The Mayor of Fairhope and the City Council got hammered by the public, medical professionals and first responders over the city’s decision to have a large public gathering for the lighting of the trees.

I must say that it was quite satisfying to see such a response from a community that often is not paying attention to city affairs.


Baldwin County Doctors and Nurses are advising the general public about masks, social distancing, and to avoid large public gatherings.

Our school teachers and administrations are very concerned about the Covid cases in schools. Gatherings of over 8 to 10 are discouraged in restaurants and public places.

Schools may close after Thanksgiving until 2021 if cases keep rising.


Former Mayor Wilson took the unpopular decision to put public safety and health before money:

“This scenario is the last thing I’d want for our City. However, as the City’s Chief Executive, I take the health, welfare and safety of every Citizen and Visitor to this City very seriously. If the status of the virus changes within our state and the State Health Officer issued recommendations that such large events are not held, that will become my position as well. We will be discussing this today during Council Work Session starting at 4:30 and I’ll keep you posted.“


Mayor Sullivan decided to “Take a chance”, with safety and health by pushing forward with the lighting of the trees. Mayor Sullivan and Jackass Jack made it worse by making dumb statements.

Mayor Sullivan explained:

“As we found during tree lighting, you can’t rely on adults to do the things they’re supposed to do,” she said. “So, we provide a safe event, but you have to rely on people coming to the event to do the things they’re supposed to. If they don’t, it creates a problem for all of us.”

Mayor Sullivan is Mayor and an adult. It was her decision to “take a chance” and now she wants to blame the adults who brought their children to the event the city sponsored?

The Mayor addressed the crowd without a mask and then was shocked that the people who showed up without a mask would not accept any mask that were provided.

This is not leadership and the Mayor does not deserve all the blame.

The Mayor does have to come to terms with dealing with Jackass Jack, who really is not an adult.

Jack Burrell has been council president for 8 years and his accomplishments as a council person, negotiator and board member has been a failure.

Now as a bullshit artist to the uninformed he gets A.

Jack was re-elected without one person asking him publicly to explain his police record.


Jack is infamous for one blunder after another and most people really do not know Jack.


Mayor Sullivan is going to find out fast that she needs to have her back against the wall when dealing with Jackass Jack. Let’s pray the lighting of the trees does not cause people to contract covid.

Jack’s resume includes FEMA Fraud, Airport bid rigging, the $600.000 clock, $2.65 million for recreation land, K-1 fiasco, Fly Creek Apartments, The Triangle, Economic development for friends, just to mention a few.

Mayor Sullivan and Jackass Jack are now going to decide how they want to spend $6.2 million to be used at the Waterfront Project.

Let’s hope the people that condemned the Mayor and Jack over the lighting of the trees are paying attention to the Waterfront project.


This project, $6.2 million, is driven by citizen participation. Hundreds have already filled out surveys and attended meetings. However, recent quotes by the Mayor and Jackass Jack are totally contrary to the data already received by the surveys. The swimming area and jetty were overwhelming endorsed by the public.

However, since the election, Jack and the Mayor have been making statements that, THEY, do not like either the ADA compliance walkways or bank stabilization.

Pay Attention Fairhope Jackass Jack is the worst negotiator ever and if Mayor Sullivan does not separate herself from him, he will take her down while he pisses away $6.2 million.