One thing you can say about Fairhope City Council, is that they are consistent. Council President Jack Burrell, who has stained the seat as President of Fairhope Council for two terms, is now beginning his third term, as President. For 9 years Jack has monopolize a position that is normally shared by the whole council, but they do things different in Fairhope. Mr Burrell and Council was sued, in Federal court, for denying public speech:


Fairhope is seeing the results of a Council and Mayor more dedicated to special interests than the majority of their constitutes. It is an absolute shame the Fairhope Waterfront Project became such a divisive tool, used by elected officials, to distort the project and lie to the public. The vast majority of Fairhope citizens have no idea what the original plan was and the opportunity they have lost. https://rippreport.com/redneck-renovations/ Fairhope’s, $6.


Fairhope’s, 6.2 million dollar waterfront park has been so watered down that it has become a renovation project. For over 18 months the Waterfront project moved through the bureaucracy of government. Hundreds of citizens participated in public meeting offering their suggestions. Then came the municipal elections and the political distortions about the overall plan. In as little as a few weeks, in the new administration, the entire plan went from something resilient and sustainable to short sighted maintenance.


DOLLARS The City of Fairhope’s 6.2 million dollar waterfront project became a political hot potato during the last municipal election. Politicians put their feet in their mouths and now are trying to spin a new narrative. The new narrative will be what Mayor Sullivan and the, other Mayor, Jack Burrell want. https://rippreport.com/howling-rains-passing-gas/ The Ripp Report has filed a foia, freedom of information request, for the past results of a charrette where 164 participants, and the 570 people participated.


Fairhope City Council President Jack Burrell said he heard birds, and the sky was blue, that he felt Fairhope was going to have peace and calm in the next 4 years. CSB, Catalyst Scott/Boone, owns Fairhope, the council, the municipal judge, the city attorney and the Mayor. Complete total control, everyone is in bed with one another. They will make the decisions not the citizens of Fairhope. Just watch and see.


Some really weird and scary things are going on in Fairhope. After the https://rippreport.com/ published the Oil “Slick”, seems the BP “good Vibes” guy on the paddle board, freaked out and forgot about his good vibes pledge. Some people have no sense of humor. https://rippreport.com/oil-slick/ Ole good vibes has now converted his Facebook page to a share only, no comments, to eliminate certain people that want to ask tough questions. He is also endorsing Jack Burrell, that is SCARY to say the least, for a Mayor candidate supporting a council person.

History repeating itself

Posted by Lagniappe | Jul 15, 2020 | Letters to the Editor I am writing in response to Mr. Howell Raines’ op-ed and his follow up Letter to the Editor, referencing the Fairhope waterfront. First, let me say Mr. Raines’ reputation precedes him. In 2003, Mr. Raines and the New York Times parted ways after a scandal that resulted in his dismissal. Now his commentary on the waterfront grant in Fairhope looks like, once again, he may be up to his old tricks.


After living in Fairhope for 25 years and spending 16 years of close observation of local politics, nothing surprises me. The corruption and white collar crime in Baldwin County is far worse than most people can comprehend. The political status quo resembles a criminal enterprise. Just for the record I personally think Fairhope is a fantastic community. The location is perfect and Fairhope has transportation hubs abound. Birmingham Atlanta and New Orleans can be reached with a 4 or 5 hour car ride.


Be sure to read the New York Times Article, the last link on this article. Baldwin County has seen its share of political commentary from Baldwin Insider, The Jester and the Infamous “Chuckie Cheeze” who quite appropriately now works as Aid De Camp for the Baldwin County legislative delegation. https://rippreport.com/chuckie-cheeze/ Many people who follow the Baldwin County political trail have anxiously awaited “Chuckie Cheeze’s” replacement. All of the above represent the Status Quo, aka Catalyst or Scott Boone Consulting.


Fairhope is closing in on another municipal election so get ready for CATALYST and the ill informed to try and convince voters that they know best. The latest issue is the plan for the waterfront, pier and parks at the bay. The funding comes from the BP oil spill in 2010. The cycle for funding and approval took years and grants were very specific outlining the scope of work. The last three years the waterfront project has been on the table.