Jack Burrell Fairhope Alabama

The Mayor of Fairhope and the City Council got hammered by the public, medical professionals and first responders over the city’s decision to have a large public gathering for the lighting of the trees.

I must say that it was quite satisfying to see such a response from a community that often is not paying attention to city affairs.


Baldwin County Doctors and Nurses are advising the general public about masks, social distancing, and to avoid large public gatherings.

Our school teachers and administrations are very concerned about the Covid cases in schools. Gatherings of over 8 to 10 are discouraged in restaurants and public places.

Schools may close after Thanksgiving until 2021 if cases keep rising.


Former Mayor Wilson took the unpopular decision to put public safety and health before money:

“This scenario is the last thing I’d want for our City. However, as the City’s Chief Executive, I take the health, welfare and safety of every Citizen and Visitor to this City very seriously. If the status of the virus changes within our state and the State Health Officer issued recommendations that such large events are not held, that will become my position as well. We will be discussing this today during Council Work Session starting at 4:30 and I’ll keep you posted.“

Fairhope modifies Christmas parade, assigns litigation attorneys

Mayor Sullivan decided to “Take a chance”, with safety and health by pushing forward with the lighting of the trees. Mayor Sullivan and Jackass Jack made it worse by making dumb statements.

Mayor Sullivan explained:

“As we found during tree lighting, you can’t rely on adults to do the things they’re supposed to do,” she said. “So, we provide a safe event, but you have to rely on people coming to the event to do the things they’re supposed to. If they don’t, it creates a problem for all of us.”

Mayor Sullivan is Mayor and an adult. It was her decision to “take a chance” and now she wants to blame the adults who brought their children to the event the city sponsored?

The Mayor addressed the crowd without a mask and then was shocked that the people who showed up without a mask would not accept any mask that were provided.

This is not leadership and the Mayor does not deserve all the blame.

The Mayor does have to come to terms with dealing with Jackass Jack, who really is not an adult.

Jack Burrell has been council president for 8 years and his accomplishments as a council person, negotiator and board member has been a failure.

Now as a bullshit artist to the uninformed he gets A.

Jack was re-elected without one person asking him publicly to explain his police record.


Jack is infamous for one blunder after another and most people really do not know Jack.


Mayor Sullivan is going to find out fast that she needs to have her back against the wall when dealing with Jackass Jack. Let’s pray the lighting of the trees does not cause people to contract covid.

Jack’s resume includes FEMA Fraud, Airport bid rigging, the $600.000 clock, $2.65 million for recreation land, K-1 fiasco, Fly Creek Apartments, The Triangle, Economic development for friends, just to mention a few.

Mayor Sullivan and Jackass Jack are now going to decide how they want to spend $6.2 million to be used at the Waterfront Project.

Let’s hope the people that condemned the Mayor and Jack over the lighting of the trees are paying attention to the Waterfront project.


This project, $6.2 million, is driven by citizen participation. Hundreds have already filled out surveys and attended meetings. However, recent quotes by the Mayor and Jackass Jack are totally contrary to the data already received by the surveys. The swimming area and jetty were overwhelming endorsed by the public.

However, since the election, Jack and the Mayor have been making statements that, THEY, do not like either the ADA compliance walkways or bank stabilization.

Pay Attention Fairhope Jackass Jack is the worst negotiator ever and if Mayor Sullivan does not separate herself from him, he will take her down while he pisses away $6.2 million.


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60 Comments on "JACKASS JACK"

  1. Celia Waters | November 27, 2020 at 5:08 pm |

    Didn’t vote for either one. City Council needs total cleaning out and a new mayor found. Same old same old corrupt politicians.

  2. Didn’t vote for any currently in office except the two we didn’t have a choice.

    People who truly pay attention didn’t vote for any of these people either. Every one in it for personal gain. Sullivan and Jackass are vendictive too. They have a lot of people on their list to screw. Mostly citizens.

  3. This COVID crap is getting old
    If you want to hide in your homes the. Come
    Otherwise let the people live their lives. Covid lockdowns do more harm than good
    The election is over. You won. Now let the rest of us live our lives or you snowflakes will see protests from the right that will make you lefties look like the pansies you are

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one who attended the tree lighting will end up dying from Covid. The virus obsession has almost become a religion… when the actual scientific data (the science!) shows the responses have been very harmful overkill.

    • Covid lockdowns are getting old. Let those who are afraid go lockdown themselves. The rest of us are going live our lives
      Someone has to keep society going while the rest of you sissies hide scared
      I have 3 percent chance of catching COVID
      If I catch COVID then I have a 3 percent chance of dying. IF I act like a Democrat and hide in my house then I have a 100percent chance of turning into a pansie
      Stop using COVID as an excuse to control the masses. Some of us who love our freedom see through your crap

    • I agree, CM.

    • Hey CM, I guess you are an expert? How did you make it through the swine flu?
      WE have 36 schools in The Baldwin County School System. Today, there were 248 absences related to Covid….88 just from Fairhope! All you idiots that are griping about the lockdown, most people who agree with everyone getting out and enjoying life. There is nothing terrible about wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. You all want to scream at everyone no matter what they believe. STFU!!! You morons are the ones who ruin our city and watch your children grow up to be just like the pricks you are. Mask, social distancing and washing your hands once in a while ain’t gonna kill you. But heck, I forgot y’all think you’re God! My bad! Call me when your kid get put in jail or gets his nose punched when he is being a smart ass to someone who won’t put up with his crap.

  5. Mister Ripp,
    There is a rumor circulating that since you didn’t get the SOS to come down and oversee the election, theft occured. I beleive there was some sort of hanky panky because why would all the council men get in by 200 votes or less and then Mayro Karin lose 65 to 35 to a “woman” with a high school degree? This makes zero sense. Did fairhope use dominion voting machines like the democrats? It is a question worth asking. Voters deserve to know1!

    • Sherry was popularity contest and CSB Catalyst/Scott Boone caught Fairhope sleeping and the three B’s just slid in. Fairhope is going to pay now.

  6. Jack is going to sue you.
    Be afraid.

  7. I wish I could say that I was surprised! All you dumb asses who say that the covid is nothing to take seriously I would only have to say that the way most people voted in our election are just plain stupid. I guess it’s just a hoax! It’s a insult to say this while at the same time my Doctor’s office will take precautions to make sure that those who have symptoms are handled in a most serious manner. I guess you all are saying that all of our Doctors, Dentists and other health professionals are just plain stupid and that there is no covid 19. Damn sure have a lot of stupid ass people here in Fairhope. Mayor Sullivan certainly has shown us that we will continue to be a bunch of stupid citizens that has shown the rest of the World that we don’t have a lick of sense. Thanks Mayor, you have shown us that you and Jack Burrell are one of the same. You think you are Gods and that everyone here cannot contract COVID-19! Wow! How lucky we are to have y’all as leaders and that you both will guarantee us safety from the virus. Mayor, you can’t be in the position you are in and just expect or hope people will follow guidelines. You need to set an example and LEAD!!!! You may be Jack’s bitch, but you still need to look out for the safety and well being of our citizens no matter who you might want to impress or by trying to be the big dog. Covid or no covid, try leading instead of having you nose up Jack’s ass for a change. You might be able to lay your head on your pillow and for once you might feel proud of yourself by saying “I’ve done a good job and helped people stay safe”. So much for 2020. Do something good and make 2021. Time for you to take a stand against the Assholes in this city and do what’s right. How will the rest of the world as well as our own children judge you after this?

    • For REALLY Real | November 28, 2020 at 8:16 am |

      For Real,
      Hospitals get more money of the cause of death is COVID. No wonder why there are so many COVID deaths
      If you want to be COVID safe then go quarantine yourself
      The rest of us will live our lives. Don’t bother retorting bu saying that we will die
      We have had lockdowns since April and there is still Covid
      Democrats like lockdowns because they like to control the people. Covid had been an excuse
      Now you go into lockdown and stay safe and the government will come and tuck you into bed tonight

      • I guess you are one of those people that was talking about. I’m not locking down. I’m just trying to be safe by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. I can assure you that I’m working everyday and working on projects that requires me go to different stores and meet in person with people. You miss the point about the health and safety of our citizens. No matter if the covid is real or fake, I think there is enough evidence that we all should practice safety when it comes to our health. I guess you would bitch about anything though. Keeps you busy huh?

  8. Rigged elections gace us biden AND cherie sullivan. Wake up !!

  9. Covid Fatigue | November 28, 2020 at 8:27 am |

    I think the Tree Lighting was fine. If you think it was bad then you should have stayed home and stayed safe
    If people want to go out it is their business and their risk. Stop pushing your paranoia on others.
    The real reason for this paranoia is because they want to control others and are overblowing the virus as a cover
    Here are two words for you: COVID FATIGUE

  10. Mr. Ripp I read that total U.S. deaths are less in 2020 than in both 2019 and 2018. Did we have covid during those years and not realize it that we had it then too? Asking for a conservative friend. I am with you by the way–there is zero evidence of fraud in the national election. I thought it was a mandate for change. especially that Joe got more votes than Obama in every swing state and more of the black vote. Strong af.

  11. Johns Hopkins just released data showing there was NO uptick in deaths from 2019…

    • Johns Hopkins didn’t release it. An independent student run newspaper did. It measured percentages of death by cause, not raw death number which is currently 300,000 above average for all deaths for all causes.

    • Gunner is a great example of the problem these days. All he had to do was to search google for something like “johns hopkins covid study deaths”. He would find the explanation for the retraction along with the original article. He then could read the damn article and see that the retraction makes sense and that it doesn’t talk about total deaths. Instead you go to some asshole on tv or the internet and take their word for it.

  12. Jack 4fairhopia | November 28, 2020 at 12:28 pm |

    Biden didnt legitimately get more thsn Obama. Wake the f up.
    Huge fraud in play.

    • 30+ cases dismissed due to lack of evidence. The claims made under oath do not include anything from press conferences, Republican hearings, etc. The big evidence is always “on the way”. Say it in court or it doesn’t mean a thing. You underestimate how many people wanted Trump out of office and the increase in population. Your feelings don’t hold up in court. Do you think Sydney Powell overlooked all the formatting errors, etc in her filing? Well, if the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, she could not draw the case out further and collect more fundraising money. She got you all hyped up about “the kraken” which turned out to be nothing of value in court.

  13. Paul Ripp you will look foolish when Trump is sworn in for a second term. I had no idea you were a communist sympatyzer.

    • Up to 38 cases dismissed due to lack of evidence. Communism isn’t good but neither is a fascist military takeover (which won’t happen) without one bit of evidence. No, hearsay isn’t evidence. No, “what ifs” doesn’t count either. Turns out, “the evidence is coming” isn’t a good court strategy.

    • Sworn on for a second term? Ha ha ha ha ha
      In what alternative universe are you?

    • You are the foolish one.

    • Francis Ripp | December 16, 2020 at 3:20 pm |

      Dumb Ass Biden is President of the United States

  14. RNC chairwoman McDaniel said that “the evidence wasn’t there” for voting irregularities.

  15. Ripp 90 percent of republicans think the election was fraudulemt along with 3t percent of democrats. They quot counting and used mail in ballots to harvest an election for a dementia patiebt. Yiu ate a sad old man.

  16. Rutherford B. Johnson | November 29, 2020 at 3:27 pm |

    Biggest crime in history.

  17. Patriots,

    I have security clearance Q. I am Qnobody. The good username was taken. I don’t know who because he also has security clearance Q.

    I need your help, Patriots. I found Scorecard and Hammers source code but I don’t know how to read code.

    ?? = 39
    ??‍? = 1

    Hammer :

    Your country is counting on you, patriots. This is only the beginning. I’ll leave you with these words.

    Watch the bush wackers.

    I’ll say it again.

    Watch….the bush wackers.

    Stay tuned Patriots.

  18. Ripp thr helicopters are coming.
    Trump’s army descending

  19. Accordinf to mister tip fairhope is corrupt but Amerika is not. Tip get a life.

  20. So Fairhope is a corrupt stinkhole according to you.
    But Biden didn’t steal the presidential election even though he is on tape admitting before he had the most extensive election fraud mechanism in history in place?
    Gee Ripp, pull my other leg. It has balls.

    • Link?

      They should have no problem presenting that in court. What is your problem with the US legal system?

  21. Ripp, someone told me Trump is a woman. Why don’t you address this?

  22. If you don’t like the US court system, you should move to Bolivia.

  23. Remember when Trump claimed in the 2016 race that the election system was rigged? Remember when he refused to investigate anything after he was elected? For 4 years?

  24. Most of you can’t figure out your cell phone. I miss the good old days when using a keyboard and mouse was the barrier to getting on Facebook.

  25. I recently sold my house in Fairhope
    The reason why? The ignorant people that live there
    It’s a shame that this wonderful little town has such a corrupt local government and the locals seem to be to dense to care.
    Let’s hope as more and more educated people move into the town things change

    • Georgia Orwell | December 2, 2020 at 8:27 pm |

      Sad but true. Government corruption has destroyed what was once a wonderful town. It seems that most of the ‘smart money’ that is not tied to Fairhope (because of jobs/businesses) is desperately trying to get out now. I am so torn. I feel that this is the last time that my home will be worth as much, but I hope for the best. Someday the Fairhope Museum will have an exhibit that teaches how greedy and incompetent ‘Christians’ can destroy the quality of life of an entire city within a decade or so.

      • Yep, Georgia, you nailed it.
        As part of three generations I have witnessed this town go down. It’s a shame

    • Yankees are bad | December 3, 2020 at 7:53 am |

      So you sold your house? To whom? Yankees? If so, too bad. Fairhope just went down another notch
      Having a yankee move in next to you is like having a pig farm go in next door. Both bring down the value of the neighborhood

      • Question: What is the difference between a yankee, a sorry yankee, and a damn yankee?

        Answer: A yankee is someone from the north. A sorry yankee is someone from the north and moves down here. A damn yankee is a yankee who moves down here from the north and brings his or her family and friends. This is why our roads are so jammed up. We have sorry and damn yankees driving all over the place.

      • I am from Indianan. Does this make me a bad yankee?

        • It depends on whether you stay and bring others from up
          North with you

          • Santa Barbara | December 4, 2020 at 12:10 pm |

            I moved here from California and brought my grown kids with me. We registered to vote as Democrats. The taxes here are too low. I think Alabama needs to pay more taxes
            Listen to me. I am from California and I know more than you all do

          • You gringos think you know everything.

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