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The Fairhope City Council that served during the last cycle, 2016/2020 was the least productive of any council in recent memory. Most of the council,3 B’s, used their public office for personal gain.


This council is starting out even worse and a prediction I made before the election, that Robert Brown would not serve out his elected term, is now a reality. He QUIT.


Mr Brown announced Monday night that he was resigning from office, however what he actually did was quit. When a person resigns from office or a job they give a notice, 2 weeks or a month. Mr Brown quit, no notice, no notice of time, no real explanation. He quit, announced it was his last meeting, color me and my bible gone!

Minute 23;30/32;00 and 147:55/150:00

Council President Jack Burrell announced the “resignation” is effective immediately and admits that he knew about the possibility of Mr Brown leaving the council for a couple of months or several months. Then in closing he says that he knows that this announcement, “is a shock to everyone”. The council did appear to be a bit shocked, but who knows? Quitting after only serving 5 months, B.S.

Mr. Brown quit , then in the same breath he recommends Jay, Marblemouth, Robinson, who was the only councilman NOT to run for office this cycle. So Brown quits and recommends someone who did not run for re-election, WTH. Sounds stupid and it is why some people refer to Fairhope as Fauxhope. The silent majority of Fairhope is soundly asleep.


When Council President Burrell was all for Marblemouth and never mentioned any other individuals, or any of the candidates that ran for City Council in the last election, as a possibility of filling the vacancy. The fix is in, some people are speculating that this plan was hatched before the last election, under the direction of CSB. Read that last sentence again, please.

Some people believe maybe Brown’s Ethics complaint caught with him so he bailed as to avoid any formal action. I for one do not have any faith in the Ethics Commission doing the right thing, I would love to be wrong.

I will bet anyone 1000 dollars that in the next couple of weeks we will find out Brown and Burrell are lying. I know a little more than I am telling you, because I want to see the news trickle out, from citizens, that is if they wake up.


This has CATALYST/SCOTT BOONE CONSULTING, CSB, dirty hands all over it. Jack Burrell will tell you who will fill Mr Browns seat, CSB will tell Jack, and the bobble head council will kiss Jack’s ring.

The Council should have a woman to replace Mr. Brown, however the way Burrell treats women, and his ego, there is little chance that would happen, without strong public support. In any case the citizens of Fairhope should have a voice in who is to be their next councilman.

In 4 years the citizens of Fairhope are going to see the effects of “embracing development” and the traffic that comes with it. The Mayor has already pledged to “embrace development”. That was the price the developers and CSB, are charging the Mayor for their support, as well as her letting Burrell call all the shots, while she is relegated to cutting the ribbons and giving out vanity awards.

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  1. Brown had to step down because he moved south of town. What’s so shady about this?

    • Francis Ripp | February 27, 2021 at 7:44 am |

      Read it again this not how you go out of office after being elected to serve the people, more to come.

      • Ripp, he knew he was moving even before the election. What’s shady about this the person asks. Well it not be shady to him but when you misrepresent (LIE) about not planning to live in town knowing that even before the election that is BS. Stupid person saying “nothing shady about that”. Dumb Dumb Dumb! Probably Brown wrote that! How stupid do you have to be! Geeze

  2. Why not investigate election integrity?
    All elections are rigged. Except Karen’s first. Because they couldn’t
    do what they always did before. They have a new way now.

    • Yep. Catalyst does tamper with elections. I saw it first hand in Fairhope and in Daphne. When the voters play checkers these guys are playing chess. You need to get poll watchers out to the polls to see how these guys work. Stacy left a legacy when he trained today’s political kabal how to run elections. Scott Boone is not a stupid as you all think he is

  3. People need to understand. He knew be was moving outside the city limits BEFORE he ran for reelection.
    He is guilty of using his office foe personal gain with the Rec Center. Maybe it will come out one day. But AL Ethics are crooked too.

    • Francis Ripp | February 28, 2021 at 7:26 am |

      He knew as early as July 2020, Burrell and CSB were lying to the citizens during the election process, this is what “old” Fairhope elected, they ate the whole apple and now see it was rotten.

      • Burrell lying??? Of course not! Hell, he has to tell 2 lies every time he opens his mount. Step one….Lie…Step 2….lie about the lie you just told

  4. If he recently moved he can still be councilman until he runs again.

  5. Dear Ripp,
    How do we get out the word to the voters of Fairhope about how crooked this Council is?
    My family has been in this town for five generations and it grates me to see how Burrell has moved in here and declared it “his town.” He and the rest of the council needs to be tossed out on their cans

  6. Robert made 2 or 3 million off fairhope.

  7. Stolen elections have consequences

  8. honest graft in fairhope. nobody ever goes to jail. remember trip pittman?

  9. If Robert made two or three million, how much has Burrell made?
    Or maybe Boone?
    LOL. What a joke.

    • No Clancy, it is NOT a joke. These crooks are stealing our town and our future. When they have stolen from Fairhope then they will move out just like Robert Brown from your hometown has.
      What IS funny is that these guys can actually sleep at night as they laugh at the gullible voters who put them in office. Deep down these crooks are indeed laughing at the idiocy of the voters

  10. termlimits | March 1, 2021 at 6:15 am |

    Thinking back about the municipal election in fairhope…why did each council man barely win and then Karin got blown out? Thinking about that it makes little sense. If everyone wanted to get rid of Karin so bad then why didn’t it reflect in the council races also? Burrell is hated by most people I know. None of this makes any sense to me and everybody knows that development is out of control. Does Fairhope use Dominion voting systems? Who watches what goes on with respect to voting and machines, etc.??

    • It is HOW they do the elections. First, they run at large so no one district can bring a more local person. Second, they KNOW who will be voting for them through public election records. Remember, Dane Haygood was a computer major at Georgia – he brought with him a polling program that he teamed up with Stacy and Elliot that formed Elliot, Haygood, and Stacy.
      Third, they can stack the deck on election day. Which is why they move the election places around. Notice how the election polls are placed conveniently? They know who their supporters are: real estate people and new residents who don’t know the history. Those that will show up at these polls will more likely vote for Catalyst candidates.
      Fourth, notice who the poll watchers are.
      You got to hand it to Catalyst. These people are SMART. They read Ripp and then they can pretty much find out who the people who make comments (like me) are. They watch speech patterns, writing styles, and then they can assemble who it is that are friends or foes.

      • Francis Paul Ripp | March 2, 2021 at 7:12 am |

        Very astute Watcher, you nailed it,in Baldwin County you are not elected but selected and that goes for the sheriff, district attorney and judges.

  11. I see Scott Boone as a not so smart person. What happens when he is sent to prison? A felon.

    • Anonymous | March 2, 2021 at 7:38 am |

      None of the Catalysts will go to jail. They are too smart. Besides as Scott Boone once said: “I represent every sitting judge in the county.” This is pretty much like Tammany Hall.

    • Citizens, citizens, citizens | March 2, 2021 at 10:40 am |

      Don’t think that Scott Boone is stupid. He is smart – very smart.

  12. What are the requirements\laws for filling a vacant council position? Why wouldn’t the city have a special election? Shouldn’t the voters of Fairhope decide?

  13. Enlightened | March 2, 2021 at 10:50 am |

    Fairhope voters are too hypnotized by the flowers on the sidewalks and being so self important that they live in Fairhope. They will brag to their friends who live in Mobile that their poop don’t stink with an overflowing sewer plant then work two or more jobs to pay for the high price of housing in the town.
    How can they take the time to see what is happening to the town when they are too busy pulling double shifts then convincing themselves that they are in Paradise?
    Hey Fairhopers, how does it feel that your taxes have been jacked up, your housing is over priced, your streets are clogged, you cannot even get in to see a doctor, your town is corrupt, but you can still say you live in Fairhope?
    Do you all realize that the rest of this area is beginning to laugh at you?
    I live north of Bay Minette and I can see the stars at night and I do not have to pack a lunch to go to lunch up here. Sure, we don’t have all the fancy restaurants up here but we don’t have to pay $7.00 for a sandwich just because it has a slice of avocado on it (snicker).
    Now who are the idiots? Don’t move up here – we are fine and don’t need your “enlightenment.”

  14. Jr Woodchuck | March 2, 2021 at 6:28 pm |

    Sad. Too late to wake up. Greed and the GOB will sell your soul as theirs is already purchased. Fairhope is an illusion for the newcomers.

  15. Trip is still pissed about not getting the debris pickup contract. Sad.

  16. anonmarlow | March 3, 2021 at 8:06 am |

    Yesterday it took me forty minutes to get from the light at fairhope avenue to the interstate. Airport Boulevard???

  17. Locust Grove | March 3, 2021 at 11:34 am |

    When and where is the new high school being built? I heard it will be for the lower class of fh

    • I heard that too. It will probably be called Fairhope East – for those who bought the cookie cutter houses bade of balsa wood in the Truland and DR Horton Housing Projects.

  18. Uncle Henri | March 3, 2021 at 12:52 pm |

    As to baby boone’s intelligence.
    Rigging requires how much smarts and how much stupidity? Give it some thoughts.

    • Anonymous | March 3, 2021 at 4:43 pm |

      Rigging elections may not take much smarts but getting away with it takes lots of smarts.

  19. So was robert the jester?

  20. Toadstool Ted | March 4, 2021 at 7:08 am |

    Always the jester. Forever the miscreant fool

  21. Anonymous | March 4, 2021 at 8:30 am |

    The Jester quit because he made enough money so he leaves while he is on a high note. The others have to get a bit more money before they will have enough so they will need to stay on for a bit longer

  22. Mean Green FH | March 4, 2021 at 3:49 pm |

    Karen and Trump were stolen.

    • Anonymous | March 4, 2021 at 4:36 pm |

      There is about the same amount of evidence for those claims. So you may be on to something. You should go raid city hall.

  23. Baby Boone taking pictures of me holding up vote for Karin sign
    I believe I was Targeted inside civic center
    Guy tripping on nothing as I walked down the steps to register inside, a cat ear woman replaced someone checking me in, and the circling shark volunteers giving the heads up when I turned in voter form
    Bullying and intimidation is exactly the good ole boy mentality!
    Beyond obvious
    Dirty people pretending to be above the law

    • Oh yes, I had Boone photograph me when I was campaigning for Karin too. You see, these guys are not just working to win elections, they are running a political machine. This machine is depending on MILLIONS of dollars in development, land sales, real estate transactions, taxes, and the passage of local laws. This area is so under rapid growth that money is flying at hypersonic speed. This Catalyst group that had its birth in 1978 under the late Lynn Stacy has morphed into a political machine that has its reach all the way to Montgomery. It tried to reach to Washington with Hightower, but Jerry Carl beat Hightower.
      You see, Catalyst is great county wide. If an election is at-large, Catalyst will win that election 90% of the time. But when you get to the local district level (which is why Fairhope’s Council places are at-large and not in districts) then yo will see Catalyst is not that strong.
      Also, Catalyst is still a bit nascent ( Dear Scott Boone, “nascent” means newly formed or unstable – we know you read this site along with your uh, associates) at the state and federal level. Think about when Hightower ran for Governor at he statewide level and lost. Also Byrne lost.
      You see, there are people who are watching Catalyst other than Ripp and Harry.

  24. Baptistproud | March 5, 2021 at 7:19 am |

    Robert is a good man. Church going man.
    A christian.

    • Method Acting | March 5, 2021 at 12:25 pm |

      You must be joking, Baptistproud. These Catalysts have been leaning on religion for their political careers. Do you REALLY think they are Christian? They go to church so that they can be seen in church. Heck, one of them even leads a Bible class to play the act – talk about really getting into your acting character…
      When it comes to money and greed, watch these actors break character and forget their lines.

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