1701 Covid deaths in one day, 250,000 total U.S. deaths, 11 million cases so far in the United States. One person is dying every 50 seconds. Statistics and data that would makes your head spin and yet there are people that still ignore basic health standards, some believe Covid is a hoax.

Baldwin County Doctors and Nurses are advising the general public about masks, social distancing, and to avoid large public gatherings. Our school teachers and administrations are very concerned about the Covid cases in schools. Gatherings of over 8 to 10 are discouraged in restaurants and public places. Schools may close after Thanksgiving until 2021, if cases keep rising.

The 2020 Arts and Crafts Show was canceled as a precaution to public health by then Mayor Wilson. Council President Jack Burrell and Sherry Sullivan, a show coordinator at the time, “wanted to take a chance”, and have the show.

They were supporter by councilman Brown who does not even believe in masks. The Local medical community supported Mayor Wilson’s decision.


Despite State and Federal guidelines, Sullivan, now Mayor, and Burrell, Associate Mayor, are willing to “take a chance”, again, with public safety and public health in order to have the lighting of the trees, November 19th.

This public gathering may be attended by thousands.

Guess who WILL attend?

Those same people that think Covid is a hoax.

They will proudly display their arrogance and lack of concern for others, by NOT wearing a mask, or NOT adhering to the guideline of avoiding large public gatherings. Large public gatherings, have proven to be excellent conditions for wide spread Covid.

Leadership is not easy. Mayor Sullivan and Jack Burrell are displaying a lack of leadership.

They are “Taking a chance”, with the lives of their constituents. Fairhope is a retirement community with a large senior citizen population, that cannot afford to “TAKE A CHANCE”

So before you attend, beware, the very people NOT protecting others by wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, will be there. That means that your chances of being exposed to Covid, have increased.


You can drive by in the safety of your car, the lights will be in place until 2021.