The Fairhope Mayor and acting Mayor Burrell are moving at lightning speed to replace Robert Brown’s seat on the City Council, before any citizens can say a word.

The next Fairhope City Council meeting March 8th is going to start with one of the best examples of how CSB, CATALYST, Scott Boone Consulting and the good ole boys, SELECT not ELECT public officials from City Councils, Judges, District Attorneys and even the Sheriff. At the same time they will tell ya they are all Christians.

Baldwin County has a history of fixing elections, sometimes by making appointments and giving the citizens no choice. Monday night you are going to witness a no shame Council and Mayor tell you to your face, GO TO HELL, this is how we do things in Baldwin County.


Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

1. Appointment of Council member Place 4

2. Oath of Office - The Honorable Jody E. Bishop, Circuit Court Judge, 28th Judicial Circuit (Baldwin County), State of Alabama

3. Approve minutes of 22 February 2021 Regular City Council Meeting, minutes of22 February 2021 Work Session, and minutes of 22 February 2021 Agenda Meeting.

4. Report of the Mayor 5. Public Participation - Agenda Items - (3 minutes maximum)

Public Participation is AFTER the Oath, If this does not wake up people in Fairhope as to how absolutely unethical, and corrupt CSB and this Council is then they deserve what they get.

Jack Burrell is giving Fairhope the finger and the Mayor and Council, directed by CSB, are going to SELECT not ELECT who THEY want and the hell with anyone else that ran for office.

“I reached out to [Place 2 City Councilman Corey Martin] and my basic premise is ‘let’s choose from the people who ran,” Gammon said. “It sort of irks me. If you hold a public office you have every right to resign, but I think every other candidate ran a campaign with the intent to serve a full term if elected. We had a lot of qualified candidates and even if [the City Council] isn’t choosing from those whose did run, what’s the metric we are using to choose a replacement?”

Fairhope is being run by CSB because it was CSB who put them in office. Fairhope is going to pay big time for the corrupt officials they elected. Mayor Wilson is history and she was the closed door between the good ole boys, CSB and out right corruption. The door has been taken off its hinges.

Fairhope made a fatal error by electing Jack Burrell, who is well known for his police report, bid rigging, denying free speech and bulling women, now Jack is adding to his list, fixing an election. He has the dubious reputation of being the most corrupt public official in Baldwin County, hands down.

Robert Brown quit, that was the plan, LAST YEAR, he bought his family property in July LAST YEAR, while he was campaigning for office.

He listed his Fairhope home on MLS in January.

Brown then acts like nobody knows he is lying.

The plan was hatched during the election, to replace Brown, after the election, with jay Robinson, who chose not to run for office. The citizens of Fairhope of course did not know the plan.

Why in the hell would you appoint someone who did not want to serve another term?

Mr Robinson has tarnished what little reputation he had by agreeing to deceive the citizens of Fairhope.

He was selected for one reason, his vote on the council and his ability to lick the boots of Jack and CSB.

It takes a willing partner like Jay, an attorney, to “fix” or circumvent democracy, that is why he has been, SELECTED NOT ELECTED.