Fairhope City Council President Jack Burrell said he heard birds, and the sky was blue, that he felt Fairhope was going to have peace and calm in the next 4 years. CSB, Catalyst Scott/Boone, owns Fairhope, the council, the municipal judge, the city attorney and the Mayor. Complete total control, everyone is in bed with one another. They will make the decisions not the citizens of Fairhope. Just watch and see.

First they knocked out Fairhope’s in house engineer and appoint the Mayor director over utilities, done. I suggest you track the engineer fees Fairhope will now have to pay. I also suggest you watch the utility checkbook, it will be raided, transfers to the general fund will become common place just as they were in Mayor Cant?s administration.

What Mayor Sullivan and Jack Burrell are the most upset about is the fact that Mayor Wilson left them $23 million in grants and restoration funds for comprehensive planning to reinstate Fairhope’s future vision for it’s citizens, adding downtown traffic and parking enhancements. Implemented a funded $40 million plan that fully upgrades sewer, gas and water infrastructure, all of which will be completed in the next 4 years. Plus $6.2 million in the Waterfront Grant. Mayor Wilson took a convoluted book keeping system and freed the city from long term debt and deficit for a new era of prosperity.

Mayor Sullivan and Jack will be working 4 years just to complete the projects Mayor Wilson started. Mayor Wilson always gave credit to the hard working employees that made these accomplishments possible.

Lets see what the two Mayors accomplish in the next 4 years!

The two Mayors Sherry and Jack now have their sites on the Waterfront project, a 6.2 million dollar federal grant to improve the Waterfront Park. Instead of working for the betterment of the community they are now enlisting part time resident and infamous journalist, Howling Rains.

Howling’s latest letter to the editor, in the Courier, is the cover the Mayors are looking for to change, or eliminate certain aspects of the plan. Howling cannot get through the first sentence without lying. Howling says the plan to bulldoze the historic park at the municipal pier.

That is total bullshit. No one has ever said that but him. Howling never mentions that the walkway will be ADA compliant and that a 5% grade is the goal. Howling also never mentions that the grant has stipulations like “Bank Stabilization”, ADA compliance and erosion controls.

Howling attacks the plan, the grant, the engineering firm, that the council approved, the landscape architect, public works, community development and city employees.

Howling drifts into town as a part time resident, passes gas and the retreats to his other out of state home.

Howling is talking out his ass so much in his latest toilet parer letter that he rarely says anything accurate.

Mayor Wilson made sure that the waterfront plan, 3 years in the making, was the community based with surveys meetings and public engagement.

What happens to all the comments and the feedback that over 500 people provided over many months? Now the new Mayors are going to give you two weeks to submit further comments, in writing, with no public meetings. It was not Mayor Wilson’s plan. It was the citizens who participated and came to meetings plan.

What happens to all the public input that has been gathered?

CSB and the new Fairhope administration will determine what they want, NOT YOU.

The swimming area and new beach were very popular in the surveys as was the jetties that would add storm protection. The two Mayors, CSB and Howling Rains selfish neighbors, are going to make the decisions. They are also laying down groundwork to eliminate any employees that do not have a CSB tattoos or maybe deemed, not corrupt enough.

When these employees disappear corruption will flourish.

Hold your nose and read the letter to the editor by gas passing Rains. Read it real close. Then read the other articles about the Waterfront Project.

Howling Rains is no friend to Fairhope and his reputation proceeds him. Howling makes Chuckee Cheeze look like a Pulitzer prize winning journalist.,100288

Sullivan also said she is opposed to the plan by GMC engineer Scott Hutchinson to install a new sand beach north of the pier and to put fill dirt in front of the bluffs to create pedestrian ramps. These are the items that people feel passionately about, she said. Her vision is to refresh and repair the park and reopen it with pretty much what is there.

For his part, Burrell described himself as “adamantly” opposed to the new beach and also insistent that parking around the fountain will remain. He said he could envision “tweaking” the current layout to add more spaces.

Under the GMC proposal, visitors would have to walk the length of two football fields to reach the pier from a new parking lot carved out of the North Beach picnic area. Burrell said he favored expenditures to improve the heavily used North Beach and the existing Magnolia Beach, a crescent of sand between the state boat ramp and the American Legion Hall on Scenic 98.

Howling Rains did not write a constructive op-ed with suggestions, nor did he attend any meetings.

Howling admitted he was 6 weeks in the rear about reading anything about the project.

Howling Raines showed his journalistic mettle.

“Howell Raines and Gerald M. Boyd, the top-ranking editors of The New York Times, resigned yesterday morning, five weeks after the resignation of a reporter set off a chain of events that exposed fissures in the management and morale of the newsroom.”