I hope that everyone understands what is really at stake here!

Sherry says “ she knows how city government should be work, about how building relationships is important in order to get things done “ …. WELL FOLKS, YES SHE DOES!!!

She was a huge part of the Kant regime that was full of corruption, did work and favors for wealthy people and maintained these poisonous relationships that were good for the administration but not good for the city. The prior administration had a cottage industry going; among them they billed legal hours and hours and hours on issues that could have been sewn up in one hour. They had a money making machine going, and a license to steal. By the way, honk when you drive by Hand Arendale’s law office on the corner of Section and Magnolia? Oh! Is it not there anymore? Wonder if she will put those folks back into play?

She was a player in not investing in our infrastructure and keeping it up to standards, giving contracts to friends.

SHE was part of the problem! SHE WAS AND IS ON THAT TEAM!

After Wilson was elected, Sherry kept in her position because of Wilson’s olive branch to the old Kant regime – she intended on keeping every department head in place. Some of these folks couldn’t seem to accept that Karin was their boss. They seemed to think it was more important to be disruptive and sneaky and try and put their feet in the sand to make Wilson look bad. Is that how you build relationships? By being passive aggressive and then playing the victim???? That is EXACTLY how she played it.

She drug poor Joseph, the vulnerable and kind Chief of Police,up in front of the City Council, with her other fired department heads, she orchestrated the town leaders to speak on Joseph’s behalf, Jack a** B tore up his letter of resignation and the whole town applauded. It was grandstanding, USING Joseph as a means to embarrass and humiliate Mayor Wilson. But, there were so many of us who could see through this drama. Joseph himself, was unaware that he told the tale when he said he called Mayor Kant to tell him he was resigning. Well, Kant was not your boss any longer. That seems to have been a theme. The couldn’t quit Kant.

They couldn’t be positive and accept change and work with their new boss. They would rather have seen Wilson fail so they cut off their noses to spit their faces. And drama is what they LOVE!!!!

They don’t care about Fairhope as much as they care about themselves and what they can do for the good ol’ boys!

Wilson thought that they could all be adults and work together. She had EVERY RIGHT, to replace Sherry and the others on day one. Yet Sherry persists in defining herself as the “fired” candidate.

You never entered the Mayor Kant’s office without Sherry being there and two steps behind to sniff out everyone’s business. “ Is there anything I can do to help?” was ALWAYS her spew.

Do we really want to go back to that select group of people who have been here for generations and their machine is for themselves and not the citizens of Fairhope as a whole. Do we really want the current council to continue to be openly rude and condescending and disrespectful to the person we selected as our Mayor?

I know that Sherry fans represent the scorned group of Kant supporters. Know this: this same group unknowingly let Kant and company get away with #*#*# , *€€£% as long as they hugged them on the street and asked them, “how’s your mother!”

But make NO MISTAKE Kant and company were in these positions because they were PAID to be there. Sherry was PAID good money to DEDICATE her life to living Fairhope. Heck, if I had been paid that much, so would I and so would you.

So please consider the positive changes that Karin has made, despite the ugliness and less than decent treatment she has received.

In spite of their powerful and cruel opposition, Mayor Wilson has: balance the budget, made infrastructure improvements and has the plans waiting to be approved to continue, written and received grants for infrastructure, received grants for ongoing projects, been fair to all people, created a city marina is now run by the City along with capital improvements made- just to name a few- promises made promises kept

Supporting Karin Wilson for a job well done !