on a live steaming site and in front of several witnesses. Cheif, is your job in jeopardy if you don’t do exactly what Jack tells you to do. I myself know you and would say no. But I would keep myself distant from a law suit with Burrell in it because the first thing he’s going to say is “The Cheif lied and is wrong and shouldn’t have done that”
      Don’t try it out Cheif!!! It will happen. Steve Nodine and Jack Burrell share a lot of qualities. All of them BAD!!!!!

  8. This is a representative republic and you are free to contact the elected representatives but not get up and pontificate.

    • So who exactly makes the call whether a speaker is “pontificating” or not? Isn’t that a rather subjective judgment?

    • Free speech. Do you want to change the constitution?
      “The right to articulate one’s opinions or ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship.”

      It’s not going to happen. Jack opened up the city to a lawsuit.

    • Read this. AL does not guarantee right to speak. Nice try Francis.

      • Francis Paul Ripp | August 31, 2017 at 4:53 pm |

        Read it again, some city’s have a policy of public participation. Fairhope has an adopted, by council, olicy to allow 3 minutes for anyone to discuss any subject, weather you live in the city limits or outside the city limits but in 36532. I have spoken at numerous city council meetings and planning and zoning meetings in other cities and never been denied the right to speak.

      • Bay Gazer sucks Jack Burrell’s little finger everytime he sticks it in honey. Bay Gazer has an IQ of a minus number. Dumbass!!!!

    • Francis Paul Ripp | August 31, 2017 at 4:43 pm |


  9. Wisconsinnative | August 30, 2017 at 5:47 pm |

    I traveled extensively for my job. It took me all over the world.
    This is how it goes down in Bejing.

  10. Confusedbyhypocrisy | August 30, 2017 at 6:56 pm |

    Hold on, didn’t Ripp ban some peple from posting on here? This means he understands the idea that there is a time for annoying, unhelpful, mean-spirited people to be shut down.

    • Francis Paul Ripp | August 30, 2017 at 7:33 pm |

      Hi Jester

      • Hello, that was not my post-Francis. Being banned from a forum is okay, it is Ripp’s blog so if he chooses to ban someone that is his right. I will leave everyone with this thought if the IP address the Mayor sought was Jester’s, the city and the Mayor will pay a heavy toll.

        • Francis Paul Ripp | August 31, 2017 at 4:54 pm |

          well before jester

        • Jester. You just cost me a bunch of money. Let me pay my $1 bet that you where just crazy. Now stupid! Get you time line together. Looks like you were not banned from your last post. I just read it and yes it cost me a buck. Lol

    • I believe he did. I seem to recall it was for the same reasons, because they were belligerent and added nothing valuable to the conversation.

    • You must be one confused human! Keep with the subject at hand why don’t you.

  11. Georgia Orwell | August 30, 2017 at 7:50 pm |

    Jack reminded me of Napoleon in ‘Animal Farm’ Monday night. “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” Clearly, Jack believes that he is the most equal of all and the rest of the Council are beginning to resemble Snowball…..soon their faces will just blend into little pig faces (if they don’t already when one looks at them).

  12. More then FED UP with Jack Burrell | August 30, 2017 at 8:00 pm |

    I am SICK of Jack Burrell – the MOST ARROGANT individual I have ever seen. I am doing my research to see how we can get rid of him. Words cannot explain the SICK individual he is.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 30, 2017 at 9:39 pm |

      I have not met anyone, other than a few very old men, who would not support shooting Burrell tomorrow! He has made a complete fool of himself (and, sadly, of Fairhope) in the past few months. What a stooge. Will Brown, Robinson & Conyers man up or will they be forever relegated to Burrell’s pitiful legacy?

      I know that Mayor Wilson is not perfect, but she is not a criminal. Since her election, we have finally been advised of the horrors of the Kant sewer legacy. My bet is that Burrell, Boone and Kant pocketed a lot of this money for the so-called sewer upgrades, because now we know that the sewage plant is completely unequipped to handle even the current load and that Mayor Kant refused to fix the real problems. Just keep planting those flowers.
      Anyone who supports Burrell better hope that their Fairhope/Point Clear property is a tiny bit of their portfolio!

    • He is mad people are finding out about the toilet of mobile bay. His toilet. Jack Burrell toilet.

    • Alcoholic is the word on top of most people’s list when asked about “what best describes Jack Burrell”?

      • He is NOT an alcoholic……they go to meetings. And not City Council meetings
        He is just a drunk

  13. Ripp is living rent free in Jack Burrell’s head!!!
    Jack you should know better to piss against a skunk!

    Dumb move.

    • Yes. Jack is that stupid. Has been for a long time. Looks like Fairhope Citizens are finally getting enough of Jack Burrell. Has taken them awhile. That’s just the norm for Jack.

  14. Keep listening to the thunder of his voice and the rumbling that comes from his mouth. Under the whole heaven he lets it go, and his lightning to the corners of the earth. After it his voice roars; he thunders with his majestic voice, and he does not restrain the lightnings when his voice is heard. God thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend. For to the snow he says, ‘Fall on the earth,’ likewise to the downpour, his mighty downpour.

  15. How much does Fairhope have to pay Ripp?

  16. I saw Robert Jester and Cucky Cheez at Lulu’s. Jack was with them with a bunch of paperwork. Drinks were served. Wednesday last week.

    • Bottoms Up

    • Francis Paul Ripp | September 1, 2017 at 8:40 am |

      I do not doubt that one bit,Chuckee is going to get himself in very deep water. I am disappointed in Robert Brown who is a veteran and he sat on the council and said not one word, while jack refused to let me speak. In fact he thought it was funny, well we will see how funny
      he thinks things are when Burrell and Boone take him down the drain. Freedom of Speech is not funny it is a constitutional right afforded to those who wish to participate in public participation. Fairhope adopted the policy and none other than Jack Burrell supported it.

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