It defies logic that a former BP executive is going to lecture Fairhope citizens about contamination of the Mobile Bay.

Are the citizens of Fairhope suppose to forget about the fact that he personally oversaw the BP “cleanup”?

Is he that SLICK or is it his “good Vibes”?

The BP guy on the paddle board seems to be living up to BP standards. He is blocking comments on his Facebook page.

This is a clear violation of FREE SPEECH and a perfect example why people have such bitter feelings towards BP.


This comment was taken down within a couple hours of being posted on the BP paddle board page.

Lesley PaceyTue, Jul 28, 7:28 PM (12 hours ago)

Mayor Karin Wilson already started the process to revamp the aging sewage system in Fairhope – something that would not have been done without her pushing for change. She is relieved that ADEM and the state attorney general is mandating improvements that she started because city leaders can no longer look the other way while they pollute our bay. Her heart is in the right place. That being said, I find it very disingenuous that someone who by his own admission was one of a select few BP employees to be appointed to head the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster cleanup is suddenly an environmentalist. Where was your concern for Fairhope and Mobile Bay during the oil spill when BP dumped nearly 2 million gallons of Corexit dispersant on the Gulf of Mexico?

As we now know, Corexit made the oil 52 times more toxic. It causes damage to all organs of the body, wreaks havoc on neurological systems and causes cancer. The oil spill sparked a massive health crisis all along the Gulf Coast and these health effects, exacerbated by BP’s unprecedented use of Corexit and deliberately putting cleanup workers, response personnel, residents and tourists in harm’s way to save face and reduce fines is unconscionable. I know many who are sick and who have died as a result of their exposure. These folks were lied to, told it was safe, denied PPE because of how it looked and families were told the beaches were open for business. I have no patience for this. Let’s talk about that for awhile.

Sincerely, Lesley Pacey

Another post that the guy on the paddle board deleted, within minutes, read as follows:

“Correct me if I’m wrong didn’t BP cause the greatest environmental disaster in US history and changed with gross negligence. Corexit was used during cleanup that you are so proud to be a part of.

Negatively affecting millions of gulf coast citizens”.

So the ultimate cover your ass move is to come up with a pledge that eliminates free speech. The Fairhope “good Vibes” Pledge, craps all over Free Speech.

John Manelos City Council

This Pledge is nothing more than a mask meant to conceal, any past history, of those running for office. It eliminates any mentioning of past bad acts or police reports, candidates and incumbents have in their closet.


Please read this while on a paddle board, with wine, while listing to a Jimmy Buffet song, at sunset.

Fairhope “Good Vibes” Pledge?

In this climate of toxic political discussion, where positive ideas are so often lost in a barrage of personal attacks, imagine a world in which candidates running for public office spoke only about their accomplishments, their positions on issues important to their constituents, and their visions for the future. We have an opportunity to do that in Fairhope right now!

Four candidates are vying for election as Fairhope’s Mayor. In his Lagniappe interview, candidate John Manelos said, “I am running a positive campaign and will not say anything negative about our current mayor or any other candidate.”

Sherry Sullivan declared her candidacy a few days later and issued the same pledge.

I have not yet heard those pledges echoed by Incumbent Karin Wilson or the fourth person in the race, Annette Sanders. I hope they will both do that soon – in the Lagniappe and elsewhere in the public media.

If this dream of focusing on issues, not character assassination, is to succeed, it must begin right away. Sadly, just days after the full slate was announced, vitriolic, slanderous claims began appearing online– not written by the candidates themselves, but by their partisans.

So I would hope that all candidates would add one more sentence to their pledge: “Not only do I pledge to personally run a positive, issue-based campaign, I will also publicly repudiate anyone who engages in the practice of attack, innuendo and insults of my opponents in a misguided effort to support me.”

Now, before the cries of “FREE SPEECH!” begin, let me emphasize that voluntarily agreeing to run a clean campaign is NOT a violation of free speech. And no one is claiming that the Constitution doesn’t guarantee everyone’s right to behave like a horse’s … whatever in the name of “helping” your candidate.

But a candidate pledging to stay above the fray—while encouraging others to fling mud on your behalf– obviously violates the spirit of honest, civil debate. And letting your most fervent followers know that you don’t want that kind of “support” would reduce the ugliness significantly.

We have several intelligent, dedicated candidates running for Mayor. Whomever you support, please let them know that you also support their participation in this Fairhope “Good Vibes” Pledge.

Think about it folks what is it “good Vibes” does not want exposed? Hey “good vibes” read this, it is what happens when you deny Free Speech.


This is what happens when you deny or alter Free Speech:


So lets walk on eggs and not discuss the BP history, BP Fraud, or how Alabama is number one in political corruption?

What about the 3B’s and Scary Sherry all being CATALYST.

Here is the Ripp Report Pledge:

I am going to tell everyone, who will listen, the truth. I am going to expose corruption, CATALYST/ Scott Boone, the good ole boys, backroom deals and the most nasty corrupt politicians to ever be elected to office. I am going to send a message to women, VOTE OUT the BULLIES OF WOMEN, Burrell Boone and Brown. I am going to expose those who trample on Free Speech, like the BP paddle board guy with “good Vibes”. I am going to document complaints and I will never F—–g give up until the good ole boys, the status quo, are shoved out the door.

If you are looking for “Good vibes”, then get on the paddle board and put your head in the sea, I hope you can hold your breath for a very long time. If you want raw truth, as ugly as it is, then stay tuned to the Ripp Report.