Baldwin County has had a reputation of judicial malfeasance, trickery and out right corruption. Citizens read about it in Lagniappe or on line however nothing changes. Some Judges and lawyers feel insulated from any accountability, they are shielded by an inept system that abuses it’s citizens. Ethics laws are designed to PROTECT the very elected and appointed officials that use their positions, to their advantage/

The 18th through the 20th is the estimated time Alabama should peak in the coronavirus. The Fairhope City Council President Jack Burrell, supported by council, just canceled Public Participation.



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Source: rippreport.com/2018/10/19/loser/

Newspapers and Lagniappe are having to scale back their business limiting news coverage. Everybody is distracted, perfect timing for Judicial trickery.

Judge tosses out McSharry’s assault charge – Lagniappe Mobile

Judge tosses out McSharry’s assault charge – Lagniappe Mobile

Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Clark Stankoski dismissed an assault charge against Fairhope restaurant owner Ronan McSharry March 26, one which McSharry pleaded guilty to in municipal court last April. Since that conviction, however, McSharry appealed both the assault charge and a related public intoxication charge to the circuit court. In his order dismissing the …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/judge-tosses-out-mcsharrys-assault-charge/

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This should convince Fairhope voters how CATALYST works.

This case involves Ronan McSherry, who owns McSherry’s Bar in Fairhope.



15 months ago we reported on an incident that should have been resolved in 6 months.

Source: rippreport.com/2020/01/24/bar-stool-continued/

Mr McSherry has a notorious reputation for alcohol related incidents. Arrested multiple times, and on probation from a previous incident, McSherry shoved Paula Dinardi off a bar stool, November 22nd 2018. The assault was captured on film.



Corruption has many faces. In Fairhope the local arrest of a bar owner, Ronan McSharry, drew little more than a paragraph of coverage and little or no print media has covered the story. FAIRHOPE, Ala.

Source: rippreport.com/2018/11/30/barstool/

Baldwin County Circuit Judge Clark Stankoski, who “requested” to hear the case, dismissed the most serious charge, which is on video, of assault, which McSherry already plead guilty to in municipal court.

The incident happened in November 22 2018, since that time the case has been put off time and time again. A common practice in Baldwin County the longer the case takes the less attention it gets. Lawyer John Beck, for McSherry has accused the Mayor, Lagniappe, attorney’s and your’s truly, claiming McSherry’s actions are “politically motivated”. Beck parted ways with McSherry? Why?

McSherry’s next lawyer, James Pittman, brother of boom boom Pittman, issued subpoena’s to all the above and Judge Stankoski partially granted Pittman’s subpoena. He ruled that the “State’s shield law

does protect the newspapers sources, but does not protect the information they provide”. This is a very odd ruling as the shield laws have have been litigated countless times, contrary to Stankoski’s ruling.



15 months ago we reported on an incident that should have been resolved in 6 months.

Source: rippreport.com/2020/01/24/bar-stool-continued/

The assault charge, Stankoski dropped was based on the fact that the municipal attorney, Marcus McDowell, failed to amend the charge of assault, to include: ”did cause bodily harm”, on the Fairhope charging document. It seems a year went by and McDowell failed to amend the original complaint. If you believe this I have some stock in a gold mine in Belize that you may be interested in investing in.

Here is the Backstory. McDowell, unsuccessfully represented Burrell when Burrell as council president denied me the ability to speak at a city council meeting. Burrell is best buddies with McSherry. So we are to believe that McDowell forgot for over a year, as city prosecutor, to amend the assault charge? Now, all those delays seem to be part of a larger plan. McDowell should be fired, but wait the council would have to do that, and he is their lawyer???

McSherry has not spent a day in jail and has been to Fairhope municipal court multiple times. Municipal Judge Snedeker accepted McSherry’s guilty plea and sentenced him to 180 days in jail and credited him with two months he :allegedly” spent in re-hab.

The intoxication charge is pending and Diniardi has filed a civil charge against McSherry. Judge Stankoski is presiding over the civil case as well. What’s the next trick?

Four years ago we elected a new Mayor and council. The Mayor wanted a fresh start and a new city attorney as well as a municipal judge. The CATALYST council wanted the old “established” attorney and judge. Since that time both Judge and Attorney have been embroiled in several highly political issues, where their loyalties were clearly in favor of the CATALYST council, not the citizens of Fairhope.



PODCAST LIVE TODAY – Old Battles Place will have 94 units and now THE “CORRIDOR OF CHAOS”. 232 Apartments, 77 single family houses and 16 commercial units.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/10/11/corridor-of-chaos/

This next election Fairhope needs a new council. With a new council the City attorney and Municipal Judge, appointed positions, can be replaced.

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26 Comments on "JUDICIAL TRICK"

  1. Fairhoperetired | April 18, 2020 at 1:45 pm |

    They do you dirty in fairhope.
    It’s a shame. You are the only one who beats them mister ripp.

    • Melvin Tatum | April 18, 2020 at 6:16 pm |

      Time to settle the score. All the nw people who moved in will vote the council out. It’s the old dumb farts that keep putting catalyst in there. How many of these jokers are running? somebody find out and report back. Thx

      • The people who just moved in are too busy working overtime trying to pay for their over priced houses and aren’t keeping up with what is going on
        With this, the catalyst slate will go back in unless we identify who are the crooked catalysts

        • The 5 council women are all catlists. Blee dat.

          • Truth Teller | April 20, 2020 at 9:24 am |

            Tell us something we do not know
            As for me I am spreading the news about Catalyst to everyone I know
            I want this to spread and get back to the candidates so that if a politician uses Catalyst he or she will have to answer for it when the elections come
            Catalyst will be a liability. I asked one politician why he used Catalyst and he got defensive, squirmed first an answer, and tried to say it was just a way to make contacts.
            To the Catalysts, are you taking notes on this?

  2. Ripp exposes the good ole boy corruption
    He is fearless. Ripp, aren’t you afraid that somebody in the Catalyst group will want to shut you up?
    I mean, you have made lots of the crooked people mad and I bet you have been threatened

  3. I am jealous that I don’t have a judge in my own pocket like the Catalysts do.
    If you can’t beat them then join them
    I am going to swear my allegiance to Cayalyst
    Who should I go to? Daddy Boone? Burrell? Mack? Stankowski?
    Somebody please tell me

    • R.T Bishop | April 19, 2020 at 7:06 am |

      Bypass council.
      Pay judge.

    • Lloyd Funchess | April 20, 2020 at 12:37 pm |

      Today is the ten year anniversary of the bp oil spill. Trip got away with $750k.
      Quite the haul. I know yiu haven’t forgotten mister ripp!

  4. No question City attorney,Marcus McDowell, is corrupt. He only works for council.

    The city atty before McDowell, Tutt Wynn, got McSharry off years ago. Same firm, same judge Snedicker.

    They’re all getting paid off to let McSharry continue to beat up women!

    • Once again, the Catalyst virus may be asymptomatic in most of the population
      However in other cases the Catalyst virus can present itself in the form of granting immunity to certain people of the population
      This is why some people can evade legal consequences while others get full onset and need critical care

      • Quarantine the sick not the healthy
        We need to go to work to pay our bills
        Come May I hope the masses rise up and take to the streets and go bs k to work to keep society running
        Let those who can’t work stay quarantined and let those who can work go to work
        Stop this insanity

      • Francis Ripp | April 20, 2020 at 2:46 pm |

        I hope Fairhope takes Dr. Fauci’s advice

    • Is cherie sullivan still running? She is some high fallutin position in town.
      I dou t her candidacy.

    • A good attorney from outside the system could clean that filthy court out. Fairhope is playing a dangerous game with mcslurry. Risk mgmt. The city is tangled in this mess!

  5. dumbfounded | April 18, 2020 at 6:14 pm |

    This is another very disturbing development. I guess everyone is running for reelection?
    Jesum Petes.

    • If they use Catalyst then they will win

      • If they use Catalyst they will be outed
        Some of us will be watching their SOS reports and seeing where their money is coming from and going to
        They can disguise their payments and delay their payments like the judges did last election. We will be watching to see what they do

    • If so may they all lose

  6. Appeal the case.
    The judge is compromised.
    He is dirty. Like the rest in nohope.

    • Get the Facts | April 20, 2020 at 9:15 am |

      Case was appealed and mcsharry was tried and convicted in lower court. He never plead guilty in lower court. More sensationalist BS from the Lamenaippe add rag.

    • It’s not that he is compromised. He is OWNED by the Catalyst Kabal

  7. Not anonymous | April 20, 2020 at 9:34 am |

    I hope you folks realize that Catalyst monitors this site and sees these responses. They can trace IP numbers To who writes these
    They find out who is writing these.

    • Ok. Feel free to comment and tell me the ip address of this website’s server. Or you can tell everyone what company owns this server?

    • Francis Ripp | April 20, 2020 at 2:44 pm |

      They know what I am writing, and will continue until CATALYST is dissolved.

    • To be more clear. No, you can’t.

      1. No one’s IP address is visible on here. No site would do that. It serves no purpose.

      2. An IP address alone cannot identify you. You can get a court order for an IP address and At&t, Verizon, etc. can identify the location for the court.

      3. This WordPress server is intentionally setup to not have any knowledge of your true IP address. Even if the site were to be hacked, no true IP addresses are attached to any comments.

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