Some really weird and scary things are going on in Fairhope. After the published the Oil “Slick”, seems the BP “good Vibes” guy on the paddle board, freaked out and forgot about his good vibes pledge. Some people have no sense of humor.

Ole good vibes has now converted his Facebook page to a share only, no comments, to eliminate certain people that want to ask tough questions. He is also endorsing Jack Burrell, that is SCARY to say the least, for a Mayor candidate supporting a council person. CATALYST has taken possession of his paddle board and tied it to their boat. He pledged he would have nothing to do with CATALYST aka Scott Boone Consulting. He is now also bad mouthing the Mayor, another “Pledge” he has broken.

Look Out Rock Creek, Oil Slick is drifting your way. He loaded mailboxes with his political info. Another no no, he is acting a little Scary. Rock Creek watch how he spins the BP Oil Spill and the corruption and medical issues that followed.

If that is not Scary enough, then strap this on. Scary Sherry and the 3B’s are all CATALYST, that is a fact. The 3 B’s signs accompany her signs through out Fairhope. Now they have the BP paddle Board guy bring up the rear, where he will remain. The three B’s are infamous as much as they are CATALYST.

They represent the good ole boys and voting them back in office is not in the best interest of Fairhope. The three B’s are counting on Fairhope being asleep at the wheel election day. The possibility of that is SCARY.

What is the most Scary is that citizens will look at the municipal elections as a popularity contest. Their choice may be a friend, or based on a fascination for paddle boards. Many years ago a Mayor in Birmingham told me that people that run for office out of spite or “getting even” rarely succeed.

Fairhope is electing a Mayor with a 60 plus million dollar budget, it is not a popularity contest. Citizens should look at qualifications, accomplishments, and how they have been represented.

Let’s look at qualifications for Mayor of Fairhope for Sherry Sullivan and Mayor Wilson. When you apply for a job, especially an upper level position, first they want your name, then your education, history and experience.

Scary Sherry is a fired disgruntled employee who sued the city and never explained why. She, along with two co-workers, assisted the CATALYST council to undermine Mayor elect Karin Wilson from the first day the Mayor took office. Ultimately they were all fired for insubordination, among other things. Scary Sherry’s motivation is to get even and help CATALYST regain power, all the wrong reasons. Voting Catalyst is going in reverse.

Scary Sherry has a high school education, that’s it. Her work experience in Fairhope included management of the Nix Center, which she did well. She also ran, or tried to, the recreation center, she failed miserably. She also published the then Mayor’s newsletter which was total propaganda. Scary Sherry knew first hand of the BP fraud and the Mayor’s involvement but she never wrote about that. Her experience is limited and former employees complain about her being a bully and hard to work for. The Current city employees do not want to see Scary Sherry return.

If Scary Sherry were to win, she would immediately fire numerous employees and replace them with hand picked CATALYST good ole boys. She will hire Tim Cant and other good ole boys. Corruption and lawsuits will follow.

Mayor Wilson has a college degree in finance, 25 years of business experience in finance and 3 and half years as Mayor. Wilson ran as a public servant and challenged and won election from a corrupt administration. She refused the double dipping paid positions of the previous Mayor. One of which was Utility manager a position that paid 60 thousand a year or 240 thousand over 4 years. That is a PUBLIC servant.

Mayor Wilson’s accomplishments while in office, 3 and a half years, exceed that of the previous Mayor of 16 years. Wilson also has the City employees behind her. Mayor Wilson will move the city forward ,with the help of community engagement.

Fairhope, look at qualifications they count.

SCARY sherry CATALYST and the 3 B’s is the last thing Fairhope needs.