Sherry Sulivan Mayor of Fairhope Alabama

1701 Covid deaths in one day, 250,000 total U.S. deaths, 11 million cases so far in the United States. One person is dying every 50 seconds. Statistics and data that would makes your head spin and yet there are people that still ignore basic health standards, some believe Covid is a hoax.

Baldwin County Doctors and Nurses are advising the general public about masks, social distancing, and to avoid large public gatherings. Our school teachers and administrations are very concerned about the Covid cases in schools. Gatherings of over 8 to 10 are discouraged in restaurants and public places. Schools may close after Thanksgiving until 2021, if cases keep rising.

The 2020 Arts and Crafts Show was canceled as a precaution to public health by then Mayor Wilson. Council President Jack Burrell and Sherry Sullivan, a show coordinator at the time, “wanted to take a chance”, and have the show.

They were supporter by councilman Brown who does not even believe in masks. The Local medical community supported Mayor Wilson’s decision.

Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival likely canceled due to coronavirus

Despite State and Federal guidelines, Sullivan, now Mayor, and Burrell, Associate Mayor, are willing to “take a chance”, again, with public safety and public health in order to have the lighting of the trees, November 19th.

This public gathering may be attended by thousands.

Guess who WILL attend?

Those same people that think Covid is a hoax.

They will proudly display their arrogance and lack of concern for others, by NOT wearing a mask, or NOT adhering to the guideline of avoiding large public gatherings. Large public gatherings, have proven to be excellent conditions for wide spread Covid.

Leadership is not easy. Mayor Sullivan and Jack Burrell are displaying a lack of leadership.

They are “Taking a chance”, with the lives of their constituents. Fairhope is a retirement community with a large senior citizen population, that cannot afford to “TAKE A CHANCE”

So before you attend, beware, the very people NOT protecting others by wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, will be there. That means that your chances of being exposed to Covid, have increased.


You can drive by in the safety of your car, the lights will be in place until 2021.

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  1. Oh Ripp,
    First the vaccine will be out
    Second, the death rate of COVID has been overstated. If a person died in a car wreck and it was found he had COVID when he was killed then COVID was the listed cause of his death because the hospitals make more money
    Third, people who actually die of COVID have so-morbidities which even the flus would have killed them
    Fourth, this COVID crap is getting old – real old. Let those with the co-morbidities hide in their homes. The rest of us need to work
    Fifth, I donot think the whole country should shut down just for one half of a percent
    Sixth, if you think Americans will do another lockdown then there will be pushback
    Seventh, why is it that the blue states want to do lock downs while their politicians go to Hawaii and throw dinner parties in Napa?
    Eighth, how is Florida doing without the COVID restrictions? any worse than a blue state?
    Ninth, we have been wearing masks since April – how has that helped?
    Tenth, it is OK for the rioters to not wear masks. Refer back to item number six
    In summary, the COVID political football has now turned into hypocrisy

    • Are you going to the lighting of the trees?

      • Sick of COVID alarmists | November 19, 2020 at 10:20 am |

        Oh yes, I am going to the lighting of the trees.
        Come on, liberals, the election is over and you no longer need to use COVID as a political football.
        If you are scared of COVID then go and hide in your homes with your 100 rolls of toilet paper. Just remember that some people have to go to work to make your toilet paper.

  2. Is your make Karan? The virus has a 99.7 survival rate.
    I am suprised your falling for this scam.

    • Liberals are scared because they are weak
      Their Nanny government tells them to be scared so that they can run to Big Brother Government for protection.
      Do the math. Divide the number of over-stated Covid cases and deaths by 320,000,000 and compare these numbers to auto crashes, seasonal flu, and Democrat riots

  3. Masks are for clowns and the liberal democrat sheep that believe the very corrupt very racist hypocrites in the democrat party and media don’t forget the Americans who are the real embarrassment to America HOLLYWOOD DEMOCRATS AND THE LIBERAL RACIST MEDIA ARE OWNED BY CHINA AND PARTNERED UP WITH THE CHICOMS TO DEFEAT AMERICA AND OUR PRESIDENT

    • Charles Darwin | November 18, 2020 at 9:40 pm |

      Kelly you nailed it
      I was standing f in line and a Yankees from Maine was in front of me and fussing at me for not wearing a mask
      He even had the cops try to get me removed
      I told him if he did not shut his Yankees ass up o would kick his bitt so hard he would be pooping through his mouth
      Let the government pose another lock down. They will have an insurrection
      Quarantine the weak. Let nature cull the weak

      • Keep dreaming | November 18, 2020 at 10:51 pm |

        I bet that totally happened ? ?

      • Are you the same guy who harassed the senior?

        • Yeah, I am the same guy that stood up to a yankee,senior,self-entitled, liberal, god-hating, boomer, who was harassing me.
          Just because they come from up north doesn’t mean I think that are smarter. As a matter of fact, I think they are dumber because they messed up the place up north and came down here to bring their politics and want to mess up this place.

      • I was at the Walmart and this 5 year old libtard with a mask was walking around like a snowflake. I drop kicked him down the aisle. Everybody clapped and they gave me a reward for being a badass.

        • Just because someone is a “senior” does not mean they deserve automatic respect.
          Many of today’s seniors were hippies back in the 1960’s. They were spoiled brats that demonstrated the war, did dope, followed Timothy O’Leary, disrespected their elders, and almost ruined this country.
          Now that they are old, their chickens have come home to roost.
          Yes, I also know that not all baby boomers were like this. Some actually fought in the war and served the country like Ripp. I may not agree with his politics but I do respect him for his service and his sincerity.

          • So how did you know that senior was part of that group? I’d guess that group didn’t flock to southern Alabama. You know how you hate being grouped in with millennials? The only way to stop that bullshit is to not continue the cycle.

          • Conservative Gen X’er | November 21, 2020 at 9:24 am |

            If Alabama is 49 out of 50 then why do Yankees flock to Alabama? Why don’t they stay in their northern paradise?
            Also I notice how Yankee liberal boomers never answer for their treason in the 1960’s. Well maybe Jane Fonda did but the rest really did not own up to their antics. This is because their sense of entitlement tells them they don’t have to.

        • ? Harassed you? You said he tried to avoid you and you chased him down ? You’re a cartoon character. Can’t wait for next week’s story.

    • Amen Kelly.
      Keep pushing this COVID crap down the people’s throats. You think the libtards were mad when they threw their temper tantruns? Wait until the really strong people get mad and not the snowflake generation

      • I think “the unleaded generation” is more accurate. You “strong” people are getting a little old in more ways than one.

  4. Ripp you seem like a Biden kind a guy.
    Pee in a seated position?
    Lil tip!!

  5. Francis Ripp | November 19, 2020 at 8:18 am |

    Some of the same people that do not believe Covid is a health risk also do not believe in the Presidential election results or Global Warming. You will show up tonight without a mask. The same people also vote against their best interest, that is why Alabama is dead last in national statistics. The same people could care less about someone else.

  6. Covid is real, but it was used by the Democrats to steal election.
    How could voting against Democrats who support the destruction of American values , support BLM and ANTIFA
    be voting against our best interest? If you don’t like it here you could always move somewhere like CA that is aligned with your views. I can not support a party that has Pelosi, Shummer and AOC as there leaders.
    I don’t understand how you can fight the fraud in Fairhope and not
    see the Democrats have been and doing the same thing to Trump for the last four years that the Council’ did to Wilson.

    • You sound like an alarmist.

    • Trump lost the election, not because of Biden, but because they voted against Trump. That’s why they didn’t get the senate or much of a gain in the house. A lot of people in this country do not agree with how he ran the country. The problem is the lack of choice in our system. Why should I be expected to vote for someone because they say they are a republican? Sometimes the quiet majority favors voting the obnoxious loud minority out. The results show that the majority of voters do not buy that there is a threat of antifa. It shows that the majority of voters are not looking at BLM in a co-intel protocol kind of way. Read the co-intel protocol documents leaked decades ago. It’s a known tactic to focus on the minority of bad actors and minimize the majority of peaceful protesters.

      In America, you can choose where to live. You’re the one who has to deal with it.

      They are “fighting the fraud” by taking it to court and denying that the suit is for anything everyone is screaming about. They are “fighting the fraud” by attempting to interfere by loopholes in Michigan. They get out of court, and start claiming things they never bring up in court.

      Pelosi, etc. are not great, but don’t be blind to what your side is doing.

  7. Lil Tip elon musk said flu stats prove covid is fake news.

  8. Mister tip we are waiting for an election fraud post by the tip.report.
    Dems had 350 percent turnout in many if not all precincts. Is this normal or is that a vienna sausage in your shorts?

    • That’s not what they are claiming in court. Why don’t you stick to what they are claiming in court where the truth matters?

    • Great, so that’s totally easy to prove that in court. Wonder why it’s never brought up in court? Only in press conferences. I think that would be important for their case? Where did you find those numbers? I’d like to see them.

  9. I feel like the covid numbers are b.s.
    False positives like the false election.

  10. “Political Corruption has no place in a civilized society.”

    Does your mantra still apply?

    Or only to Fairhope elections?

    Please explain.

    Enquiring minds…

    • How about you stick to what they say in court. Which is none of what you claim or what they claim OUTSIDE of court. You can claim anything you want outside of court.

  11. Francis Ripp | November 20, 2020 at 9:46 am |


  12. Dear Mr. Ripp,

    You sure opened up a can of worms and started a firestorm with this post.

    • The Mayor received letters and emails from nurses doctors and outraged citizens about her promotion of a “large Public event” during a pandemic. Mayor Sullivan responded to a nurse that they “took Precautions” WTF it was a “large Public Event” where many refused to wear masks. Now we have Thanksgiving and you can bet the same people will disregard safety standards, after that Fairhope has a Christmas parade. Fairhope is a prime target for covid and a super spreader event.

  13. Dear Mr. Ripp will you please refute the republican allegations of election fraud.
    I have been watching the news and have seen zero fraud proven.
    I think everyone just hates Trump and knows he will just lock us down.

  14. Ripp do not comment on voter fraud. There is no evidence of fraud.

    • Francis Ripp | November 22, 2020 at 1:53 pm |

      I will comment on voter fraud, NO evidence has been presented and 32 lawsuits have been dismissed, Biden won 306 plus 6 million popular votes.

    • No evidence of any widespread. None brought to court. None claimed in court. None observed by the Michigan state legislature. None observed in Georgia’s recount and audit. No claim in court in the Pennsylvania lawsuit for widespread fraud. Unless you have a link to some proof or court documents arguing otherwise in which case, fill us in.

  15. Ripp you will need a strait jacket.
    Sidney Powell has your proof.

  16. Thousands of affidavits of widespread fraud witnessed and detailed.
    Dominion servers…real-time details of the votes stolen and given to Trump.
    Millions of dead voters.
    Mister Ripp you seem to have a problem in telling the truth, or at least accepting it.

    • Give me one affidavit that isn’t bullshit. For example, one affidavit gives the voter totals of Minnesota for Michigan’s numbers. Show me the evidence of Dominion software doing that. Why have they not brought it up in court? Why do they, in court, where there are consequences to lying, claim no widespread fraud. They only claim it in press conferences. Why is that?

    • Francis Ripp | November 22, 2020 at 1:54 pm |


    • Stay tuned, lets see how you accept the truth

  17. quote:
    In a move to thwart anti-Trump elements within the Pentagon, acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, who reports directly to the president, says Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will now report directly to him.

    SOCOM oversees the differing spec op forces of the various military branches when they need to work together for a joint operation.

    Keep in mind that President Trump appointed Miller only last week to replace Mark Esper, who collided with the president over his recent decision to pull out of Afghanistan – and, interestingly, Miller’s background is in counterterrorism.

    “I am here today to announce that I have directed the special operations civilian leadership to report directly to me instead of through the current bureaucratic channels,”
    Miller said during an unannounced visit to Fort Bragg, N.C., on Wednesday. “This historic step finalizes what Congress has authorized and directed and will put Special Operations Command on par with the military services for the first time.”

    By putting Special Operations Command only two steps away from the president, it prevents anti-Trump Pentagon officials from muddying the chain of command to block the president, especially when it comes to troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    “Today, the Department of Defense has started the process of formalizing what we have long known the fundamental role of U.S. special operations in defense and foreign policy by elevating special operations forces to a level on par with military departments, as authorized and directed by Congress,” said the current civilian leader for special operations, Ezra Cohen-Watnick.
    Notably, Cohen-Watnick is also the acting Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

    “As we enact these reforms, we follow the vision of President John F. Kennedy, who predicted the rise of special operations nearly 60 years ago,” he added.

    The news, which normally would have gone unnoticed, made waves on social media given current events.

    Some netizens said the move, combined with Miller’s background, may also fall in line with Trump’s 2018 executive order which created a command structure for monitoring and exposing election fraud and foreign interference.

    According to the E.O., the Secretary of Defense, along with other cabinet members, is tasked with reporting to the president “the extent to which any foreign interference that targeted election infrastructure materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, the tabulation of votes, or the timely transmission of election results.”

    There’s also been chatter over the past few years that several spec op branches were being overused or used beyond their intended scope, which likely also factored into Miller’s decision.

    What does this mean ?

    Trump stacked.
    Ripp and communists Fuk’d

    • Why not cite your sources? Probably because you got the quote from infowars. What a reputable source of information. An entertainment talk show about conspiracy theories (That’s how he described it in a court case he lost.)

    • We abandoned the Vietnamese and swore we would never abandon our allies the Kurds and then we cut and ran leaving the Kurds to fight our war, we never learn.

    • Francis Ripp | November 22, 2020 at 2:01 pm |

      Who abandoned the KURDS?

  18. Francis Ripp | November 24, 2020 at 4:35 pm |

    Mayor Sullivan and the City Council got slammed with emails, letters and phone calls from doctors nurses and citizens for the lighting of the trees. Now the Mayor and Council have been pressured to cancel public Christmas parade to a drive by parade. Nice to see concerned citizens speak up.

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