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Baldwin County has seen its share of political commentary from Baldwin Insider, The Jester and the Infamous “Chuckie Cheeze” who quite appropriately now works as Aid De Camp for the Baldwin County legislative delegation.


Many people who follow the Baldwin County political trail have anxiously awaited “Chuckie Cheeze’s” replacement. All of the above represent the Status Quo, aka Catalyst or Scott Boone Consulting. Good ole Boys plain and simple.


The 2008 and 2012 municipal elections in Fairhope, were suspected of being rigged. In 2016, after numerous complaints, the Alabama Secretary Of State stepped in to supervise the election. Long story short, Mayor Wilson beat a 16-year, CORRUPT incumbent, and became Fairhope’s first female Mayor.


The City Council, their true intentions masked, led by a loser, planned for total control of Fairhope. From the first day of their 2016 administration the council has obstructed, bullied, lied, colluded, conspired and undermined anything the Mayor or her staff has proposed.


So it is no surprise that six (6) weeks before municipal elections that a replacement for “Chuckie Cheeze” has now raised his head, from whatever coma he has been in, to carry the CATALYST flag into political battle.

Listen to me carefully Fairhope:

This Council has tried, several times, to give away citizens rights to the triangle “Park”, under the warm and fuzzy blanket of a Conservation Easement. That Triangle cost taxpayers 11.25 million dollars, thanks to our last Mayor.

They also voted themselves a raise and full family insurance, estimated at $17,500.00 a year.

This council betrayed the black community and all of Fairhope with their purchase of farmland for recreation, 2.65 million, and then leased it back for farming at 9 thousand a year. The bottom line of Fairhope went from a surplus of 1.7 million to a deficit of 1.2 million.

This council is going to run as a block vote, they do not want any women on the council.

Chuckie’s replacement, Howling Rains, attacked the Fairhope Waterfront Grant of 6.2 million dollars.

Howling Rains did not write a constructive op-ed with suggestions, nor did he attend any meetings. Howling admitted he was 6 weeks in the rear about reading anything about the project. Howling Raines showed his journalistic mettle.


Howling was howling at the moon and missed the details, he also did not know:

“the plan was conceived in cooperation with a steering committee and is the result of a design charrette in which 164 participants provided input, 570 responses to a survey. It also passed reviews by the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, U.S. Department of the Treasury and Fairhope City Council. The project was proposed by Mayor Karin Wilson and is funded by Restore Act grant money available as the result of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.”

Planners aim to resolve ‘misconceptions’ about Fairhope pier plan

Howling has been using the moon as cover to circulate fliers encouraging citizens to kill a 6.2 million dollar grant. The flier is full of inaccuracies, but that does not matter, this is political–journalism be damned.

What is Howling not howling about? That the major opponents of the Waterfront project do not want their ”front” yard disturbed. They do not want ADA compliance and parallel parking for those people that need ADA compliance, and would like to enjoy the Waterfront. They are not concerned about disabled veterans. As usual it is the same status quo that will cut off its own nose to regain power.

Howling is calling Fairhope home of a historic bluff! Howling is confused, those cliffs are in Montrose, known as the Ecor Rouge Cliffs. A historic marker is on scenic 98. What is in Fairhope is a cut bank that was left when they made the lower park. It is covered with Kudzu and is about as historic as Howling Rains.

Mayor Wilson said:

“No one has to feel rushed because nothing will move forward until the re engagement is concluded — however long this takes.”

Howling made this political by his statement in his slanted op-ed.

“My conclusion is the entire project is born of political desperation and imaginary problems. Mayor Wilson needs a signature project on which to run for re-election, and she has in hand a $6.2 million Restore Act grant that comes with inconvenient legal strings attached to it. She said the funds can only be secured on the basis of “bluff stabilization” and creation of a “working waterfront.” In other words, the city and their well-paid engineers have to pretend to fix something that’s working well. When Mr. Burrell made his request for “documentation” the mayor and presenters avoided the subject.”

Howling needs to read Strawman. Why is Howling not writing an op-ed about corruption? I can tell ya why, because they are all CATALYST and Howling does not even know that CATALYST has him on a leash!


That is YOUR conclusion Howling, Let me give you mine. You sir are dealing with some of the most corrupt politicians in Baldwin County! These are crooked politicians! Especially the former Mayor CANT.


Now, I realize you have been in hibernation and woke up in the rain with CATALYST stroking your ego and giving you the scent they wish you to follow down the nearest rabbit hole. But PLEASE, Howling Rains…challenge me to defend my accusations of corruption, let me give you the painful Backstory of 16 years of observing Fairhope politics.

You want to deprive citizens of park improvements for a selfless few? Deny ADA compliance because a few, who never attended a damn meeting, are so damn selfish that they do not give a damn about the rest of the community? You sir represent what is wrong, CATALYST; and the vindictive, corrupt candidates they represent. Fairhope should be cautious taking advice from anyone associated with CATALYST. The park has not seen major improvements in 50 years.

Fairhope citizens: Do not let CATALYST or Howling Rains deprive you from improvements at the Waterfront. As Mayor Wilson, HAS ALWAYS said;

“No one has to feel rushed because nothing will move forward until the re engagement is concluded — however long this takes.”

It’s political folks! Howling is “Chuckie Cheeze’s replacement and it looks like a good fit.

In closing, take a look for yourself what a simple GOOGLE search of Mr. Raines produced:

SYNOPSIS: Mr. Howling Raines plagiarized. He and more specifically, journalists working under him, manufactured quotes and generally plagiarized other newspapers, leading to his embarrassing resignation.

Again, you see, CATALYST is dirtier than a Baldwin County Fair porta-potty. They had to scrape dog crap

off the sidewalk of the New York Times and get it to write fake CATALYST articles in Baldwin County.

Howling Rains has “Peter-Principled” out. He has reached the zenith of his incompetence as a human.

I submit to you: “Howling Rains: Catalyst HACK”


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  1. Somebody shoot this over to Howling.

  2. Somebody shoot this over to Howling.

    • Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 7:11 am |

      Do you think this self serving chad who impersonated a journalist really cares what others think of him?
      Even if he was a real reporter, most reporters have disgraced the profession. So why shoot this over to Rains? He lacks a conscience to even care

  3. Mr. Ripp, no doubt that there is little class concerning this Howling fellow. Just pick up the phone and call anyone where he has worked. He’s a “Self Serving Douche Bag” is the answer I got from 3 out of 4 people who worked with him. Also, can you please explain in a little more detail about what exactly does the figure $17,500 represents concerning the Fairhope Coincil voting themselves a raise and also Health Insurance Benefits? Is that total for the council each year or is in fact, that amount for each person which would be quite a sum annually? What’s the total bill PER YEAR just for the total additional monies of all Council members increase for insurance and raises combined? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 7:09 am |

      The raise included the health insurance the council voted itself. Many real employees of the city cannot get this insurance but the council voted to allow itself this benefit

    • Francis Ripp | July 7, 2020 at 8:04 am |

      $17,500 was the estimated insurance payment for a year for a councilman and his entire family, nice perk, The former Mayor is the one who put this in place and concealed it for years under a line item. Mayor Wilson is who discovered the truth.

    • Truth Teller | July 7, 2020 at 9:13 am |

      They did not “vote themselves” insurance benefits. The benefits have been in place since the 90’s. They voted to continue them as they stood. Fairhope self insures, the $ goes into a pool. If an employee does not get sick or need medical care, the $ stays in the pool. The “reported” amounts for the council’s insurance have been highly exaggerated. But that’s not surprising. Also – the mayor gets the same insurance, and has voted in a raise to double the mayor’s salary, whoever that may be come august.

      • Francis Ripp | July 7, 2020 at 10:28 am |

        They voted to increase council salary from 9 thousand to 12 thousand a year. The insurance for full family came from our former Mayor Cant. He hid the insurance in a line item with bonus , years ago we discovered the bonus then Mayor Wilson discovered the insurance scam. Mayor Wilson was with doing away with it for the council and Mayor, who are public servants. The council voted to keep the insurance and it is my understanding every damn one of them has used it.None of the council offered to use insurance they had available through their full time jobs. Burrell and Boone have known this for years. This sounds like a post from Capt Jack

        • Truth Teller | July 7, 2020 at 1:43 pm |

          So the council voted themselves a whopping $3K per year raise, and kept the insurance the same. No change or increase. Was that for the CURRENT council or the council that gets elected this year? My memory says it’s the incoming council.
          The Mayor coming in is getting a $30K raise. That’s 100% increase. Where’s the outcry over that?

      • Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 12:20 pm |

        Oh stop splitting hairs, “Truth Teller.” I was there that very night when they voted for the insurance. They knew what they were doing. Again, many city employees still cannot get that Cadillac insurance, but the council members made sure they themselves could.
        One council member tried to justify their vote by saying they love to serve but they need the insurance.
        You must be a lackey for Elliot, Haygood, & Stacey, or Catalyst, or Scott Boone Consulting, or whatever the crooks are calling it these days. What ever it is called on any day, Catalyst is just a bunch of developers buying off politicians and forming a cliche where they approve overgrowth at the cost of the residents.
        Now go sell your propaganda and damage control elsewhere. We know better becuase we have seen you all in action.

      • Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 2:30 pm |

        You are not telling the full truth
        Who’s friend are you on the council, you sellout?

  4. Anonymous | July 6, 2020 at 8:05 pm |

    Journalism is dead in this county

  5. When the NY Times fires you for bad journalism.

    You write for scott boone inc.

  6. So the entire sh#tty council is running?
    Gluttons for cruel and unusual punishment. Ripp give it to them. Make it hurt for what they have stolen from Fairhope!!!

    • Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 12:21 pm |

      If the council had a conscience they would not run again. But since they do not have a conscience I would not be surprised if they did run again

  7. Journalism is alive here.

  8. 2.6 million for land they said was for a park.
    rented it to a farmer for $700 per year.

    brilliant. criminal

    • Francis Ripp | July 7, 2020 at 6:08 pm |

      9000 a year, the appraisal was highly questionable and NO public hearing or public participation took place. Boone Brown and Burrell pulled this off.

  9. Anonymous | July 7, 2020 at 2:31 pm |

    Ripp, I take it you are not a big fan of Mr. Raines.

  10. NY Times retread.
    Catalyst shill. Lil boone is dumb af.

  11. Chuckie was a better writer.
    Damn catalyst is desperate.

  12. Replace the entire council. We need women.

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