Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting, CSB, and “acting” Mayor Burrell along with the “actual” mayor are going through their honeymoon, and I mean honey. Since Robert Brown quit, Burrell has been on fire to replace him with Jay Marblemouth Robinson who did not seek re-election.


In Baldwin County they like to select rather than elect. Burrell, Sullivan and Boone are now paying back CSB and their backers.

Fairhope is being lied to and manipulated by a council and mayor ignoring their oath to the citizens. The entire political infrastructure of Fairhope is dominated by CSB, elected or selected, they have total control.

What is more important than Mr Brown quitting and lying about why, is, what else are they lying to you about. The Conservation Easement, the Waterfront project, utilities, K-1?

This is just the honeymoon and Jack and Sherry are just beginning to pay back CSB, at Fairhope’s expense.

“Jack Burrell said no one has forwarded their name of a replacement to City Clerk Lisa Hanks”

Brown quits and walks away on a Monday night, without any notice and Jack, the next day, says so far nobody is interested in the position, so at the next meeting, he will make the decision, for us.

Jack is going to give Fairhope a lesson on who is in charge.


“I don’t think anyone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes,” Gammon said. “But there are a lot more questions than answers and I just want to make sure everything is done in the open and is transparent. We have 60 days to appoint someone so why rush something when you don’t have to?”

“wool over your eyes”, that is being to polite. How about a calculated corrupt cabal of people that put their interests before anyone else, CSB. To CSB holding office is the avenue to self interest.

Fairhope had better wake up before it is swallowed whole, by CSB.

Robert Brown purchased the “family” property in July of 2020 with an appraised value of 1.6 million, now that is honey.

This was DURING the elections.

The probate filing number is 1845773. Look it up yourself and next time ya see Brown, Boone or Sherry ask them about it.

So Jay choose not run, Robert quits and Jay goes back in. Sweet little plan. That is called selection not election.

Brown knew the whole time he was moving out of town.

Do ya really think Jack, Boone and Sherry did not know about CSB?

How long will the honeymoon last?

Robert Brown City Council Fairhope