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The council denies they knew anything about Robert Brown purchasing his ”family” property July 21 2020. Once it was made public and on the record, Council President Burrell got all tongue tied trying to defend his railroad nomination process. He contradicts himself numerous times and ends up with one of his episodes of gibberish.


Without any public participation the Fairhope City Council President, Jack Burrell, decided who would be the next councilperson and publicly declared that, “I made the decision.”

The reason for no public participation was so there would be no objections, questions or facts discussed in public.

The decision to “select”, Jay Robinson was made well before Brown quit.

After the oath of office and no public participation, Council person Cory Martin, new to the council, said during council comments, that he “apologized for the lack of public participation.” What the council did was not illegal; however, it was not ethical at all. The selection of Robinson should be a red flag as to how this council operates.

They take their orders from special interests while suppressing free speech and public participation. Burrell is well known for his denying the public the ability to speak, that was confirmed in Federal Court, Jay Robinson a lawyer was on the council at the time, and said nothing.

This cost the city thousands of dollars.


The council seat in question, pays $11,500 a year but the cherry on top is full family insurance, something no employees have. In the case of Robinson, a family of 6, the value of such insurance far exceeds the salary. It would be safe to say such insurance would be around $1000 to $1200 a month. With 42 months remaining in the term that would be $40,000 plus. That would make the council seat have a value of around $80,000 to $100,000 dollars. Nice raise for a family of 6. The council did not want to discuss that. Another fact is Jay Robinson and his wife and the Mayor are long time best friends, something else the council did not want to discuss. I guess it is all in who you know and how far you can bend over. The hell with any conflict of interest and a few pesky lies.


“In July of 2020, there was a lot going on. We were in the middle of a pandemic and my wife was pregnant with our fourth child and my wife has a history of health scares. There was a lot for me to contemplate and with so many uncertainties at that time, I didn’t feel comfortable making the commitment to serve in this position. It’s been eight months since then and in that time I have a healthy and gorgeous 5-month-old girl, a healthy and happy wife, and we’ve adjusted to life as a family of six. We have a very comfortable work-family balance.” Jay Robinson, after being sworn in.

It just so happens that at the exact time Robert Brown purchases the “Family”, property, July 2020, Jay announces he is not running and offered only the generic exit explanation of “spending more time with his family”.

Now he has a bigger family but wants his old job back, without being elected!

Jay Robinson and Robert Brown Fairhope Alabama


The Fairhope Mayor Pledged to “embrace development”, with that comes special interests and they are represented by CSB, Catalyst/Scott Boone. Scott Boone’s father sits on the council as the liaison to CSB. Jay replaces Robert to insure the council has not lost a CSB vote. Jack continues to make uneducated decisions, denying public participation on important issues, manipulates the council agenda, and lying to the citizens of Fairhope.

Jack will continue to do so, as long as the citizens of Fauxhope remain living in an alternative reality.

In the next 6 months do not be surprised to see some key employees of Fairhope dismissed, fired or retired. They are in the way of special interests, CSB.