Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely

Between 1837 and 1869, he was known as Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet. He is perhaps best known for the remark, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

There will be no Golden Key for Fairhope. Special interests now have total control. Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting did a good job of running what turned out to be a popularity contest, Wilson lost.


Sherry Sullivan is the new Mayor and she will enjoy a honeymoon time before being sworn in. One thing I hope resonates with her is that the three B’s have been running the show and Jack is the king B.

Jack will remain Council President and continue to run the show. He is not going to give up that position. Sherry had better be prepared because the council will have a well laid out plan before her honeymoon is over.

The percentage of voters that decided the elections was 17% of the registered voters, or 58% of the 33% who voted. No matter the winner, Fairhope should be ashamed at such a low turnout. Qualifications meant nothing in the race, it was a popularity contest and those that supported Sherry supported the 3 B’s. Once in office qualifications are necessary because the lack of, will put Sullivan at a disadvantage dealing with a council and city attorney that is used to getting their way.

I do wish Sherry all the luck in the world and would like to suggest that she not become the council’s “Rubber Stamp”.

Sherry will inherit many issues that the council created and many more she is not aware of.


Lawsuits were all but eliminated during Wilson term, except for a couple that the council keep kicking down the road, now the road ends at Sherry’s desk.

Another issue the council has ignored and the city attorney is trying to make disappear is the McSherry case. As the new Mayor, Sherry will need to address the issue or accept the blow back from women of the community.


Sherry’s biggest problem will be the three B’s. They will feel empowered and will consider their past transgressions are no more than water under the bridge. If Sherry ignores the continued corruption of the 3 B’s. It will be her undoing.


Sherry Sullivan is the new Mayor of Fairhope I wish her well and sincerely hope the City Council treats her with respect that a Woman and Mayor deserve. It has been absent the last four years.

The Ripp Report followed the Cant administration for ten years and the Wilson Administration for four. We fully intend to do to cover Fairhope and Baldwin County for years to come. I know that is a disappointment to some and that encourages me to continue exposing corruption in a target rich environment of BALDWIN COUNTY.