If you live in Baldwin County then you know that local news print is almost non existent. Citizens are at a disadvantage at knowing what the real truth is and politicians are fine with that.

Community engagement or public participation is probably 1 to 3% of the population. Fact is, most councils, Fairhope for one, would be fine with no community engagement or public participation.

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A week after election and some things are the same. In Fairhope, the infamous McSharry, is being represented by no less than BP, Boom Boom Pittman’s brother, James. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Mr Pittman is blaming Lagniappe, the Mayor and attorneys for his client’s actions.


James Pittman is now including the business in which the assault took place, Little Whiskey Christmas Club, to his list of legal intimidation by requesting two years of video footage.


WTH Why doesn’t he look at the video of the assault?

Oh I forgot the Fairhope City Attorney failed to properly file the assault charge.

Three times.

It is now a moot issue. So Pittman now is only defending the intoxication charge. The City attorney has failed numerous times to file the proper documents in the McSharry case.

What’s next?

Him forgetting this all happened while McSharry was on probation?

The Fairhope City Council has yet to address the issue or explain to the citizens of Fairhope how a woman can be assaulted in a downtown business — by a green card holder, and he is allowed to go unpunished.

Why is the city attorney and the city council protecting a green card holder?

Defense attorney for Ronan McSharry seeks two years’ worth of camera footage

The soon to be Mayor of Fairhope, Sherry Sullivan, is making her position very clear, “She would embrace the city’s growth rather than seek any stringent attempts to regulate it”. Her special interest supporters are licking their lips to provide, “affordable housing with limited building requirements”.

The Council, Jack Burrell, will run Fairhope and Sullivan will be his rubber stamp and ribbon cutter. Sullivan won with 17% of the registered voters, something tells me those who chose not to vote in 2020, will show up in 2024.

Baldwin County Commission considers 2021 budget; approves body cam contract

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department just got approval from the County Commission for $662,567.00 for 129 body cameras and related technology. If these funds are tax money, then one would think the video footage should be available to the public. If the footage can be altered, selectively edited or denied to the public, then why would we spend tax dollars on this distorted transparency.

“Sheriff Hoss Mack told the commission Monday cloud-based computing related to the retention of camera footage and other records is one of BCSO’s largest expenses and videos are often stored for several years in criminal cases. Notably, Mack and BCSO have rarely released any body-cam footage to the public, and in July, attorneys for this newspaper and BCSO met at the Alabama Supreme Court to argue whether body-cam footage from the officer-involved shooting death of Jonathan Victor in 2017 is considered public records.

In that case, BCSO was called to the scene of a single-vehicle accident on Interstate 10 after they were told the victim was acting combatively toward first responders. After ordering Victor to drop an item in his hands and comply, BCSO Sgt. Matt Hunady shot Victor with his service rifle, killing him. The item was later determined to be a fanny pack and no weapon was found.”

The Sheriff should be required to make all video public. If the public has to go to the Supreme Court to view any videos, they paid for, then the county commission should reconsider the purchase.

Sheriff Mack already has a special investigative team that investigates themselves.

Now he wishes to use the video footage as a defense of the Sheriff’s department while refusing to release any incriminating evidence related to the BCSO.

Currently four separate incidents involving BCSO have resulted in loss of life.


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25 Comments on "BALDWIN COUNTY"

  1. What can we do? This county is being responsible n by a clique of politicians that are being run by the developers.
    Can you give us any ideas, Ripp?

  2. Other than Ripp and Lagniappe, there is no in-depth journalism here
    Mobile Register and Gulf Coast News are jokes

  3. Celia Waters | September 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm |

    I tried to tell all you were right about the council and Sullivan. No one woildlisten. We needef new council members more than anew mayor

    • Celia, you day we need new council members but we are stuck with them for the next four years
      Catalyst is running the county and will be for quite some time

  4. Member of your nutty catalyst conspiracy | September 6, 2020 at 1:25 pm |

    We own this county. If you don’t like it then move
    It’s that simple

    • Catalysts for Growth | September 6, 2020 at 7:46 pm |

      I too am a supporter of the council and the new mayor. We need growth and lots of it. With all the people trying to move in from the riots, we need more houses. I am a real estate person and somebody is going to make money off this growth. It might as well be me

  5. I’m a relatively new resident of Alabama. I am flummoxed to see members of my city council serving as boardmembers on city boards supervised by the city council. Is this LEGAL in Alabama? (Notice I didn’t ask if it is ethical! I’ve discovered the word “ethical” should not appear in any sentence containing any form a word(s) related to Alabama government.)

    • Wild Wild West | September 7, 2020 at 10:09 am |

      You answered your own question. It may not be ethical but it is legal
      In Alabama we don’t pass laws for ethical reasons but for financial reasons to benefit those who have money and plan on keeping the money. You know the saying that those who have the power make the rules
      Welcome to Alabama. Get in the cliques, run with them, and get some of your own
      Fairhope is now the Wild West in this state
      Yeeeee Hawwww

    • Sniff…Sniff….Sniff…Yes, that’s the smell of all the douche bags in Fairhope. Make you money, do as you wish. We’ll see how you are judge by the only one that matters….? Yes, that’s right…

    • Francis Paul Ripp | September 10, 2020 at 4:45 pm |

      Read Shadow Government Southern Style by Thomas Gallion. Baldwin County is run by total corruption on every level from city council to judicial. In your wildest dreams you could not believe how corrupt some of the council are, but they never miss church.

  6. The council President is a child [email protected]#$er

    • How do you know that, Fredo?
      I don’t agree with all of Burrell’s decisions but you are leveling a very serious accusation. He may be a crook but he may not be what you claim.
      How do you know?

      • I agree about not making such comments. I actually don’t agree with anything or don’t even like the Bastard who treats women of Fairhope like dogs. But I also don’t think Jack Burrell is a child [email protected][email protected] Keep any low life accusations to yourself Fredo, no matter what you think of Burrell or anyone else for that matter.

  7. I say we ought to do what the Democrats do and catch these council people and get the Feds on them. Then prosecute them and send them to prison
    Catalysts are afraid of the Feds

  8. Ripp, You are getting a little slow on your post
    No wonderful Wednesdays? Let’s see if you are going to
    Put up a Freaky Friday
    Don’t make come over and write your posts now

    • I may skip wonderful Wednesday for a while I am working on two murder cases.You will hear about them soon. One is the McAfee case in Belize: Gringo the dangerous life of John McAfee, Showtime. The other is a local case where an innocent man was sent to prison.

  9. The title of your post is Baldwin County. Yet, the entire post is about Fairhope until the end. Is it the whole county you have a problem with or just one city? What about the Daphne runoff? What about the Spanish Fort runoff? Even Magnolia Springs where there was no election because everyone was unopposed? They are all in Baldwin County. Commentary?

    • Your comment illustrates the fact that ALL of Baldwin County lacks real journalism

    • Hungry for Real News | September 11, 2020 at 2:15 pm |

      You seem to be in the know about Baldwin County politics. Please go ahead and start a blog and report in-depth news. I am not trying to be sarcastic. I am asking for some more news sources.
      The Mobile Prejudice Register and Gulf Coast Snooze are not reporting anything of substance. We have to get what little news we get from Lagniappe and Ripp.
      Now if you want to know what is on sale at Winn Dixie then the Mobile Prejudice Register is your go-to source. Ground beef half off – now that is REAL news! Yippee!!!

  10. Embrace the suck

  11. Is anyone at all going to blog, post, type out or whatever you would like to call it… about what happens to our Country 19 years ago. Friday was the anniversary of 9/11 and I don’t see one single mention of it whatsoever. Maybe I misread, I’m sorry if I have. Ripp, take a minute to please pay at least a small comment on what a terrible day that was, how we witnessed countless acts of heroism and how we all came together to put this country back together for the good of mankind….no matter why or how many people are trying to tear this country apart. Let’s be thankful and respectful especially for those who lost their live on 9/11/2001! Thank you

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